I can't stand it, I know you planned it (ACC)

SirLoathing 1661

If Continentals happened again tomorrow, I’d register the same lists within 3 cards.

The real Esâ was Alice all along.


Besides being a nostalgic musical number, Sabotage is a powerful mechanic. Alice’s ID is half a sabotage trigger, the good half. Between Labor Rights and Simulchip, we have a deceptive number of Avgustina triggers in a long game. With how little we pressure RD and HQ for most of the game, RD and HQ are generally lightly iced. This means that with the help of some cooked books and a Hippo, we can often close out with a double Chast turn or a Conduit turn.

Two of the bigger boogiemen going into the event, Drago lock decks and Fast Advance decks, we have strong plans against. The majority of our rig costs 1 to install and we can live without the other pieces in these matchups (for example I often don't install a console against R+). As such, we can wait out a Drago until they decide to start trying to float advancements or actually do things. You can see me employing this strategy in the first round of the stream from the event, which can be viewed here. Unfortunately for me, in that game King was an excellent opponent and forced some errors (notably I did not save my Simulchip for a Botulus when I knew I'd be contesting the remote) but in my other rounds Drago harassment did not prove an issue. Every turn the corp spends tagging you and not advancing their board is one less card in their deck. Call it a personal evolution, but that’s a trade I am willing to make; free damage is free if the corp wants to deck themselves for me.

We do have only one Clot in a 50 card deck for Fast Advance and no way to tutor it. Yes, it sometimes doesn’t show up. But if you haven’t noticed, there is a plethora of draw and digging. If you are new to the Anarch life, let me encourage you to Moshing away any card you are not planning on using in the next 1.5 turns. Conduit, Chast → in the bin. We can always Labor Rights or Simulchip back pieces we need. Similarly, the first Labor Rights can be fired whenever there is some number of cards in the bin you care about, especially if you are digging for a breaker or Clot and especially if you haven’t hit many Steelskin Scarrings. Don’t get cute and try to hold your Steelskins for Moshing. It’s great if that lines up, but we have cards to draw and there isn’t time to waste. Generally, my first Labor Rights is for Chips and/or Draw and my second is for 2x Chast.

Alluded above, we want to avoid taking single access’ off RD and HQ. Try to force rezs on Archives and the Remote and commit your Botuls’ to rezzed ice on those servers. Wait on RD and HQ until you have to or if a single is really going to make a huge impact.

Notable cards ‘missing’ from the deck. This build cut the Twinning/Imp package at some point in tuning. Resource based multi access is just too risky in a Drago world if you aren’t rich enough to run the remote every turn. With Twinning gone, it didn’t feel right to keep Imp. Once the Twinning was cut, companions were shaved. We really aren’t a Keiko deck, it’s just the cheapest MemStrips on the market. Other Consoles were tried, but there is so much random hardware hate running around that spending credits on a Maw or Knob is an excellent invitation to get blown out. In long games against more glacial opponents, we do need the memory that Marrow and Patchwork do not provide.

The somewhat strange Highlander package of 1x Earthrise, 1x Overclock, 1x Daily Cast, 1x Liberated Account arose out of building with a certain executive in mind. This gives you options that don’t rely on resources without making Self-Growth or All-Seeing backbreaking. You are in control of what you install and what you burn in a dance pit.

All in all, Continentals was an excellent event. Big thanks to Nisei for putting it on, events like these give us great reasons to brew and run. Also, much love to the Drop Bears who let me into their lair and helped me test and tune my lists.


28 Aug 2022 Jinsei

Cool :)

30 Aug 2022 bing005

Great build :) very fun to play

30 Aug 2022 Cluster Fox

Anything you'd change after playing in ACC?

30 Aug 2022 SirLoathing

@Cluster Fox Good question... I'd tweak a few slots based on what I expected to play against cutting cards from the 4 slots currently occupied by Liberated Account/Daily Cast/Overclock/Earthrise.

If my goal was just to beat sports I'd play 2x Gacha and 1x Dreamnet.

If I expected no Glacier I might cut the Liberated for a 2nd Cast or Overclock.

If I really wanted to optimize for Drago decks I'd fully cut the Casts, Earthrise and Liberated for some combination of Gacha's, Overclocks and the 3rd Labor Rights.

On the other hand, if Drago was banned tomorrow, I'd go up to 3x Daily Cast.