Supermodern Russian Butlers (GNK winner)

poorhaus 412

The Russian NEH engine, powering an Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed rush deck. What's not to love?

Used this to take down a 9 person GNK with one loss in the cut due to agenda flood. When you're rushing sometimes that happens. My runner was Geist.

Jeeves Model Bioroids is super awesome. Use him to melange and do something, keeping your creds within SEA Source range. Or hedge, SEA scorch scorch when they thought you'd were too poor. Consulting Visit is amazing with this, and will get you early kills. Jeeves lets you score a Corporate Sales Team or over advanced Project Atlas off the table. Or install four things.

This is a rush deck with kill threat, not all in on kill, which means (to me) you should win roughly half your games by flatline and half by scoring out, which is what I did on the day, 2 or 3 of each I think. Your agendas mostly give you money, so scoring them helps both plans.

The Russian NEH engine means that with a Team Sponsorship or two out, just scoring a Hostile will let you install Advanced Assembly Lines out of HQ or Archives,netting two, then trash it to install something else, like ice, out of HQ. The drawbacks of rush play, being poor and having no time to install, both go away. You can chain agendas through a safe remote with a sponsorship out.

The Archers, Orion and Curtain Wall are for when you need to really score after a kill becomes impossible. Mother Goddessis amazing on turn one. Markus punishes a face check and forces them to gamble not being able to clear a tag if they hit an agenda. Could swap for another 1 influence thing.

Bootcamp is for blackmail or ddos shenanigans, otherwise for getting Jeeves.

Paywall implementation is for clearing employee strike and can earn you lots if they diligent about trashing your resources (which is definitely the right move).

All in all a fun deck! Try it if you're tired of runner decks that win once set up. This is fast enough to beat them first.

6 Nov 2016 Pantacruel

Just tried this out. Awesome. It's everything I love about Argus, with a really cool mechanic. I'm still getting used to the tempo for triggering the Assembly Line.

It's fun and quick just what I like. I just miss a nice trap to keep the runner on their toes, not letting them get too confident in running everything. Especially against Blackmail. Not having ice rezzed really hurts.

Did you try replacing an Advanced Assemby Line with a trap, such as Cerebral Overwriter?

6 Nov 2016 poorhaus

@Pantacruelglad you're enjoying it! I'd include Prisec if you want a trap. You're almost always neveradvancing, and this could tag the runner if they run a prisec'd agenda on click 3. Also no influence, which is a bonus.

Space is tough. I'd maybe consider cutting a Consulting Visit since the prisec would be part of the kill package.

6 Nov 2016 Pantacruel

@poorhausso I'm not sure what you mean when you say "You're almost always neveradvancing". Could you explain?

Also, how do you work around Leela's ability? Just Install ice on R&D/HQ before starting to score out?

I think I am going to try -1 Scorched Earth +1 BOOM! / -1 Advanced Assembly Lines +1 Cerebral Overwriter

Will let you know how it goes in testing.

7 Nov 2016 RubbishyUsername

Between AAL and TS, you have the alliance requirement. Why Markus?

8 Nov 2016 poorhaus

It's a punishing face check and/or makes a safe steal impossible if they're breakerless. Like a free False lead when they click thru to score on click 2. Definitely open to other swaps for that spot but it seemed good.

8 Nov 2016 poorhaus

@Pantacruel never advancing means not advancing an agenda until you can score it. Jeeves allows this with Corporate Sales Team, for instance. That's why Cerebral is a bad choice. You want that card when you'll be doing a lot of install advance advancing, which you never do unless it's Oaktown.

Leela can be tough since you're scoring a lot. I like to rush out an agenda before there's much to bounce to keep up the pressure. Then ice centrals and force her to run so you can rez stuff. But Leela's tricky for rush and fast advance both. Executive Boot Camp helps but is a 1 of so not much of a plan. Just gotta out play them.

