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TheBigBoy's Minnesota Magnum Maxx


Description by the author: TheBigBoy 6054

The age of glacier is back. Caprice is everywhere. If you can't be bothered with psi, here is a deck that will beat her basically every time.

Essentially, this is a remote lock deck. Take 8 with Magnum every turn. After a certain point, your money + the heap breakers + Rumor mill recursion will leave the Corp with no way to win. I've had Corps concede in 0-0 games because they realized that their remote costed 16 credits for me to break, but I had 50 and there was no way for them to force me to run through it additional times.

...except it's not just a remote lock deck, it's a Vamp deck. The Corp can't just jam in their remote, they need to get a money lead or Crisium Grid on hq, lest you Vamp them and steal their agenda. This wont happen against good players, but the threat of Vamp forces them to slow down to the point where your remote lock endgame kicks in.

...except it's not just a Vamp deck. It's an Ice Destruction deck. With 1 of each silverware, 6 event recursion and a Levy, you can destroy A LOT of ice. If you get forced through the Corps remote because they're rushing and you are worried about your magnum economy getting taxed out by never-advance bluffs, just spam silverware to tear the remote down. A Corp with enough rezzed Ice to force you into this situation is often too poor to replace the ice they lose. The silverware also give you an out against Ark Lockdown, giving you a way to get through Ice with Eater on a remote or archives should you get a Heap breaker removed from the game.

...except it's not just an Ice Destruction deck, it's an anti-rush race deck. Against decks that try to rush to the finish line, you have a few solid counters. The least expected is the single Stimhack, which is an unusual sight in an Eater deck. In fact, the Stimhack is one of your best cards against players who know what they are doing! Just Frantic Coding and Maxx mill your Conspircy breakers and Stimhack into the trash and then Same Old Thing Stimhack the remote. This should break essentially any rush server. Against Biotic-Based fast advance, your remote camping and Vamping plans wont work, so you will have to race them with Keyhole (and Wanton Destruction should it be obvious from your Keyhole misses that they are hoarding in HQ). Mad Dash really shines here, since you are only playing to 3 agendas against HB, making it far more realistic to beat them this way. Of course use rumor mill to shut down an ice'd Jackson if necessary.

Some other card explanations: 3 Grimoire - It's a 3 credit 2MU memchip. After Eater and Magnum this is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO GET DOWN IN THE MIDGAME. If your 3rd grim hits the garbage, think ahead to if you are going to levy or not. If you will not be levying that game then just suck it up and deja the Grim. It sucks, but you'll live.

3 Scrubber- I think this is better than Slums. This makes dealing with Crisium Grid recursion way easier and also obviously helps against spam decks. Between Mopus, Scrubber, and the free Maxx draw, you can keep up with spam.

1 Levy - I just want to say that I ONLY LEVY IN ABOUT 20% OF GAMES. The reasons you Levy are:

  • You are playing against Net Damage Kill

  • You got a REALLY horrible first pass through your deck with 0-1 recursion cards and no Grimoire (possibly even no Eater). This happens in about 10% of games.

  • The game is really slow and grindy, and the Corp has a win condition that beats rumor mill (For example, weird stuff like Tennin FA). In these matchups you will win by spamming silverware so you probably will Levy.

Note about getting Magnum: Get Magnum Opus down turn 1 every game if you can. I did some math and found that with a mulligan, the Maxx draw on turn 1, and Frantic Coding, you will get magnum out 85% of the time. You can probably round up to 90% or maybe higher because of other weird lines that get you Magnum as well (inject into ret run, Gamble -> IHW-> Frantic etc.). I think I have had 1 game since I started playing the deck where I just couldn't find Magnum and Auto-lost, but that's about on par with any normal deck as far as getting unplayable draws.

Note on Ark Lockdown: You can actually beat this card! They often need 2 lockdowns to beat you because of how many backup plans you have. Probably the best thing for them to lockdown is Keyhole. An HBFA deck that pulls that off probably beats you, but you can always play around that if you know they have it by grabbing the keyhole as soon as it gets milled and keeping it in your hand. Getting heap breakers locked down is annoying, but you can work around with Eater + Silverware. Basically Lockdown is quite good against this deck, but wont save a Corp that is already way behind, and they need to be educated about how to play this deck before their Lockdown does anything. Most people just Lockdown Levy which, unless they are Potential Unleashed, is really stupid.

I think until Scorpios comes out, or until people start slotting tons of Ark Lockdowns and Chronos projects backed up by Vanillas and Crisium Grids, this is the best runner deck in the Game. Credit to @ericbtool for the idea.

(I actually think Scorpios is beatable with some small changes. I'll re-write-up the deck when I test further)