Sapphire 2.0 Reversed

Jtfq99999 242

Install things, make money, lock them out with Whack-a-Sandburg. Only operations is Fully Operational (core), Restore (4th Sandburg / flexible asset recursion), Seamless Launch (efficient advancing, benefits from recursion)

ICE Selection:

  1. Cheap, relatively high str, unconditional ETR
  2. Recursion subs
  3. Bioroid suite for Trieste Model Bioroids blow-out


  1. Continuously install things, either wasting their clicks to facecheck / run through ICE to trash your things, or allow your to start dripping, Rashida'ing, Flop'ing
  2. Aim to build a critical mass of assets & credits to make it significantly taxing for the runner to run anything
  3. Now with Reversed Accounts to fork them, either commit through Sandburg-ICE, or get bankrupted. If runner is more aggresive, sneaking out using NA Seamless Launch is also good.
  4. Sandburg, Trieste Model Bioroids (High impact assets) ideally behind recursion ICEs, such that any missteps by the runner will undo their attempt at clearing them out
  5. Feeding a Send a Message early on to accelerate the lock is a possible choice depending on the draw


  1. Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga
  2. Endurance and similar alternative breaking

- Can be locked out if allowed to setup / Trieste trash blowout 3. Apocalypse, harden centrals if anticipating it 4. Early aggression - leaky centrals may give an agenda lead, allowing them to close out with crucial access later on - Diversion of Funds and similar criminal tempo tools can contribute to enough access to statistically win

Possible changes, and why it's not in:

  1. Hellion Beta Test as tech. Due to how Sandburg changes breaking math, runners will float much higher credit totals AND much more hesitant to run. It does produce big swings during the early stages of the game if caught off guard. (May not apply with Reversed Accounts forking. but not having Gaslight hurts the singleton consistency)
  2. NGO Front as the bluff for open decklists. However, as how the deck wants to setup quickly, IAA is a very slow turn and the agenda suite here does not provide tempo positive scores.
  3. More bioroids, and possibly Warden Fatuma. Single ICE'd bioroids are clickable, giving an out to getting past Sandburg-boosted ICE. NOT GOOD
  4. Much more "standard" list (Hedge Fund. Economically wise, standard includes is faster, but not dense enough to go wide (more than 5 remotes endgame) while supporting big Sandburg (30+ credits)
  5. Upgrades (GANK!!!!!!!!, Manegarm Skunkworks, Anoetic Void). Sacrificing slots and/or consistency for not much impact (re:Pinhole Threading). Upgrades protect one server while being in the server, compared to Trieste Model Bioroids being better protection while contributing to Fully Operational
  6. Gaslight is removed for Rashida Jaheem. Drawing more cards brings to key cards naturally while giving more tempo.