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Highway Robbery (Matrix DDM) - 1st at Philly Regional


Description by the author: saetzero 1461

a gif

Custom made that gif just for you guys. From a song I'm diggin hard these days. Took all of 1 google search and 20 seconds. The look he gives just oozes a 'What the fuck is this' to me... how appropriate... (

This is the runner deck I piloted to win Philly regionals.

Path to Victory:

-BYE from SC win
-Win vs Moons ETF (w/SSCG)
-Win vs Caprice Foodcoats
-ID (Played a game vs the opponent for fun, Win vs Moons ETF (w/SSCG))

-Win vs Moons ETF (w/SSCG)
-Win vs Moons ETF (w/SSCG)
-Win vs Moons ETF (w/SSCG)


I like doing my own thing. I also don't know this meta at all and been out of practice. Learn a Meta deck? Stop playing Kate? Not on your life. I just played something on JNet one day, it was fun (Adept/Savant/DDM spam) and refined from there. Seems fine... but firmly between Tier 2 and Tier 1.5 at best. Meta call was I see Sync and Moons, and maybe a couple Penguins7 and rogue silly decks.

This deck has almost no play vs Penguins7. At all. Probably bad vs Skorp too. No idea, never tested it, but just in theory.



What a card. That's the win con. Fake points and DDM. Use Aeneas and/or Temujin for econ, and just set up. The sooner the better. Trust your instincts when to run and when to set up.

The hyper ideal rig is:

Astrolabe, Dhegdheer hosting Savant, Dhegdheer hosting Deus X hosting Adjusted Matrix, with E3 Feedback on the board and a Beth feeding you a click.

That puts Savant at 6 str, and you can Click or Savant, then E3 ice. Decent rig. Savant ideally does NOT host Adjusted (even though strength wise 6 is enough for most ice you will see) because it becomes an AI. Savant is your answer to Turing and Swordsman. Savant can't click a Wraparound, and forcing an AI makes IP Block better. Try to avoid.

If you have to choose 1 breaker for Dhegdheer hosting, its Savant. Deus + Astro, with the Savant (on Dheg) puts Savant at 5 Str, which hits all the ice you really want besides DNA Tracker.

Beyond that, I just wanted a fun deck and to hopefully get the FTT mat. I just exceeded expectations for this list.

Run aggressively vs Moons. Single accesses if they don't ice centrals got me 2-4 points every single game I played vs Moons. Make them defend it. Running Moons, force them to pop, then HQ x 3 is a good line. I enjoy it.

Why 'xxx' card choice?

-The rig in general: I like Rube Goldberg machine Shaper. This just was fun to play in casual JNet, so I just kept playing it because I couldn't think of a runner I enjoyed that was much better for the meta. I just adjusted this list to be better for the meta.

-Hostage: Finds Beth, FC, and Aeneas based on what you need. Usually used for Aeneas #2 vs Moons. (Draw 1 and install naturally, then Hostage #2. Bam you got a MOpus).

-Interdiction: Current to clear ELP, and fuck Caprice. This deck has serious Psi game issues since its Clicks to break ice.

-Indexing/Dash: DDM and FTE is good, but Indexing/Dash is great to punish a lack of RD ice early if you get it... for no cost. Thats the important bit. No cost. You can cut/change this. Dash into a remote when you know its an agenda is hot too.

-Sports Hopper: More draw if you need it (mid game I tend to float money and need draw to get the next DDM). 24/7 Boom protection. A link vs trace ice from NBN. Just a decent card right now IMO.

-Aeneas Informant: Its 1 influence and its huge value vs asset spam. 2 = MOpus while you make sure they don't sneak agendas out. 3 = Silly. Even 1 on an asset remote that you Temujin'd = Ridiculous. Punishes Foodcoats 'BBG + Econ card' plan too. Punishes useless upgrades. SUPER COMBO WITH DDM. Gain all the money while you see 5 cards. If you have these online, be selective on when to trash and when to take money. It's important to not tunnel down either road too hard. Find the balance.

-No SMCs, instead more Breakers: I don't wanna clog MU and I don't wanna spend 2 dollars more when I just find them naturally via draw. You can change this if you want.

Cards to cut if you wanna change stuff:

-Savant (x1) into SMC
-Dhegdheers into Mem chips or SMCs
-Mad Dash

Have fun. It's probably harder to pilot than I assume it is. Ask any questions you want and I will reply as I can. :)

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