Nyper (2-2, #1 Kiel GNK)

lostgeek 3624

Nasir is OP

This deck is totally straight forward to play and needs no explanation at all... No? Ok then let's go through it step by step.

  • Step 1: Draw your deck.
    • This shouldn't be that hard. Mulligan for Comet, if you don't have at least 3 draw cards in hand.
    • Typical turns: Diesel into Diesel, Build Script, Modded out a breaker, drop 3 cards on Bookmark, discard 2 Out of the Ashes.
    • Install all your breakers on the way. The Parties should give you enough to not have to click for credits.
    • Install Jackpot! on sight and wait for it to tick up to at least 3 credits.
  • Step 2: Hope for the Spy Cams to show something or them to install something, that smells like a >2-point agenda.
    • You've got a backup plan, but this makes everything much easier.
  • Step 3: COMBO TIME
    • You've seen the Project Vitruvius on top of R&D. Let's go
    • Out of the Ashes for a run Archives and HQ. If they rez ICE, fully pump your breakers before losing your money to Nasirs ID ability. Try to keep 3 credits after the last run by using Ghost Runner credits.. You did install that in step 1, right?
    • Get your combo pieces off of Bookmark and use Comet for a click 1 "Freedom Through Equality" + Mad Dash on R&D.
    • Use Jackpot! to get at least 3 credits
    • Triple Notoriety, GG EZ.
  • Step 3b: The holy St. Jackson was not merciful and your two Spy Cams did not show any agendas? There's still hope. Use one Out of the Ashes for an Archives run and the others for runs on HQ or R&D and hope, you can farm TTW tokens. If you do, you have 3 accesses on either HQ or R&D to make your combo work. Choose wisely!

Counters to this deck: Where do I even start? Border Control is a good one. Try to contest early Nisei MK II tokens, if you have already drawn into most of your breakers. Remember that Armed Intimidation is a card, as well as Viral Weaponization and Kakugo... keep those combo pieces on your Bookmark!

This whole deck is a huge exercise in heuristics. Try to go for the line with the highest chance of success even if that means using Bookmark to be able to steal Obokata and hoping that you'll keep at least 2 Notorieties in hand. There's always a backup plan. Blind Mad Dash into something. Farm TTW off of a Fairchild 3.0 while trashing your whole board to it. Whether you lose or win will be determined around turn 8-10. This will be over quick one way or another.

24 Feb 2019 Pommes

This deck plays like a Twin Peaks episode, mid 2nd season.

24 Feb 2019 sanjayshelat

This Deck Just WON at GNK?!?!? alwaysberunning.net

24 Feb 2019 rotage

You do you know I'll spend the next two weeks trying to refine this list

24 Feb 2019 sanjayshelat

ha ha!! I look forward to seeing what you come out with @rotage !!! ;-)

24 Feb 2019 lostgeek

@rotage Feel free as I did spend the last two weeks on that ;)

24 Feb 2019 Swiftie

@lostgeek and @sanjayshelat please do no encourage @rotagewith building any sort of dyper varient or refining this. I'm still paying off the loan from the rehab clinic and I don't want him to relapse.

25 Feb 2019 ayyyliens

My head hurts from looking at this list

28 Feb 2019 zmb

I think I'll choose to Shoot first :-)

28 Feb 2019 lostgeek

@zmb: Add it to the list of counters to this deck. It is in good company of a lot of cards ;-)

28 Feb 2019 zmb

But... why Nasir over other runners? For example crims that have Spy Cam in faction :-O (not used to play Nasir so there may be a very valid reason I just dont see!)

28 Feb 2019 lostgeek

Nasir solves your money problem. With a single Ghost Runner on the board, there is pretty much no ICE that can stop you (besides Border Control....). You're only running centrals on your combo turn. And you're only running them once. Whatever gets rezzed gives you the money to break it.

28 Feb 2019 Bl4nk3t

Big thumbsup for devising an entirely new way to play/build Nasir! I certainly would not have expected to see the Comet+Event Suite let alone the build-your-own-points style out of him.

Bonus Points for the Ghostrunner reminder XD

When it comes to countering this strategy, I miss the mention of effects which let you spontaneously shuffle R&D - emulating the saviour himself : Executive Bootcamp or draw like Lily Lockwell and stuff like an Atlas or a Timely Public Release with a token (agenda counter counters - heh). All these used to be my favorite ways of making Indexing + MadDash sad ;).

What do you think about including a Find the Truth, in hopes of an easy server providing intel instead of the limited spy-cam intel (for an amount limited by extra Out of the Ashes)?

1 Mar 2019 lostgeek

@Bl4nk3t: Of course, everything that shuffles R&D is on the list as well. But most of those you can account for and go for the TTW dig instead.

