How does this compare to NAPD Contract? Well, we usually consider the Corp gaining money to be better than the runner losing money, and this gains more on access than the runner would lose when they access NAPD. Plus it doesn't have the drawback of being harder to score when you get bad publicity, which is relevant now that Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe is around and also frees you up to play illicit ice in your deck like Grim. The main drawback of this card compared to NAPD is that you never have the situation where the runner accesses it but is unable to steal it. (Plus it can only be used in NBN).

What does NBN do best? Either fast advance astrotrain, or Scorched Earth. Both of those strategies need a lot of credits to work, and both of them are not too concerned if the runner manages to steal an early agenda (in fact, if you're playing Midseason Replacements, you actually want them to steal an agenda... and this card gives you just enough money to play that operation. Coincidence?) Here is an example of a possible turn: Pop-up Window, SanSan City Grid, Explode-a-palooza. If the runner decides to run that server, steal your agenda and trash your SanSan, you gain 6 credits and the runner loses 6 credits. That's like you Account Siphon them, except that you're the corp. If they don't run it, you can score the agenda next turn.

The flavor of this card is the icing on an already delicious cake. Same old action movie, still gonna make a ton of profit out of it.

Actually with Haarpsichord studios, if the runner already stole an agenda then they can't steal it at all. —
With something like Red Herrings and Predictive Algorithms you can put the runner into a position where they simply can't steal the agenda... And you'll still get the 5 credits! —
Cool guys don't look at explosions! Yeaaaah! Cool guys don't look at explosions! —
True that the runner can't steal the agenda if they have already stolen one that turn against Harpsichord, but if the runner has Film Critic s/he can park the second agenda there and retrieve it for two clicks. I don't know why FFG released Harpsichord in the same datapack as Film Critic. —
Also if the runner doesn't have a copy in score area; in archives with Old Hollywood Grid. Then can Jackson back into R&D if they make a 2nd run —
wittela - probably because if Film Critic didn't exist Haarpsichord would be overpowered as hell :v —

Use this

Getting the tag to stick not only past the end of the run but past the end of the turn is quite difficult, unless the runner is already tagged and this is just adding to the aggregate.

As far as I can tell, this works well with Dedicated Response Team. The two effects trigger on "run is successful" and both occur on a Corp card. Thus, the corp chooses the order and can do so aggressively. —
It should not worth with DTR. DTR triggers when a successful run ends (after access), as opposed to when the run is successful. The runner loses the tag before accessing cards. —
The price tag is appealing, but I still think I'd rather play Data Raven than this. Will ponder it further. It is an interesting card. —
I would install this in front to Data Raven to stop the runner face checking it. They hit Bandwidth, get a tag, then hit Data Raven and either bounce and keep the tag or go through and get a new one. —
Running into this when using the Adjusted chronotype / Josh B combo could be pretty devastating —
And add Qianju PT to the previous post of course —
in front of checkpoint anyone? —
Good combo with [Sub Boost](/en/card/07025) if the [Universal Connectivity Fee](/en/card/06067) already went off or if you haven't had the chance to draw and install ice in an order that makes [Bandwidth](/en/card/08016) useful by itself. —
Keegan Lane is also a great additional combo for this card now that D&D has been released. —
Looking forward, I can see this being good support for Zealous Judge. My Argus deck can hardly wait! —
Honourable mentions from 2017: Mr. Stone from Terminal Directive. Removing the tag after a successful run won't matter after they take a point of meat damage. —

A sentry with four strength and two subroutines is pretty good. It can't be easily broken by Mimic. Even an Eater has to pay four credits to get through it. But is it good enough to be worth paying eight credits for? You don't see a lot of Wall of Thorns or Tollbooth around, so I suspect that this won't get played "just cause". On the other hand, since this has the NEXT subtype, it can make your other ice stronger, so that might push it over the edge.

Or, you can plan to actually make the subroutines fire. You'll probably have a bit of other NEXT ice out to make X high enough to do some serious damage, but if you're having trouble finding or rezzing it, you can try Levy University, The Foundry: Refining the Process, Executive Retreat etc. The next step is figuring out how to stop the runner breaking the subroutines. Inazuma is cool, though it can be broken. Corporate Troubleshooter is probably your best choice. If the runner has an efficient breaker like Sharpshooter, you will need twice as many credits as the runner to stop them from breaking it though.

I also saw an upcoming card where the runner can either run a central server of your choice during your turn, or else you get some other benefit. That card could be used to goad the runner into hitting a NEXT Gold when they're not set up for it.

John Masanori will NOT be happy. —
Deus Ex one shots this. It's an "ap" —
Not with a Corporate Troubleshooter behind it. —
AP and Destroyer and str 4, probably the most popular atman tartget. This card isn't something you play - its something you keep in hand —
It is worth mentioning that since the power is stored in single subroutines, Wormhole copying this can be insane. —
I want to play in this wonderful meta where "You don't see much...Tollbooth". I hate running against Tollbooth. —
I recently heard that Marcus Batty was a thing at the moment... *evil chuckle* —
Marcus and NEXT Gold is about as cheap as can be. It's most likely game over if the runner guesses wrong. —

If you want to use The Brewery, try using Chairman Hiro and Gyri Labyrinth, or a Psychic Field and a scored False Lead, to prevent the runner drawing back above 1 card.

This card could be very unfair to newbies who don't know what it's back face does and assume the corp can only damage them if they made a run last turn.

Yeah good ole false lead again —

This seems like a very powerful card, with the minor drawback that only unrezzed cards can be exposed. However, the Corp can't rez a card "in response" to Drive By, so if they think you are packing it, they have to rez their card in advance and give you free information. For example, a PAD Campaign or a Jackson Howard that is usually rezzed right before it is needed, or an ambush such as a Cerebral Overwriter that is protecting a Shell Corporation - if the Corp player forgets about the existence of Drive By, you can trash both cards by making a run after driving by, costing them heaps of credits.

One of the cards that this will be best against is Ronin since the usual Corp strategy of protecting it is to make you think that it could be an ambush. If you use Infiltration and discover an ambush, you have saved one click compared to using Drive By, but if you find a Ronin then you would have to make a run on that server and pay the trash cost, whereas Drive By would save you all that trouble.

It works well against any other cards that the Corp would usually like to keep face down yet aren't negated merely by being exposed... some examples are Corporate Troubleshooter or Thomas Haas with advancement tokens on him.

I can see this card being heaps of fun when combined with Blackguard. It'd be great to expose an Eve Campaign; they'd have to rez it for 5 and then trash it. —
Does this combo with $Silhuette - expose a card, have them pay for it and then trash it? —
I wonder if using Zaibatsu loyalty to prevent the expose would render this effect useless, and my first reaction would be yes, that it does. If you can't determine if it's an asset or upgrade, how could you trash it? —
Zaibatsu again will be playable. I could order 2nd copy. or another counteract is Tokushi Sakai —