Tempeh (Traditional Javanese fermented soybeans)

TugtetguT 2006

Can't beat Hivemind MaxX? Missed making remotes? Degenerate Spombo decks not your thing?

I got you.

Having lost both Tour Guide and Turtlebacks to rotation and with every criminal deck playing 2-3 copies of Miss Bones, Near-Earth Hub hasn't looked particularly great for a while.

But not anymore. Sportsmetal and BTL crushes criminal and practically pushes them out of the meta completely. Enter Tempeh the same old spam you know and love, but with a wincon.

I've played exactly 14 games with this deck and won all of them. Undefeated on Jnet, I know, though this also includes my games from 'Quarkbutter's online GNK' so also at a tournament.

The gameplan is simple. Install assets and draw cards. Lots and lots of both. The recent reintroduction of Spin Doctor protects you from flood which is something previous versions of this archetype suffered from a lot. After you've established a good boardstate, preferably one with Amani Senai, you can start scoring behind literally any piece of ICE and an Anoetic Void or naked from the board.

Alternatively the runner exposes themselves to Hard-Hitting News and you can just Psychographics your points or Exchange some Information. The latter is the flexslot of the deck, but I can't bring myself to cut it with Tomorrow's Headline also being in there.

A few fun interactions are:

The list used to have a copy of SanSan City Grid, but I cut it for a 9th piece of ICE. I don't regret this, but I do like the SanSan especially for fighting Apocalypse decks, though I'm scared to cut econ and the other pieces feel essential.

9 Jun 2021 ChrisFerg

My very valuable comment is that I think tempeh is Indonesian? (It's also delicious ^.^)

9 Jun 2021 TugtetguT

@ChrisFerg Oh snap you're right! I misread 'Javanese' as 'Japanese'. I'll change it right away, no one will notice ^.^

9 Jun 2021 bowlsley

I bloody love Drafter in NEH, I have a Startup deck with three in too and it's such a good facecheck penalty.

10 Jun 2021 Jakuza

I am so offended.

10 Jun 2021 TugtetguT

@Jakuza How so?

10 Jun 2021 Jakuza

I feel my beans are being appropriated.

10 Jun 2021 Jakuza

Also, there seems to be a worldwide alarming lack of fermenting bean GIFs.

12 Jun 2021 @Bookkeeper

I take comfort in knowing actual good competitive players name decks just as I do privately.