Killer Queen: An Explosive Adventure

kevnburg 459


Killer Queen is here to blow up the runner so you can get on with your quiet life. See for flavor info.


Anything Killer Queen places an advancement counter on becomes a bomb. Wall to Wall and Akhet help advance trickier to touch ICE like Kakugo.

Each server may seem only lightly protected, but the intended threat is not credit's explosives.

Well-placed and well-timed explosives secure scoring windows. City Works Project is an explosive in its own right, and can be further armed with Dedication Ceremony and Prisec.


While you live your life and take over your hostiles, Sheer Heart Attack is out to get the runner. It is automatically locked on to their location and it has no weaknesses.

When the runner gets hit, they will be limping. Vulnerable. Unable to interfere with your agenda(s).

Runners might usually see Sheer Heart Attack coming a few turns ahead, but sometimes it's more deceptive, a fatal surprise.


Your click-fueled finisher. When a runner is scathed by the first or second bomb, barely holding on, unleashing Bites the Dust will flatline.

A single click on Broad Daylight flatlines a runner who survives Urban Renewal, as does the three-click Dedicated+Killer combo (install -> advance -> snipe).

Preparing two Broad Daylight or pre-installing a Contract Killer enables 4 meat damage turns, enough damage to flatline a runner who did not even realize they were being careless.


If you want to make changes: Engram Flush is a cheap 1 influence damage code gate, Masvingo is nice for its self-advancing, and Wake Up Call techs against cards like Aniccam.

This list slowly evolved from my damage plans since the release of the Builder of Nations corp ID. I ran Media Blitz + The Cleaners back in the day, but it wasn't particularly good. The introduction of cards like Urban Renewal, Broad Daylight, and Wall to Wall has made this ID fully operational.

5 Feb 2020 Satoshi

Looks really nice -- one thing that comes to mind is Enforced Curfew:

6 Feb 2020 kevnburg

@render787 Yes, Enforced Curfew can play a similar role as Housekeeping to create scoring windows. What Housekeeping does differently is that it encourages the runner to play around it by installing multiple cards in the same turn, often leading to few cards in hand and big windows for City Works Project or Dedicated+Killer.

Enforced Curfew is a cheaper more consistent hindrance that pressures the grip even after the runner has set up and no longer needs to install cards to contest servers. I might replace a Prisec to try it out.

11 Feb 2020 kevnburg

Playing around with the econ: +3 Too Big to Fail / -3 Hedge Fund

This deck does not need much money, and it is nice to easily go up from 0 credits. This change more fully embraces damage (not credits) as a tax, so note that you need to move fast and runners will abuse the bad pub for installs with Simulchip and Paule's Café.

More bad pub also means more Broad Daylight counters.

12 Feb 2020 kevnburg

Another new experiment: +2 Reconstruction Contract / -2 Prisec

Fast advance! Combined with the Too Big to Fail change, its easy to rack up bad pub and Broad Daylight counters. 2 advancements on Reconstruction Contract let you fast advance a Broad Daylight, and 3 (or 1 plus Dedication Ceremony let you fast advance City Works Project.

The beautiful part with Broad Daylight is that it helps you easily fuel Contracts up to that 2 or 3 advancements. So does Akhet, the Builder of Nations ID ability, and Dedication Ceremony.

With these change, you now have 4 beautiful assets to sit in the remote:

1) Wall to Wall to setup explosive ICE on each server and draw into your next gameplan.

2) Urban Renewal to setup kills or City Works Project scoring windows.

3) Contract Killer when you have Broad Daylight counters and believe the runner will drop below 4 cards in hand.

4) Reconstruction Contract to more easily score a Broad Daylight or to fast advance a City Works Project against Film Critic.

12 Feb 2020 Möbius Striptease

@kevnburg Thanks for the game! I've never been so happy to be brutalized before. Love this deck.

15 Feb 2020 glenghis


21 Feb 2020 hemraa

@kevnburg do you ever struggle to have enough ice? Great deck but 11 ice seems a little light.

26 Feb 2020 kevnburg

@hemraa - Usually not. I am mainly looking to put a single ICE with an advancement counter on each server. I will double up a remote to place a second Kakugo.

Ice destruction, particularly Chisel recursion, can be a challenge. The unbreakable subroutine on Akhet helps against Hippo and Knifed if you do the work to place 3 advancement counters.

If you want more ICE, Masvingo is a good call. Hortum is fine for AI tech as well.

29 Feb 2020 braindmg

I'm having fun with the deck. 30-10 so far on jinteki so it's doing ok.

23 Mar 2020 kevnburg

Just went 2-2 in an online GNK with this list + the Too Big to Fail and Reconstruction Contract changes mentioned in the above comments.

Round 1: vs Hoshiko (Win) Ah, the classic Turn 1 Urban Renewal -> Turn 4 kill. Urban Renewal, Contract Killer, Reconstruction Contract, and ICE in opening hand.

My Turn 1: Install Urban Renewal. Ice remote. Ice HQ.

Runner turn 1: Install Stargate. Proceed to hammer RnD for the next 2 turns.

My turn 2: Ignore the Stargate. Do some minor econ.

My turn 3: Ignore the Stargate. Second ICE on the Urban Renewal Remote. Install Reconstruction Contract + ICE on a second remote.

My Turn 4: Urban Renewal fires. Reconstruction Contract gains an advancement. Install Contract Killer and use remaining clicks + Reconstruction Contract for 2 more meat damage.

Round 2: My BoN vs Ankusa Kit (Loss): Ankusa ruined me. I took a ton of bad pub early with Hostile Takeover and Too Big to Fail, then Ankusa dropped and the Kakugo tax no longer mattered. I got Akhet up to three advancements for a consistent 1 meat damage tax, but RnD was easily hammered by multipe RnD interfaces. Game went long thanks to my agendas being near the bottom of my deck, but, with such a heavy reliance on the Kakugo net damage tax and with so few non-barrier ICE, this was a difficult matchup. -1 Snare! for +2 Engram Flush would have helped here.

Round 3B: BoN vs Smoke (Win): Zero runs were made this game. This game highlights the excellence of Housekeeping. Got econ and draw rolling with a Wall to Wall behind ICE turn 1. Then I was drawing plenty of ice and plenty of assets, but no agendas to score. So I played Housekeeping, dropped a contract killer behind ICE in a second remote, and waited for an opportunity to come my way. Smoke was happily installing cards to prepare for her stealthy endgame, mitgating the housekeeping tax by doing those installs all at once, and pausing for a moment to contemplate my possibilities before going down to 1 card in hand. My next turn: Advance -> Advance -> Rez Contract Killer and snipe. (Smoke quote: "I thought about contract killer, but then said naaahhh impossible")

Round 4: vs Freedom (Loss): A close game that ended once I made a terrible misplay. I had 5 agenda points, a 2 advanced Reconstruction Contract in a remote, and 2 Broad Daylight counters. Runner had 2 cards in hand, so I installed Contract Killer, and popped Reconstruction Contract for the 4 meat damage flatline play...the runner had I've Had Worse...always click Broad Daylight before installing Contract Killer. I had scored quickly and kept up with the ice trashing up to this moment, but then, having failed to use that reconstruction contract to score an agenda or flatline, my servers fell apart.

9 Nov 2023 eirajeremy

This deck strategy seems quite explosive and deadly. I can see how Killer Queen, Sheer Heart Attack, and Bites the Dust work together to create a formidable threat to the runner. The inclusion of Engram Flush and Masvingo adds versatility to the deck. It's interesting to hear how your deck has evolved over time with the introduction of new cards. By the way, how are you enjoying my) location now?