MAWSOME (1st Place GNK Berkeley)

Murphy 1388

This is a an update to my previous Omawr list (

It went undefeated at a 12 person GNK in Berkeley, CA.

I have said it before, Maw is incredibly strong. It is useful in every match up. This list has a lot of money so I don't often have problems installing it.

I played PE twice, NEH asset spam (Maw ate it up), and ETF Friends (I played really poorly but then got really lucky in this game). This list is super fun to play and is really smooth.

Old Man Omar is fantastic. Even if you don't use his ability. The Corp is often going to dedicated 2 ice to Archives by the end of the game. And then you often have 1 or 2 open centrals in the early game. Amazing stuff.

Make sure to take some risks. You aren't really playing Anarch if you don't take at least 1 major, possibly game losing risk every game. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

3 Apr 2017 elTzimmy

Glad to see the list is tunned and Omar finally winning! How would you say the matchup against kill (Railgun & Weyland transactions, for example) is?

3 Apr 2017 Murphy

The Railgun match up is strong if you can keep the pressure up or get Aaron early on. I haven't played it enough with this deck to really have a highly developed gameplan though.

I haven't played this deck vs Transaction Weyland but I think it is good. This deck has A LOT of money. So I would go between making credits and pressuring centrals with Maw/Bhagat.

The match up vs Jinteki Kill feels really good though. Maw is constantly hitting kill pieces from their hand and you often have a good target in a remote to bounce off of.

4 Apr 2017 Circadia

Aaron doesn't help a great deal against Railgun, there's no window to use him once they fire the combo. He helps if you aren't running as then they can't just assemble the 24/7 Boom kill in hand, but if you have Aaron with counters most railguns will assemble combo pieces and bait you with agendas instead.

4 Apr 2017 Valranoth

I run a similar deck, though it's a bit slower (Earthrise Hotel vs Inject).

A couple of points:

  • I'd advise is slotting in some Salsette Slums to combat important assets and traps.
  • You're packing a number of Events. Isn't that anti-synergistic with Street Peddler? I thought the magic number was 9-10 for minimal whiffs.
  • I've been having fun with Spoilers and going all-in on the discard plan. What are your thoughts?
4 Apr 2017 Murphy

@Circadia I said if you can get Aaron early. I meant if you can get a bunch of counters on Aaron so you can block 14 meat damage before they AD. That shouldn't be the main game plan vs Railgun but it is decent if you get Aaron before Agendas are scored (and this isn't really considering the recently released MCA Informant which Railgun is certain to play).

Thanks for the input @Valranoth.

Slums would be nice but I decided to avoid fighting the asset fight with trashing. I really lean into Maw. I will only trash certain key assets (like Sensei or SanSan). If I was playing Whizzard I'd definitely go for Slums but then I'd probably just play Şifr instead of Maw.

15 is a lot of events, haha! I should probably have fewer. Switching the Career Fairs to another Temüjin isn't a bad idea (it was originally a Temüjin). In general, I am not worried about hitting events with Street Peddler. I don't need any particular card in this deck. It all works out in the end.

I hadn't considered Spoilers. I like the idea but I don't feel I have the slots or time in this list. I want to get Maw online ASAP and then run a lot.

4 Apr 2017 Elodius

Nice one ! Very fun to play !

5 Apr 2017 Valranoth

I actually find that 2x Temujin, 2x Career Fair is the right choice.

Your Slums assessment is on point, but I'd argue that it's a good removal for things like Bio-Ethics. Really removes the teeth of grinder matchups.

6 Apr 2017 Murphy

Métropole Grid featured this list on their channel. Thanks! :D