PTD's Nasir

PTD 453

Deck used for Edinburgh BABW.

Pretty simple game plan. Just get the drugs then see some cards. Ignore the money race - credits are a crutch.

My rule of thumb is to mulligan for dealers or diesels and try to have a Davinci in play. Once you have 3 power counters you can threaten almost any install from hand despite being on 0 credits. The cards will be there because drugs.

18 Sep 2016 JuneCuervo

Networking is cool anti-tag stuff, I dig this deck a lot!

18 Sep 2016 unitled

I flatter myself that I've probably played against this deck more than anyone else; so much, that my decks are starting to be warped to an anti-Nasir mini-meta (come on, Akitaro Watanabe!). @PTDknows this deck inside and out, and plays it very well.

Don't ever, EVER underestimate Nasir.

18 Sep 2016 RoRo

Came 9th at the Edinburgh BABW which was very competitive, great deck!

18 Sep 2016 just_rob

Edinburgh have got to see the evolution of PTD Nasir over the past year or so, constant tweaks and refinements. Soo good to see a published version at last!!

18 Sep 2016 PTD

Thanks guys, BABW was great fun. I already have a few tweaks for this in mind but thought I ought to post it as it was on the day!

I'd probably drop the Injection Attack and second Plascrete Carapace for a second Levy AR Lab Access and maybe an Out of the Ashes. These original includes had been based off some bad experiences lately with bioroids and triple-scorch plays but were not really relevant on the day.

These last few slots have been the main flex lately, other common includes being Ghost Runner and Artist Colony if the meta calls for it.

19 Sep 2016 PaxCecilia

This deck is super interesting... because I've never used a bunch of these cards. Algo? DaVinci? Injection Attack?

I can dig it. Definitely going to try this one out.

20 Sep 2016 PTD

The deck used to be stimshop but it is finally at the point there's no Personal Workshop or Stimhack. I have found DaVinci an excellent replacement due to Nasir's unique economy.

As ice has gotten cheaper and stronger it has become less likely that you can install and break based on rez cost. Using DaVinci to grab the right tool usually means you will have enough resources to continue the run and hopefully even deal with whatever you access.

My personal favourite DaVinci plays are grabbing Political Operative after they rez Caprice Nisei or dropping in a Hunting Grounds to collect the money from a Brainstorm or Komainu. If you ever get to 5 counters it is great for dropping in the Magnum Opus. I did have Clot for a while as well, it was great being able to drop it in from hand.

Once you have the Drug Dealers rolling it can be difficult to get to 5 credits for Levy AR Lab Access or Magnum Opus. This is when Algo Trading comes in - it is not for triggering the drip economy, you simply use it to hide up to 3 credits from your dealer every turn. It gets high then you use it for one of the big plays - maybe setting an Atman at 4-7. These replaced Kati Jones who was there for the same purpose but the 2 credit install and click intensity were huge tempo hits.

24 Sep 2016 quailman2101

Going to try Nasir again. I like a lot of the ideas here. Though I still would have trouble making a deck without Personal Workshop.

25 Sep 2016 AdamFitzgerald

I played this at a GNK today and had great fun. Went 2-2, which I was more than happy with considering my relative inexperience with Nasir. I'd love a more in depth guide to playing this deck, if you have time to write one? I often discarded Opus and focused on faust and dealer, but with hindsight I'm not sure that was the best thing to do.

25 Sep 2016 AdamFitzgerald

It also bears mentioning that this deck is seriously hot shit. Love it. Skin of the teeth stuff all the time.

25 Sep 2016 PTD

Glad you had fun with it, bringing Nasir always feels great as it messes so much with the normal flow of the game.

Hmm bringing out the Magnum Opus is a tough one to gauge I've found. If your opponent's deck is giving up agendas then it isn't really necessary. I will install it after payday from a big piece of ice or I have adequate breakers and a DaVinci going spare as then the tempo hit is minor. Basically any time you have money to burn as it will alleviate some problems you are bound to have later on.

If your opponent has a win condition based on assets or pay-to-steal agendas then the Magnum Opus is key to staying a threat turn-on-turn. There's also the situation where you'll need real credits to get through a glacier due to being limited on Faust Fuel. Outside of this Magnum Opus is just click compression for playing the run events, or clearing tags.

It's a ridiculously toolboxy deck, so you're going to be discarding every card in there outside the right situations. Pretty good exercise for getting used to trashing your own cards!

26 Sep 2016 PureFlight

Algo Trading is a terrible card, and I'm fascinated/bewildered by how it found a home here. It works with Drug Dealer. It works with Nasir. It works because the benefits of "hiding credits" from the downsides of those cards add to the cumbersome benefits of algo's credit gain.

Kudos on using DaVinci btw, as it's one of my favorite "fun cards" that enables its own breed of BS. Great ideas here, and I can't wait to try it out!

26 Sep 2016 tzeentchling

Do you think you'll find space for Net Mercur when it comes out?

27 Sep 2016 PTD

Not sure about switching stuff around to incorporate Net Mercur immediately when it comes out. Based on spoilers these are my current ideas:

Using this Nasir as a base you'd want maybe 3 Ghost Runner and 2 Net Mercur for any sort of reliability. Trimming for these spots is going to be a tough call, it is a pretty big package to fit in and the 3 install cost can be a tempo hit. Still, Ghost Runner is an amazing Nasir card. In my experience I spend the majority of the credits on it in one go, so not ideal for triggering a once/run ability. Refractor would go in for Cyber-Cypher and then possibly Dagger for Chameleon. Adding in more stable stealth credits is going to be difficult. Lockpick would be my first choice over Cloak as then you aren't taking a hit on both deck space and memory.

For my actual plans, Escalation will probably see me having 2 Plascrete Carapace and 2 Levy AR Lab Access due to the new corp toys - I feel like it is going to be important to have a little more redundancy in my sustainability.

No expectations yet for Intervention.

My big plans are when Martial Law hits. Going to be slotting both Misdirection and Interdiction so it is likely going to see a little shift back to using recurring credits to fund non-Faust breakers. This would be a great opportunity for a full stealth fork in the deck though might not be the best idea due to corps considering stealth while deckbuilding - we're going to see some very popular Smoke decks coming up.

27 Sep 2016 PTD

Important thing I just noticed, "anything" includes Drug Dealer. Turns out Mercur would be a bit of a nonbo.

29 Sep 2016 saracenus

So instead of running Injection Attack, how about The Helpful AI? It pulls double duty, +1 and can be for +2 Strength to an Icebreaker for the turn instead of the run.