Boom will make you sad unless you include Midseason Replacements too. I used to run that but I found the extra econ and speed from AAL to be much more important. plus SEA is a better rush tag punishment with all the assets. This is not a sit back and get rich deck- they'd prefer midseasons. this is a force out agendas and must trash assets and kill them when they're low on credits. Cerebral is a bad idea as I said above. Snare may be better but it's too dern expensive in creds and influence.

9 Nov 2016 Pantacruel

Totally agree: BOOM! and Cerebral Overwriter are bad in this deck.

So now I am trying to play around with the agendas. No more Hostile Takeover (so no bad pub to trash cards, +1 Corporate Sales Team +1 False Lead. Might still play around this but should be solid. But no more burst econ... we shall see.

With the free slot, I'm currently trying +1 Mother Goddess because often find myself withing for more ice and not giving easy Tem├╝jin Contract targets.

Yes Argus is still vested in your security. We are just putting a younger face on murdering people which threaten that security. Welcome to the firm.

10 Nov 2016 dawspawn

Shipment from SanSan would be a good include over Markus 1.0 in my opinion. Or Rototurret if you want a facecheck ice they can't click through.

10 Nov 2016 poorhaus

@dawspawnyeah good thought. I've been using rototurret and it's decent, but expensive. SFSS would be a good include, but I'd drop an Advanced Assembly Lines and maybe a Consulting Visit for two if you want to go that way. Then you'll also need subliminal. That's a very diff build and would have to be less spikey. Probably a bad way to go. Atlas is the only thing you could fast advance and otherwise sfss is just bad Econ.

10 Nov 2016 poorhaus

@Pantacruellet me know how your agenda experiments go. Hostile Takeover is so good I'd consider Elizabeth Mills recursion to clear BP over cutting them if bad pub is really a problem. I've found Paywall can mitigate the credit swing problems and with a Sponsorship out Hostile is just too much tempo to pass up.

But if you want to go that way, consider a Chronos Project for all the paperclips etc out there.

19 Nov 2016 Pantacruel

@poorhausSo I have been playing this deck exclusively for the last 2 weeks. It is so good. But I felt like the meta was going towards to much access and bypass on centrals so i decided to increase the ice by 1. But I was at 50 cards and for some reason we believe more than 50 is bad for repeat experience. But no way this deck deserves some more assets so I went to 13 Agendas (4x1 + 9x2).

And then I played around with different assets. One thing I am sure of, 3 x Public Support and 3 x Executive Boot Camp make this deck sing. And did you know Leela can't read between the lines of your latest marketing scheme to do her thing?

Rez a Public Support for 1 with a Boot in the ass. Get's trashed? Start over by using the motivational skills you earned coatching a bunch of robots devoid of any emotion...

Oh traps in this deck... perfect. Runner feeling confident he can trash all your assets after dressing up like Genghis Khan. Ask your butler to show him the door after trashing his entire hand.

20 Nov 2016 poorhaus

@Pantacruel thanks for the report! Sounds like you've made some great changes. Will you post what you consider the final list? Would love to play it and I think thw others who've been interested in this would enjoy seeing it too. Some really interesting ideas here!

23 Nov 2016 Pantacruel

@poorhaus So I will definitly post the final deck when I have it trimed to my satisfaction. Basically, I keep trying the 54 and 49 card version of this deck, and I feel like the 54 card version would be great because it taxes poor runners, forcing them to run all remotes and trash a lot of redundant or none essential cards (making them poor and thus elegible for the Triple S club ). But runners are too rich these days and 54 cards slows this deck way down. So back to 49.

So far, I have kept 2 Public Support; replaced 2 Bankers with their henchmen; and told Junior to take a vacation while we try a new kind of partnership with those yellow boy toys.

And for the final touch, replaced one factory with a prison, to add a litlle spice in the sauce. Will let you know how it goes.

For previous builds, the hardest matchups are definitly Lady Crims, with their money and their bypasses, and little miss nothing but the truth.

23 Dec 2016 Pantacruel

@poorhaus As promised, posted the deck I tried. Not sure I was going in the right direction. I just feel there is not enough synergy with the rest of the deck to justify playing the Hass-Biorid engin.