Khezvsyazk: Coffee For Two ☕️ [17th @ APAC 2023]

lukifer 1244

"I drink two cups before I drink two cups, and then I drink two more"

This list was an experiment; it performed okay, but did less well than my Corp, coming in at 3-4 (losses were close; a few critical 6-deep Khusyuk runs whiffed).

Game plan is to build a PrePaid / Cezve economy engine, using Inside Job and Boomerang to pressure the corp in the early game, and then close with Khusyuk @ 2, and The Twinning as a backup plan.

Added last-minute tech against R+ with Bahia Bands and NFL; they were absolutely clutch, although I still completely fell apart against a Bladderwort R+ Prison in the final game (not finding Pinholes didn't help).


A last-minute cut of the 6th doll was 100% a mistake; a single hosted doll is often plenty, but I sometimes struggled to find the critical second one. On the fence about doll suite generally, gonna keep experimenting. Swapping for 3x Mayfly and 2-3 real breakers might be an option.

Bahia Bands is a superb include in a PrePaid list (usually to draw and discount-install using coffee bucks); the potential for cheap trashes and tempo tag-clearing is icing on the cake. Definitely want to go to 3x.

Steelskin Scarring is good draw, but is a little too cute as protection against End of the Line when we already have answers to Oppo. Planning to cut it, to free up influence for the 3rd Bands, and a Hush so we have an answer to R&D Border Control.

Poison Vial and Miss Bones do work sometimes, but they're highly matchup-dependent, and otherwise just exist to charge up 2's with the Az discount. They could stay or go. (Info Bounty is another viable 2 in the slot, complete with Az discount.)

Would love to find room for a 2nd Masterwork (v37), but slots are tight. Considering that it cycles itself, making it #46 might be reasonable.

Overclock should absolutely be a 3rd Inside Job instead. Also want to find room to put Dirty Laundry back in; these were reluctantly cut in favor of No Free Lunch.

There's a case for bailing on The Twinning to free up precious influence, as it's a bit slow and we don't always find it. Primary motivation is to not lose multi-access options if Khusyuk whiffs (which happens more than one might expect).

Thanks again to my lovely opponents, and to NSG for a fun and friendly tournament! #IllSleepWhenImDead

5 Aug 2023 Davidmc7

Coffee Bahia combo sounds pretty neat. I'll give that list a spin - always keen to see As do well!

18 Nov 2023 Tyranda

I heard you were great with Az, and this list does look awesome ^^ Gonna give it a try with the changes you recommend, thanks for the share :D