Hybrid Ob (1st at Vancouver Circuit Opener)

Aubirb 98

I started out building Ob in startup planning to stick one or two two point agendas early before a rig gets online, FA out a third and then a Hostile Takeover for the win. With standard, I got to lean a lot more into the toolbox aspect, and also pull in an alternate wincon with BOOM!.

Especially since 1/2 of the cards involved in the combo can just sit in your hand without worrying about being accessed and trashed, and 1/2 can be used to FA out your 3/2s...this gives us an incredibly powerful tool for pivoting between game plans depending on how the runner is shaping up. If they've got a rig chugging along you can just focus your ice on centrals and dig hard for the combo, or you can just stay the course and get Formicary/Manegarm Skunkworks going to be real irritating to break through. This flexibility makes scoring a Project Atlas with an agenda counter incredibly valuable. Picking up a hostile takeover as your seventh point or the missing piece of the combo at the right time only adds to the flexibility.

Biotic Labor -> Mutually Assured Destruction trashing at least two rezzed cards, at least one of which must be a 4-cost -> Ob trigger finds you Bass CH1R180G4 to use your final click on and get you enough credits to Boom.

Drudge Work helps with the pivot plan and agenda flood.

Crisium Grid is fetchable off Border Control for Deep Dive, Apocalypse, and Stargate

Marilyn Campaign was...mostly a last minute switch from a second Regolith Mining License because I had a spare influence and wanted to see if a bit more clickless economy would help. It did basically nothing all day and was never something I wanted to fetch.

Potential changes I think I'd make going forward: Marilyn campaign definitely isn't worth it. I would either just go back to the second Regolith or I'm toying around with Thimblerig. Not exactly the best piece of ice, but it still forces them to find a code gate, it can (very slowly) help shift your ice to help with your pivot to one plan or another, and it can enable some fun plays by swapping a border control into a place they weren't expecting it after they pass it.

Additionally #Sapper was tech I took from the bblum worlds Ob list (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/7d415c2d-5c49-4a5e-a3e2-14a222f693c8/shaper-bullshit-5th-at-worlds-), and I liked the idea of making sure border control could fetch every type of gearcheck...but in practice I have never seen this fire relevantly. It's not good at protecting a turn 1/2 agenda since it doesn't stop the run or they just won't have programs out, and its not great late since they won't choose to run that server if they have programs they want to save. My thought would be Masvingo instead. Still 2/3 3-cost gear checks, but this one at least ends the run, and synergizes with Wall to Wall as a place to add advancements besides your Hortum.

31 Oct 2022 ThatsNoMun

Sick list, cool to see MAD perform well in a CO. How did your games on the day play out? Did you end up rushing much or just BOOMing? Congrats on the 1st!

31 Oct 2022 Scrub!

It's so awkward to try to run against this deck - you've got so many different outs it's really scary to know what to look for!

31 Oct 2022 Aubirb

@ThatsNoMun At this tournament I was biased a bit in favor of the FA and skunk-ant plans, though definitely won with all three, and I think there's a fair chance I should have pivoted to boom sooner in the two games I lost. Getting a MAD accessed from hand does mean they have to play around the combo which is definitely handy in slowing things down.

5 Nov 2022 J0N4LD

I might be missing something, but why do you need Bass in your combo?

Doesn't Biotic put you to 4 clicks, then MAD costs 3, and Boom uses the final click?

5 Nov 2022 Aubirb

@YONNO boom's a double, so gotta find an extra somewhere, and you'll usually have a 4-cost rezzed somewhere to find it with.

5 Nov 2022 J0N4LD

@Aubirb Of course! that makes sense, thanks for the reply and cool deck idea! :D