As of the time of the release of this pack but not including cards that will be rotated for the next pack, the following cards have a "trash to use" effect that could make them a "free to install, was going to trash them anyway" program:

Abagnale, Crowbar, Crypsis, Demara, Grappling Hook, Harbinger (if you are using it for Endless Hunger anyway?), LLDS Energy Regulator (we're a little desperate here, I know...), Lustig, (with some combo pieces) Parasite, SMC, Shiv, and Spike.

Allow for Spin Cycle and Genesis and we add Sharpshooter, False Echo, Faerie, Disrupter, Deus X, Crescentus, and Copycat.

There are others like the bird breakers (Golden, Peregrine, and Saker) or the Devas (Vamadeva, Sadyojata, and Aghora that could go to the grip after or Brahman that could add to the stack, but the question becomes, is this enough to make this work? SMC is free so you are only saving a click and meanwhile you have to have SMC in hand. Either Diana's Hunt or the Birds/B&Es/Swindlers will cost you out the nose in influence. In the end, the issue becomes making a deck around a card that is clunky and expensive.

Make this a 1 credit 1 influence, I'll make a crazy free-bird deck just for fun. Make this a stupid broken "pull the program from your grip, heap, stack... trash if the run isn't successful" instead of only grip and no matter what, and I'd bet it would get Most Wanted Listed the next day. But as printed it's so corner case, that I doubt I'll ever put the effort in the sleeving a deck for it, just because I doubt it will ever actually work as desired.

I wish to report from experience on the combo with Off the Grid.

Three games isn't a lot, but its enough in this case (not including the one where in the initial shuffle I had no ice and Mulligan I saw 1 ice and never saw a third or a Batty or an off the grid) to make a judgement.

All three times I was able to get things set up enough that I could start to set up the trap. In one case I was able to pull the trap off... that one time was against a player who was only a few weeks of play in to the game and even then I couldn't get them for R&D.

Without a reliable ETR or a Susanoo-no-Mikoto you can move Off the Grid and still lose the Off the Grid during the run. And you have to have an upgrade on HQ. That means you have a minimum of 5 parts just to have a chance to set it up.

It's a fun trick, but it's not really something to fear.

Ha ha, that's awesome. Just watch out for Omer and Sneakdoor. —

I love to take cards that are kinda meh and watch them punch above weight in a certain type of deck. Not necessarily make them good, but make them do more than someone expects from them.

That is the best you can hope for here. First -- against the wrong kind of deck, this does nothing.

You are using Mongoose as your sentry breaker and I'm running Ichi 1.0 so you pay 6 before and after to break all subs. Or you are using Corroder so I'm costing you 1 more per run to break Eli...

And don't even talk about Yog.0 and Viktor 1.0. Ugh.

So mostly it makes runners who didn't plan well suffer -- Cerberus "Lady" H1 against Eli or trusting Au Revoir to be your whole econ engine with no back-up plan for when the outermost ice gets Rezed...

In that sense, call it a meta call. Everyone is using Lady lately with no back-up? Give Eli some teeth.

Another use for this is when the runner relies on clicking through your ICE and you want to add subs to increase the click tax. Particularly by adding a 3rd sub to a 2.0 bioroid or a 4th to the one and only 3.0 to make sure the runner can't break it completely with only 3 clicks left. —
Its a fun add-on for Heimdall 2.0, a savy runner that clicks through him will take 2 brain damage instead of 1, but that scenari still kind of requires a really desperate runner. —
I think it's also fun to add to 1.0 Bioroids. If Najja 1.0 has a 3rd sub, now they either have to spend all their remaining clicks to go through it, or take the brain damage to go through it. 3 clicks is no joke for a tempo shift, even better if combined with Heinlein Grid or baiting a run with NGO Front. —

Of the many cards we are losing in rotation that will be forgotten instantly, I must say, this is the one I expect that I will still sometimes reach for and catch myself.

It's a simple card. Often the first to go when cutting for deck space. Clunky at times. But in these Tem├╝jin Contract days when the runner has more money than they can really spend, every credit helps.

It has been a fun splash in Gagarin Deep Space where even one of them means that getting rid of it costs and 4. And it does this while adding one more sub to Tour Guide. I've tried it faction before with Oaktown Grid and it has made getting rid of IT Departments abusive while they make getting past stupid cards like Rototurret abusive. I've loved tossing it with Hostile Infrastructure in asset heavy Jinteki to make it everything too expensive to trash in one more way.

None of these are top-tier uses, because this isn't a top tier card. Oaktown will still be around as will all the cards I've linked here. (Ash is going away too which is why he gets no call-out today. Same with the extra costs from Strongbox.) But even as all of these tricks still work and honestly still work as well as they do without this card, I thought it best to write it a quick love letter and see if I can get anyone else to pull it out from their binders one last time before it gets a permanent spot in the cycle pile.

Sure, you still need to have two credits in hand when your Psi game begins, but this card used with Nisei Division makes for a troublesome problem for the runner. Of course, it starts with this -- if the Runner doesn't have 2 credits, you can always win the first game that turn and at virtually no cost to you. But even if they have the money and a 2 isn't automatically a win, what this card does is force a runner to have to pay a tax while you do not. You can spend more freely in general and it changes the part of psi games that doesn't appear in the vacuum. If someone tells you that a Psi Game is like paper-rock-scissors, in that the corp picks one of 3 options and the runner picks one, and for any choice the corp makes, only one of the runner choices will grant them a win, you are mostly right, but you missed the part where a poor runner, cannot win a psi game. Voter Intimidation is feels a little rough if think 1/3 of the time the runner guesses what I paid and nothing happens. But if you were to instead say, "Pay 1 more: A broke runner has no recourse against this. If you are playing Nisei Div, gain a credit." then the card is a little bonkers, doing what you would normally need a tag to achieve. Or Psychic Field? "If a broke runner accesses this card, pay a credit and trash the whole hand."

This card takes the tax out of it for you. Unless the runner is hitting several Psi tests a turn, you can simply declare that The Future Perfect is unstealable unless installed and a scored Dedicated Neural Net is an automatic "Eat My Snare!. But it only works if you have the extra money o make it happen. A persistent runner can still get in once you are broke. This card practically prevents that issue by knocking the runner's teeth in before he even gets to the second Psi test.

As a runner, the only solace I have is that Rumor Mill kills this dead. All hail Princess Space Kitten!