Shackleton's Heir [Startup]

kevintame 461

This is a my current shaper startup deck so all my thinking is related to the format but I think the shell is easily transported to standard.

Game Plan:

Early Game

Set up your drip economy with Rezeki. Get Earthrise Hotel online as soon as possible. Use your burst econ like Dirty Laundry, Sure Gamble and Creative Commission to get things going. Those early Daily Casts can also help you set up for your powerful mid game. It's important to make early runs by face checkin on RD and charging your Earthrise Hotel. If the corp leaves you a non threatening ice on RD just keep running it every turn for the charge. At that point it's a click for two cards which is pretty good. (Pro tip: Use Bravado or Dirty Laundry to get even more value on those runs.) With Diesel and your Earthrise Hotel you will eventually draw into Endurance and Rigging Up. (I almost always use rigging up to instal Endurance but sometimes I have to pay the 8 credits)

Mid Game:

Use Pinhole Threading to get rid of annoying assets and upgrades like Manegarm Skunkworks, Anoetic Void, and Daily Quest. It's really hard to keep you out when you have Endurance so start locking down the remote and don't let them score from it. As you make runs use Into the Depths to keep building out your programs. If I don't have at least 2 rezeki I like to get one of those early and then move on to the most important ice breakers. Once you have all your breakers and boat the remote is usually pretty easy to contest.

Late Game:

Now that your board is set up and you have good econ it's likely you have an agenda or two. If you haven't won already it's time to Deep Dive for the win.

Cards Choices

  • Bravado: This is your biggest inf spend but the value is so good. Running a 3 ice remote with Bravdo and breaking all the ice for cheap is a great feeling. It also allows you to face check early and force some rezzes. Remember always be charging your Earthrise with RD runs. Plus the art is dope!
  • Creative Commission: Always play last click.
  • Deep Dive: This is how you close the game. Don't play it early game... it's a waste of a turn. The reason is because it's more important to set up your engine and RD is less agenda dense. As the corp shuffles agendas back into RD and plays their cards RD gets very very agenda dense.
  • Pinhole Threading: It's the cheapest way to clear upgrades and can also be used to check if a card in a deep remote is an agenda. This is your primary tech card for PD decks. Use them wisely
  • Rigging Up: Use on Endurance and Hyperbaric after Endurance is set up
  • Endurance: Always be running and charging this beast on those successful runs. After beating the corp I'm sure you both will be discussing if this card should be banned.
  • Simulchip: Startup corps think it's funny to trash your programs. Also getting revolver back is useful. This might be able to be cut though.
  • Earthrise Hotel: This card is critical to setting up quick and your primary charge target for RD runs.
  • Stoneship Chart Room: I think this card is undervalued by people. The utility is good. Sometimes if I couldn't run RD I'll use it to save a 1 counter Earthrise. Against some PE decks I've used it to survive net damage, When the corp is trying to tax my boat or revolver tokens I'll give them a quick bump. It's not the best card ever but I find it useful most games. If you can find a better card for this slot let me know.
  • Cleaver: I think Eli is the most annoying taxing ice in startup for the runner. I hate breaking it with Corroder. I think Cleaver with Leech do the best job against the annoying taxing boy. Generally, I break Bran 1.0 with endurance and let them fire the install ice sub. In several games they didn't even rez that ice they installed because they already had spent way too much rezzing the other ice. If the Bran is on the remote might not let it fire though.
  • Echelon: This is a late game solution if the corp is taxing your Revolver. With all your ice breakers out and one leech counter it deals with most of the sentries in the format.
  • Hyperbaric: I was really unsure about this card but Code Gate ice in the game are annoying to break with other breakers. This is a little slow but once you get it at 3-5 tokens it's unstoppable.
  • Revolver: This is a shaper card and not a crim card. It can get taxed out with Ansel and Drafter. Switch to Echelon against those match ups after you've used up the counters.
  • Leech: In most games I looks at Leech tokens as about 1 credit for each counter. But with these breakers is can save you 2-3 credits per token because boosting with these breakers isn't cheap. Since you are running centrals a lot it's just an extra econ card.
  • Rezeki: Your drip, so get em early.

Match Ups

  • HB: Set up like normal but it's good to try and get the early agenda they push. Pinehole Threading to clear out Void and Skunk. Don't let them tax your tokens on Drafter and Ansel 1.0. Get Echelon set up as quick as possible.
  • Jinteki: I'm a yolo type runner against Jinteki so I check most things. It also means I die sometimes. But I think it also means I win a lot more games than I lose. The reality is losing quickly to Jinteki or winning most of your games is a better return on my game time investment. Does anyone really enjoy sitting back and letting the corp grind you out. With this runner deck, a charging Earthrise helps you to be able to take damage and not waste clicks on draw. The biggest thing to be careful of is to not use it too much so that you have no cards left in your deck because then it makes the game really hard. Use Pinhole on Prāna Condenser. Also Stoneship Chart Room is a great card to have when they think they've set up the kill.
  • NBN: Play as normal and run early. Clear tags when you get tagged from your early runs. It's hard for them to really tax you out and your econ is good. I haven't had many issue against them.
  • Weyland: They are usually on a fast advance plan and the threat of clot slows them down. (Don't play clot it's a waste of inf and a crutch in this format) Also the central pressure is so good in this deck it's hard for them to keep you out and you end up just snipping agendas and winning off of deep dive.

Overall Thoughts:

Since central pressure is so good with this deck the corp has to spend a lot of resources defending centrals it makes the remote becomes even weaker. Remote lock becomes inevitable. However some corps will just ignore the centrals and at that point you are just going to snip agendas and then have an easy turn to deep dive. I think with strong central pressure and the ability to cheaply check the remote makes it a losing proposition for corps. Corps trying to play traditional ice and score Netrunner will struggle against this deck.

I've played about 30 games with this deck and have lost 3 times. Yesterday Skry and I had our table 1 match for the GLC startup league and we runner split. This deck was very good against his strong PD deck and his Sable deck was also very good against my PD deck.

Cheers and happy running! Kevin

Shackleton's ship Endurance discovered after more than 100 years at the bottom of the sea