Riglauncher - Exploring Space with blown up Rigs

Bl4nk3t 476

My adaption of Krastys formidable cannon rush 2.0 for the SBL21.10, used in the Nov2021 Berlin Store Champs for a 6th place over all. It felt a bit slow, and sometimes I should have played more defensively. (Today's lesson - don't be greedy and score Standoff or Hostile Takeover on turn 1 against criminals - they might doof you....twice....)

More focused on oberth and in anticipation of Apocalypse a defensive take on the meta with Bio Vault as well as replacing Hortum with Thimblerig in anticipation of PAD Taps return.

How do you defend against apoc you ask? It's simple. We kill the Batman end the run.

MVP was Tithonium - Immunity to hosting cards like Chisel Tranquilizer and Botulus is rather nice in the current Meta (plus it being a punishing face check and fairly Turtle-resilient). Could have saved me headaches against Hivemind MaxX, had I played it right....

footage of the runner rig, retrieved with SDS Space Drone

Using SDS with oberth as stealth rigshooter can devastate some runners. Something much less teched-against as the also present Neurospike kill combo (what with Aniccam and a certain Bioroid , or tag happy Obelus users).

8 Nov 2021 Longi

Love it! Soooo good, soooo Weyland!

15 Nov 2021 Stanley06

Thanks for the information you shared. Loved the way you explained everything in this blog.

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