Apoc Hoshiko (1st/5th/6th out of 24 at NYC SC)

skry 770


Apoc Hoshiko (1st/5th/6th out of 24 at NYC SC)

This is an Apocalypse Anarch deck. Lately, people have been playing it in Val, but we felt the drawing speed of Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist would be more important in a meta where corps only really only had two wincons: rush and assets (with Titan as rush x combo and spombo asa as assets x combo). Obviously Apoc helps a lot with the second wincon. This seems to have been borne out in the tournament results, as these were the only corp wincons represented in the entire top 12.

We thought the best two runner decks were groenkaaf's 419, and this, and this too seems to have been roughtly borne out in the results as these two lists combined placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th. However, runner power level is so high at the moment I don't think it matter too much what you play runner side. I also felt that the CtM + Gagarin matchups were a little less favored for 419 than for Apoc Hoshiko, so I ended up on this list as I thought that would be the majority of the corp field (NYC loves CtM very much <3).

Card Choices

Having played a lot of Innernette CtM/Gagarin myself, I know that the line against Apoc Anarch is to get a Tour Guide innermost on a central (preferably Archives) with at least one ice outside of it. While they can still eventually Apoc you through this, it is very expensive with MKUltra. This buys you time to score some points while they make money to do this and often opens them up to HHN. Because we expected a lot of this style of deck, we chose to play 2x Odore to nullify Tour Guide. This takes your Innernette CtM/Gagarin matchup from favored to close to 100%. In a world with Inject you probably don't do this anyway, but with it gone I think this is an OK choice.

The number of Amped Up is tech False Lead decks and holding them in hand makes you pretty much immune to death in that matchup.

Stimhack is not in all Apoc Anarch decks, but I like it to bait rezzes on remotes in more glacier-y matchups + contesting early remotes against CtM. Also, Stimhack is my favorite runner card in the game :-)