Find the Truth might be fine, if you expect open Archives and or not much Hard-Hitting News around. I think it is pretty much on par with a few Spy Cams though, since you can only use 3 OotA for the FTT runs... You need the rest for the Notoriety combo.

2 Mar 2019 BlackCherries

Anyone got any idea why it says the deck isn't MWL 3.0 compliant?

2 Mar 2019 Ensu

Needs more Top Hat + Insight, give you a lot more consistency with your Mad Dash super run!

2 Mar 2019 lostgeek

@Dirjel: Unban Hyperdriver and I'm with you ;-)

2 Mar 2019 Gswp

Maybe I'm being dumb, but when you see an agenda on top of R&D, why do run Archives and HQ first?

2 Mar 2019 Japoco

@gswp - Notiriety requires a successful run on all 3 centrals before it can be played.

2 Mar 2019 Gorger

It seems like your Deck depends a lot on a successfull Spy Camera trigger. So why don`t run more Spy Cams instead of the Parties?

3 Mar 2019 lostgeek

@Gorger: You will need some money for your rig and Exclusive Party seemed the best way to go for both draw and money. If you install everything it is: 3 for your breakers (with Modded), 4 for Comet, 8 for Earthrise Hotel, 2 for Beth Kilrain-Chang, 1 for Ghost Runner, 2 for The Turning Wheel => 20 total.

With the 5 starting credits, 3 Deuces Wild, 3 Build Script and 6 Parties you get 26 so money is pretty tight. Also they often overdraw to find the final agenda to score out and you don't get much more than 2 or 3 turns of Spy Cameras anyways.

3 Mar 2019 Gswp

@Japoco Thanks, didn't see the Notoriety! :)

4 Mar 2019 lopert

Might be a bit weird but Globalsec Security Clearance could give you a repeatable SpyCam if you found some link? :P

Beth ideally offsets the lost click.

4 Mar 2019 lostgeek

@lopert: The deck started out with Globalsec Security Clearance + Sports Hopper, which was a great draw engine, but finally you need either the Beth click or Pancakes. And once you find those, you once again have 2-3 turns of peeking until the Corp would win and you need to go all-in anyways. I tried Traffic Jam to slow the Corp down but I felt it wasn't good enough.

4 Mar 2019 sanjayshelat

Okay I have been realy working this deck in J-Net. I have won twice in that time... damn this deck is crazy hard to use!!! I am trying to draw and set up as fast as I can... but I just can't quote manage it!!! I also sometimes take net damage or loose my bookmark which then trashes my cards... and as soon as one noteriety is trashed the big combo is done. There is also a move that people do by removing your heap from the game and then all your parties and ahses are gone.

I really WANT to be able to master this deck... I am just not sure I am good enough, I think you really need to be able to read the other players moves, hands and options. Right now I can not read their options and so they are taking it.

sigh - I am not going to give up yet, but this is a tough learning curve!!

4 Mar 2019 FreqKing

You are my hero.

6 Mar 2019 Vortilion

Chances of hitting an agenda with only 2 Spy Cams is almost non-existent... :-(

6 Mar 2019 Vortilion

"If they rez ICE, fully pump your breakers before losing your money to Nasirs ID ability. " There is a window for that?

6 Mar 2019 Rahrhino

@Vortilion Step 2.3 :) tbf it's not a window commonly used by the runner so I had to give it a double check as well ancur.fandom.com

7 Mar 2019 Vortilion

@Rahrhino So I can just boost the icebreakers strength before the id triggers, but not spend credits to break? I have to use the IDs credits to break?

7 Mar 2019 lostgeek

@Vortilion There is a distinction between the paid ability window during the approach (which is typically used by the Corp) and the window during the encounter (which is typically used by the Runner).

From the NISEI Comprehensive Rules Document:

3.9.5.b Triggered abilities that modify an icebreaker’s strength may or may not specify a duration for this modification. If no duration is specified, the modification expires at the end of the current encounter. If a triggered ability modifies an icebreaker’s strength outside of the timing structure encompassed by its duration, the modification expires during the next checkpoint.

Typically your icebreaker will instantly lose its strength in the paid ability window during the approach. But with Pipeline, Gordian Blade and Battering Ram, your icebreakers keep their strength for the remainder of the run.

3.9.5.e The Runner can only use an ability on an icebreaker that would interact with a piece of ice during an encounter with that piece of ice. [...]

This is why you cannot break subroutines on that piece of ice yet. You can only do this during the paid ability window of the encounter.

7 Mar 2019 Vortilion

@lostgeek Thx for the info! I tried this deck many games now, it always seems to be extremely slow...