Slow Fast Advance* (18th @ ACC 5-0)

Gathzen 345

*This is not the fastest deck and may sometimes go to 20 turns while still FAing and winning. You can sometimes play for the late game with 12-strength Logjams.

This is the deck that I brought to American Continentals and was undefeated with it. I sadly didn't do as well on the Runner side, meaning I missed the top cut but not much.

I have been iterating on Pravdivost decks for a long time. After the Bellona ban, many people thought that NBN as a faction would not be able to perform well enough competitively. I spent a long time trying new versions and had to rethink how to pilot the deck. After many iterations, this is what I settled on.

Disclaimer: For ACC, I switched 1x Business As Usual for 1x Mavirus at the last minute as I was scared of Clot. This didn't really come into play in any of the games I had. I am publishing this version as it is the one I've played more and that I consider better.


The main gameplan of the deck is to present many asset threats early for the Runner to deal with while setting up a Vlad Grid remote server protected by a Logjam preferably in the innermost and any other ICE on the outermost. In the best case, you want to score 2 2-pointers and 1 Project Beale with 5 advancements for the 3 points to win. This might not always be possible, and you might have to go for 4 2-pointers.

Early in the game, it is possible to try and jam out some agendas to score out some points quickly, but unless you manage to also cripple the Runner's tempo early, you will need a plan for later in the game to still be able to score out. When trying to score out early, Mestnichestvo on the remote is a better choice when playing against Anarch, or non Physarum Entangler Shaper, as they won't have a good way to deal with it quickly on the turn you present the threat, and the face check is more painful. When playing against Shaper with Physarum and Criminal, Logjam might be a better choice. Even though it might come in at very low strength early, it protects from Boomerang and Physarum.

As the game progresses, the remote can become quite robust, preventing the Runner from entering it every turn. Ideally, the remote has a Logjam, and/or a Mestnichestvo inside and a Vasilisa on the outermost. So you can try and bait runs with NGO Front or Vlad Grid, and if they do, install an agenda in the remote the next turn. You might also have to defend HQ or R&D depending on the deck you are up against.

It is quite common to lose up to 6 points by the mid-game from centrals but still winning. This can be alleviated by having a Daily Business Show or a Federal Fundraising stick on the board.

Why no Oppo?

The idea of this deck is to be a pile of value with some strong ICE. Presenting many assets that the Runner should trash will hopefully be a big enough hit on their tempo and econ to be able to score out from a remote that is hard to break into. You will be able to push yourself forward with tempo positive agendas and push the Runner back with disruption.

Fast Advance


6 Jul 2024 HaverOfFun

This was super wild to watch at ACC! Rough coming so close!

6 Jul 2024 maninthemoon

Very cool list! Congratulations on the great result!!