Ms.Jank Triple Spank (SC 1st, 3rd, 1st)

Mr.Jank 272

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First I have a question.... why in this game where we are all polite and stuff certain humour is taken way to seriously for instance a gifphy of two world class athletes giving each other a little spank and I'm in trouble... (decklist taken down...) but decks full of nothing but vulgarity are applauded. Swearing isn't offensive? I find it to be. But if you choose to swear great that's your thing. I like laughing at silly stupid humour like farts and stuff. If you've never laughed at a good fart you haven't lived I tell you!

Anyways back to the game... First two SC were with the original version of this deck check it out here I made a few changes. First was drop the Lambs and the Networking for 3 Aarons. Sometimes miss Networking but for the most part Aaron pulls his wieght. Usually the deck was fine but later game if the Siphons aren't fireing it can get a little sad so dropped the Dirty Laundrys and put in good old Katie as well as a security testing. Have to tell you I've never really liked Security Testing but it harmonizes nicely with Tenmujin. This deck is so much fun to play but it requires you make the right choices otherwise it can go bad very fast. Landing a siphon first turn or having Career Fair Tenmujin first turn is crucial. Read the write up on the original for more piloting guidance.

Dropped one game in swiss to a Neh power shutdown. Had Eden and Guru installed early but opponent scored 2 BN before I could find an Aaron. He 24/7 and trashed my Guru and Eden then next turn Power Shutdown killed me wasnt much I could do. In finals no losses.

29 Mar 2017 MrAaronSA

I remember seeing your decklist when you posted it, and I thought the gif was in bad taste. I wasn't offended by it, it simply wasn't representative of the community that I think we're striving for in Netrunner, one where women and minorities can feel respected and included.

29 Mar 2017 Mr.Jank

If two women who won a gold medal for being best in the world can celebrate with a little spank forgive me for wanting to share in that. If male football players spank each other in good sport is that sugestive or digrating to men? I don't think so. So the only way it is to women if you are making that assumtion for yourself. Just as you could assume my handle is suggestive. I love Netrunner and have respect for women. My mother spanked me a lot as a child and that wasn't enjoyable. Now I get to enjoy spanking people with Andy (not literally)

30 Mar 2017 moistloaf

sry for all my ignorant sjw from the usa, they prob reported you. they lack the ability to fully think through issues and form intellectual opinions

30 Mar 2017 codychilton13

GEEZ...... no one would have found this offensive if someone didn't point it out.....just saying

10 Apr 2017 Scoogsy

@Mr.Jank I'm totally on board with you here. A bit of light hearted fun never goes astray. @MrAaronSA I think you'll find the Netrunner community to be a broad church.