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Hammer Party


Description by the author: Sysp 922

"Love it!"

"Cool deck"

"Interesting deck"

"What the hell was that? :)"

Rarely have I played a deck that is so oppressive when it has set up that still gets such positive comments from the opponents after the ggs have been exchanged.

This deck started off as a bit of a gimmick a couple of months back but ended up being quite well positioned as the metagame shifted after Quorum and Daedalus Complex. As it is now, it is actually quite strong and is a hard counter in certain matchups, especially because of the duo of Film Critic (So. Many. Midseasons.) and The Source (which slows down never advance and fast advance to a crawl, allowing the drip economy to work).

Most importantly, it's a blast to play!

Why Kim?

For the link primarily. However, since Kim's ability together with Scrubber and Bhagat pretty much guarantees some kind of value with a single HQ run each turn, this is your primary plan while making sure that remotes are locked down with The Source and drip credits.

So it's an Oracle May deck then?

Yes. 39 resources. 6 heap breakers (so you get somewhat happy when they are trashed). May away.

And Off-Campus Apartment?

Yes. 25 connections. The Hammer throws quite some parties. Street Peddler with heap breakers and Apartment is fairly awesome.

How does it play?

Mulligan for May and/or Apartment. Draw and set up your drip economy. Snipe early agenda attempts and must-trash assets with DDoS, might as well hit HQ a couple of times if you can while DDoS is active. Get The Source and Film Critic up. Overdraw with Apartment / May / Peddler the heap breakers into the bin (keep some in hand if you suspect Ark Lockdown). Set up The Source and Film Critic. Protect everything with Fall Guys. Trash and remove stuff with Kim / Scrubber / Salsette Slums. Camp away while dripping in credits. Grind em out with Bhagat or The Turning Wheel if needed.

If I want to modify it, what are the last cards in?

Guru Davinder and Political Operative were the final two additions. They are obviously quite good if your meta has a lot of PU or RP.

I tried Aaron MarrĂ³n for quite some time but it was rarely better than New Angeles City Hall and quite the anti-combo with Film Critic. I think adding another NACH is the way to go if you fear tagging (especially vs Railgun) since it combos so nicely with Film Critic.

What about Scarcity of Resources?

Makes you very sad. :( Luckily not that popular at the moment. Try to still draw with May for the 2 creds but play very few resources (Kati is still good) and play more aggressively. Your best bet is to DDoS to try to get an agenda to get rid of it if Scarcity hits early.

Best Defense?

With all your draw, you usually have more Fall Guys than they have Best Defenses. If you lose your apartment in the mid game, you are not completely dead. The deck works ok with just a minimum of drip, especially if you still have Kati.

How does the future look?

Bright! Red Sands looks great for the deck. Daedalus brought The Archivist which is awesome in the deck. It looks like there are more connections coming, especially for Anarchs so good times. Paper Trail will probably not be a thing.

If Skorpio becomes big after Terminal Directive it's a little bit more iffy - relying on heap breakers is obviously a problem then but on the other hand you are playing a deck that is really fast with setting up Film Critic so Hunter Seeker is less of a problem. Might have to add additional heap breakers to combat this.

I'm not convinced.

Let's be clear: this is not the next T1 deck. But it is way better than it initially looks on paper. Try it out, I think you'd be positively surprised about the gameplay, the decisions you have to make, the short setup time (for a drip deck) and how many decks you completely hose.

Thanks for reading. Any feedback is as always much appreciated, loved the discussion in the comments for Criminal Adam!