The Great Ward

M0H4WK 154

Played this in Circuit Opener. After a disastrous Jinteki Aginf deck that got demolished last time, I switched back to my roots: Yellow.

Acme has a few things going for it. Data Ward is a great piece of ice in Acme Consulting: The Truth You Need and is resilient against Endurance Botulus and Boomerang which makes it a great rush piece of ice. NGO Front, Rashida Jaheem makes for great targets in the remote to drag your opponents through. If they overextend, hit them with Hard-Hitting News and follow up with Psychographics

  • Influence *

Because the main shell is so great we get to pick some juicy influence slots. Seamless Launch is a nobrainer. Never Advance is a great tool to drag them through the remote. Bellona is great/amazing.

NEXT Activation Command helps with boat and just improving the strength of the ice which makes them pay lots of dough.

Fully Operational is a cute techplay that draws or gains money, whichever you need. Might switch them out for NEXT Activation Command for squeezing out scoring windows.

  • Changes i Would Make *

Cutting the HB-package could make room for the boring Econ-warfare - Boom package. Depends on playstyle and meta i guess. You could them use SYNC Rerouting or NAPD Cordon could be cool. Icewise i could see slotting a Magnet or Funhouse but its pretty ok. Artificial Cryptocrash is worth trying out.

20 Sep 2022 clercqie

Loved this deck! Definitely gonna toy with the shell moving forward.

A sneaky Urticia Cypher would be funny, I was playing with it in mind anyway

21 Sep 2022 M0H4WK

Urtica Cipher and a Mavirus might be good includes for a Attitude Adjustment and a Fully Operational. The shell is pretty cool to play. Its rush but the amazing Digital Rights Management makes for some cool plays with Arella.

21 Sep 2022 Cluster Fox

Holy crap, 1 Arella and 1 NAC, and you had both of them in the first two turns, yikes!

21 Sep 2022 M0H4WK

Yeah, I think it is a good move to up them both to 3 pieces. Not liking the F2P tbh. I need a Sentry with more bite i think.