Binder Fodder's Revenge (1st, Ottawa GNK, 16/12/03)

lopert 1618

"I can never see myself sleeving this card."

This is the list that @dien and I took to a combined 9-0 over two GNKs (Ottawa and Toronto).
CTM, HB Howler Bioroids, Jinteki PU 54 Museums, CTM
HB Jeeves FA, Jinteki PE, Hasty CI, CtM, Sol

This is a deck that aims to quickly setup a DLR engine and mill the corp out while simultaneously slowing the corp down.

Once setup, your turns should look like:
Start of Turn:
Free Jak Sinclair run into a rezzed ice.
Start Nexus trace.
Gain 3 from Power Taps.
Fail on purpose.
Take 1 tag.
Click 1 to 4:
DLR x4
End of Turn:
Citadel Trace. Gain 3 from Power Taps.
Remove 1 tag.

Key highlights of this list, and why it is different from similar lists:

The Supplier
With so many 2+ cost things to install, this is finally this card's time to shine. This deck has a lot of stuff to install, but doesn't always want to pay for it right away. Either way, you have to pay the click to install it, so you might as well pay the click to host it on The Supplier and "gain" 2c. Think of it as an infinite daily casts.
Sports Hopper > Rabbit Hole
With the Supplier, Hopper becomes a flexible 1 cost install, that can be used for either draw or link. Failing the Nexus trace is key to the engine later on, so you need to be able to burn link away.
Overmind > Actual Breakers
Guarantee your early siphons by just playing an AI breaker instead of looking for the right solution.
The Source
Great way to delay the corp. keep it in play with Fall Guys.
The Black File
This card pretty much reads "You can mill an extra 12 cards before the end".

The next step in this madness is to find a spot for Dr. Lovegood to be able to blank both The Source (So you can freely steal without spending 3 and saccing your own fall guys) and The Black File (So you don't have to guess if they're about to win).

Inspired by the following lists:

5 Dec 2016 bubbathegoat

I love it! The Black File as the ultimate DLR card!

The Supplier feels like the ultimate criminal rig-building card. It is definitely the best tech I've added to my Andy since Citadel. The way he makes Sports Hopper so easy to play and use (get 3 cards, put 2-3 cards onto the supplier) is also really superb.

I am definitely going to test with this build, especially since everyone in my meta knows my current deck forwards and back.

5 Dec 2016 lominosity

What do you normally Rebirth into? I should think an Iain Stirling: Retired Spook or Laramy Fisk: Savvy Investor?

5 Dec 2016 lopert

I've always done Leela, as the bounces can really slow the corp down, but Iain's 2c per turn is great if you need cash. Fisk seems like a real cheeky way to cause the corp to have to draw after you've mill their last few cards.

5 Dec 2016 RKruler14

I made a similar version of andlr on nrdb with black file in it. I can say that ive won many games because of it. Also some people delay scoring their agenda because they think its impossible to win with file + lovegood. silly them xD

5 Dec 2016 Simone Suka

i think you miss-understood black file. The corp can go to 7 points, but can't win. If you blank it with lovegood and the corp's 7 points...corp wins.

6 Dec 2016 lopert

@Simone Suka I think it is you who misunderstood Lovegood. The Black File is always active on the corp's turn. You simply stop blanking it if they actually get past 7 points.

6 Dec 2016 mohaymen

Im interested to know why you have 2 employee strike, i was thinking you'd remove 1 for dr.lovegood, or remove rebirth for it.

6 Dec 2016 nutritionalzero

It's yyyy-mm-dd not yy/mm/dd (which could be confused with dd/mm/yy, thereby signalling that you won a GNK on December 16, 2003).

6 Dec 2016 hsiale

Black File says "mill extra 7" (or 8 if you install off The Supplier). On the third turn you get the final counter and lose instantly.

How is the run-centered part of your economy working when it's just 2 Temujin and 2 Laundry? I feel this deck prefers spending time setting up and then milling the corp, what do you think about Data Folding/Underworld Contact/Easy Mark as econ options?

Can you significantly hurt the Corp with Siphons? You cannot play two on the same turn because you want to remove tags, you also have no SOT so you can play at most 3 during the game.

6 Dec 2016 lopert

@mohaymenThe estrikes are there to slow down corps (NEH, ETF, Blue Sun), avoid annoying stuff (PE, PU, IG, Gagarin) and mostly as a way to not auto-lose to Scarcity of Resources.

@hsialeYou're right, Black File is two extra turns of milling.

Temu and Laundry are quick ways to get early money. DL because you can play it turn 1 out of your Andy9 hand, and Temu because you can load it on the supplier, and take 16 if the corp gives you an open server.

Data Folding / Underworld Contact are really slow.
The +1 drip per turn really hurts compared to Daily Casts / Suppliers +2.
DC/TS=4 turns for+5 whereas DF=8 turns for +5
So only at turn 9 does it becomes "better" (still slower).
Once setup, the powertaps/nexus/citadel generate enough money, so the priority is getting money quicker to accelerate your setup.

Siphons is so effective at all stages. If you can land a full value siphon, you are most likely winning the following citadel trace (plus power tap credits) and have money left over to buy things from the supplier for the next couple of turns. Even if it doesn't connect, the corp is rezzing HQ ice (needed for Nexus bounce), which is money being taken away from their goal of scoring out, which just plays into the DLR plan.
I would definitely love to find space for a couple of Same Old Things, but deckslots are tight.

@nutritionalzero Is there a source or standard you can link me on this? I've never heard of this. I've always done yymmdd since that's what is needed to sort things (lists, files, etc.) by time. Anything else is probably incorrect since you would lose that ability no?

6 Dec 2016 d1en

Rebirthing into Ian was a key move I had to do in the cut to ensure that I was outpacing the Corp in money, getting that heavy 8 cred drip/turn. On top of that, having the Black File give me the few extra turns to mill people out before they can win was key. I told Alex to cut a Dirty Laundry for Black File and I hope that I have made him a believer!

6 Dec 2016 percomis

You have a couple one-of Connections, thoughts on putting in a Hostage? Maybe instead of one of the Suppliers?

7 Dec 2016 lopert

@percomis I think a hostage is definitely a good idea, especially with the plan to add Lovegood. However, I don't think Supplier is the right cut for it.

You want 3x to maximize your chances of having it in your open hand, and you don't want to waste your 1x Hostage looking for it (as you need it for Source / Lovegood / Jak).

7 Dec 2016 gozik

Cool deck! But why no fisk seminars?

9 Dec 2016 Simone Suka

@lopertso i'm not understanding why that's good. You're just able to install tbf before, i imagine...

9 Dec 2016 RTsa

Date formats by country:

ISO standard for date formats:

As can be seen, YMD ordering is not widely used locally. However, dates which should be internationally readable can use the ISO standard (and YMD order). However, it also specifies the divider character: -

When using / or . as the divider, it's reasonable to assume its a local format and the most commonly used format with a two character year and / as the divider is actually the one used in the US: mm/dd/yy, so the confusion is quite warranted.

30 Dec 2016 Horse85

why bother with nexus when there's john masanori? just bounce off some etr for an unsuccessful run.

29 Jan 2017 leachrode

@Simone Suka The point is that you can install the black file as soon as you draw into it then just eternally blank it with lovegood, stopping as soon as the corp hits 7 points, from there you have 3 turns to win or mill them to death. It means you don't have to sit around trying to guess when they're going to win which, especially against something like CI7, can be a bit hard to see coming and turns it from "the corp waits 3 turns to combo off" to "the corp can't combo off without leaving themselves vulnerable to DLR"

29 Mar 2017 Runaway

ISO 8601: