Kickflip Arissana (1st Swiss 4th Cut Western US Nats)

tzeentchling 1121

cartoon frog on a skateboard doing a kickflip

As my cut opponent @Tak said, "I can't wait to see what kind of kickflips you can pull off with this deck," and you know? There were some cool ones.

Obviously this is built on the shoulders of those before me, but you can do a lot of neat tricks with Q-Loop and Pantograph and Arissana's ability. I went for two DZMZ because I believe it's important to see early, the 1 credit discount helps a LOT in installing useful Trojans. Cleaver and Buzzsaw are just upgrades mostly over Gauss and Unity, but in a pinch you could swap them back. Right now there's a lot of big ice in the meta so the Turbine was clutch. There's also a lot of ice with good text on it so Hush is fantastic. Clot probably could have been cut, I never needed it once on the day and would have appreciated something like Miss Bones, but it does give you great odds against Big Deal Outfit decks, so YMMV. Post ban-list update, swap DreamNet with Dr. Nuka Vrolyck, probably. The deck is 46 cards but I couldn't find what to cut so I just ran with it.

The deck went 3-1 in Swiss rounds, beating an Asa, an Issuaq, and a Epiphany, and losing to an Asa where I tried to be too aggressive early to take advantage of suspected flood and didn't develop my board state. Sadly I lost to a glacier A Teia deck in the cut - I had a chance at the end with a Deep Dive but misplayed and ran just short of the credits needed to play it. Also the final scoring remote was Bran 1.0 -> 3x Anansi, and even with Turbine I just didn't have the credits and cards to deal with it.

Still, an excellent tournament and a fun deck to pull crazy stuff off with!

20 Sep 2023 zimbobway

Very cool list! How often did you find yourself using Q-loop in testing or on the day?

25 Sep 2023 tzeentchling

@zimbobway Quite a lot, actually! First, it's great to know what's on top of your deck; second, installs from nowhere can catch opponents off guard. Especially with DreamNet, knowing for instance that the first card was an installable and the second an event, I could use Q-Loop to make sure I drew the event I wanted.