Night Terrors [Startup]

Cannister 283


This is the deck that I took to the first NH Netrunners Startup CO Tournament and while the deck swung and missed the tournament was a raging success with 17 players. I was acting as the head Judge and one of two TOs so an unfortunate amount of my brain space may have been preoccupied while actually playing these decks.

My runner deck was a Deep Dive Kit deck and performed a bit better going 2-1. Here's a link to the deck.

I'll give a brief idea for the deck and then try and recall details from my matches. I went 1-2 on the day, but it did play alright. I think with some tinkering, more practice, and perhaps a little more focus on my part both I and the deck would have performed better.

The basic idea is that this deck wants to find one of it's 3 copies of Seamless Launch, get a few pieces of cheap ice out (or maybe even an Ansel 1.0), and install any of it's 3/2 or 4/2 agendas and wait.

If the runner can't steal the agenda on their turn you can use some combination of Seamless, Moon Pool, and hard Advancing to score the agenda out next turn, triggering Precision Design's ability to fetch the seamless back to hand. If the agenda was a 3/2 you have a to spare to prime the machine up for the next turn.

Versions of this deck exist with Anoetic Void to stop runners from accessing the cards you're dropping for a turn, but instead I dicided to try subbing that influence out for 3x Nightmare Archive. From what I've seen people tend to take the -1 point, but since there's nothing to punish core damage in this deck (or even threaten flatlining) I wonder if maybe Ontological Dependence would be a better substitution for one or two of the Project Vitruvius? TBD on that, it'd be an interesting substitution.

Typically in the games I've played with this deck this plan works great for the first 2 agendas, maybe even the 3rd, but to get across the finish line it really helps to have a Biotic to FA out a Project Vitruvius or Luminal Transubstantiation from hand. SanSan City Grid helps to make it possible to do this with an Offworld Office or Midnight-3 Arcology.

That's kind of it - it is very fast if things work out.

1st game - loss to Bandura on Kit: This was my first ever live Netrunner tournament game, and I was a bit nervous. My opponent was on an Aesop's/Smartware Kit deck that had trouble finding it's decoder, all while finding all 3 copies of Nightmare Archives. We went to time and before my last turn (as time was being called) I was up 4 to 3, then without thinking installed a 4/2 and double advanced it in my scoring remote behind decent ICE. This was a huge misplay and would have been game loss if they had run it (the server was easy for them to run). Instead they installed a Conduit and ran R&D twice to find the winning agenda.

2nd game - vs NotAgain on Ken: I don't remember a ton from this game other than Ken used Inside Job I was hoping they didn't have on Turn 2 to steal a 2 pointer, then got two agendas pulled very quickly from weakly defended centrals all with nothing but a single Cezve and a Pennyshaver installed. The only game for this deck on the day that didn't go to time.

3rd game - vs Derek on Padma: Derek was running good ol' Endurance, Turbine and The Doom Rig™ I made some early scoring progress while he found a few Nightmares but then eventually had such a strong rig he overcame my point lead just before the timer.

Watch for the release of Episode 4 of Neon Static to hear more about this deck and the events of the tournament including interviews with most of the participants.