Virtual On: Cyber Troopers

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I'm pretty sure Hoshiko would play this game. ๐Ÿ‘†

The Combo

  • Aesop's Pawnshop, Cybertrooper Talut, Paladin Poemu and Patchwork. Each turn you can gain three credits from trashing one of your breakers with Aesop's and then reinstalling on the cheap with Paladin and/or Patchwork. Many times when this is set up I feel like I'm playing in the Bloo Moose days. The econ engine is amazing. On top of that you get this really nice benefit of breaking hard to break ice for 3/6 credits instead of the 6/9. There is the case when trashing Paperclip is an ok move but for the most part you never trash it because it doesn't have a ton of benefit to do so.

Game Plan

  • Starting hand - Depends on the matchup but generally you want an econ card (Dueces, Sure Gamble), Draw card, (Peddler, Deuces, IHW, DreamNet) and Patchwork. DreamNet is a really good card to have early as it naturally synergies with Hoshiko and effectively gets you two cards a turn if you are running every turn... One from DreamNet and one from Hoshiko's ability. Seeing it early is very important. (Read my thoughts below about running 3x or 2x)
  • Ability - Early on it is good to flip back and forth to get the bucks. By the late game you always stay in digital form. Usually the turning point is when you have DreamNet online.
  • Early Game - Set up your board and get your combo pieces online. It's ok to let some things go in the first few turns. Let that first City Works Project go you will catch up quickly.
  • Mid Game - One of your goals is to get to the late game quicker than the corp can set up. Do this by drawing with cards like IHW, DreamNet, and Deuces and then setting up your board. At this point you should have your key resources down and should start contesting remotes and poking centrals.
  • Late Game - Recycle key cards, trash ice, camp remotes, and get Stargating. This part of the game is a blast and a sad time for the corp.

Card Choices

  • Cybertrooper Talut and Aesop's Pawnshop - These are your combo pieces so... don't cut them.
  • 2x DreamNet - I'm super torn by this. I'm a huge fan of running 3x of cards so that I can see the things I want early. For the 100 games I've tinkered with this deck I had 3x of this card 80% of the time. DreamNet is so incredible for getting set up quickly and maintaining tempo through out the game. If you run 3x of these you are almost guaranteed to see it early which is huge. XeroHouR says I should be on 2x and he might be right. If you go to 2x it allows you to run the Imp and 2 Paladin which is good as well. Otherwise you need to cut one of these and it usually is the Imp.
  • Patchwork - "I wonder if Keiko is better money than Patchwork" or "I wonder if Turntable is better here" - I can't tell you how many times this comment has been stated to me after playing a game with someone. I've tried both and Patchwork is still the best choice even though in some games I really wish I had a Turntable. Keiko just isn't good enough money compared to Patchwork. Also I run a lot of duplicate cards like DreamNet so that extra card is worth nothing with Keiko but with Patchwork it is worth 2 bucks. Also getting your breakers into the heap is a great side benefit of Patchwork. Now, I've thought about running Patchwork and Turntable and just selling the Patchwork to Aesops when I need to install Turntable but the slots are so tight I haven't been able to decide what I'd cut to fit Turnable. I'm not Greg Tongue and don't feel confident running two different consoles.
  • Imp - ASA Lakshmi is a good deck and trashing the agenda they want to protect with Lakshmi Smartfabrics is a good feeling. It is also useful in other ways in other matchups and you can use Aesop's Pawnshop when you are done with it. If necessary you can Labor rights it back if you need. Dropping this for the third DreamNet is what I normally do.
  • Rezeki - This is a useful card if the game goes long. It allows you that long term drip. thebigunit3000 says I don't need it and he might be right but I almost never regret installing it.
  • Labor Rights - This card has saved me several times. Bringing back an Imp, or a card that you had to pitch early (Stimhack, Stargate, Turning Wheel, etc). Often I just get back 3 Liberated Account which usually equates to a minimum of 30 credits, but you know I'm not installing them at a cost of 6 so probably worth a lot more.
  • Hippo - I'm often surprised to see Anarch decks without this card. I think you all should be running 3x.
  • 3 of Paperclip and Black Orchestra - Corps like to be cute and play Ark Lockdown. Just hold these in hand if you feel the corps are trying any of these shenanigans. Also you want to be running early and getting locked out because you can't find a breaker is the worst. #bringbackinject
  • Street Peddler - This was a suggestion from thebigunit3000 and I believe is was a good call. This deck already has good draw but the additional quasi draw of peddler is also good. I use to play 3x but I think 2x is fine. You want to play these early in the game to get set up and then use them as Patchwork fodder during the mid to late game. If you get crappy stuff on them just Aesops it for 3 bucks. Otherwise it usually can help you find the pieces for your combo.
  • Stimhack - I wish I could fit more but slots are tight
  • Deuces Wild - This card has grown on me in so many ways. It has so much versatility. And usually I play it for free with Patchwork.

Cards I didn't include

  • No Rebirth - You could drop a Rezeki for it but Hoshiko's ability is good the entire game.
  • No The Archivist - You could also try and fit this in. I found I didn't install it enough but having 3 link for most the game is pretty rad.
  • No Zer0 - This is maybe one of the best anarch cards IMO but it just doesn't fit here.
  • No Odore - Tour Guide sucks to break with MkUltra but if you can control ASA slightly you usually don't have a problem. I guess you could go 1x Mkultra and 1x Odore but I'm not sure if I like it. It's a tough call.
  • No Aumakua - I've tried running this because I'm running so much it is nice to have a breaker that benefits from that. The virus hate is so bad right now I never found it worth it.
  • No Dirty Laundry and Daily Casts - I'm not sure what to cut to fit them in and the econ is good enough in this deck.

Match Ups

  • ASA Lakshmi - IMO This match up is tough for all runners except for Freedom and Apoch decks. It might be the best corp deck in the game. The game plan is to get setup as quickly as you can as the ice really isn't a problem except for Tour Guide. Use Imp to trash the agenda they are protecting with Lakshmi. Stargate is one of the best answers for Project Vacheron.
  • Glacier AG, Palana, SSO, GameNet, HB Jinja - They think they can keep you out but your combo is so good they will be surprised at how quickly you recover and how cheaply you get in. You are favored in this match. Just set up and then start poking centrals and trashing stuff with hippo. When you Stargate I really like to trash ice. I know trashing that agenda is tempting but I almost always trash the ice or some impactful operation. The caveat to this is if they have a huge remote and will install that agenda in the remote next turn... trash the agenda.
  • CTM - I haven't played against this enough to know. The Deuces are great to clear a tag and the link you have helps a lot. Since they are light on ice your combo isn't as effective here. Stargate is your friend... maybe I need to be on 2x Stargate. In recent months when playing against CTM I keep thinking man I wish I could play a Hacktivist Meeting right now.
  • Rude Weyland (Argus, The Outfit, Blue Sun) - You are favored in this match. You have a ton of money and can easily trash their ice. Lean hard on Citadel Sanctuary. Let them score that early City Works Project you will take off soon enough and they can't really win once you are set up. Or at least it is hard for them to win.
  • Titan - This match up can be hard if you don't get set up fast enough or they have a perfect start and win in a few turns. The game plan is get accesses and trash ice. Get Stargate online and trash combo pieces or steal Project Atlas. You can also use Imp to get rid of important operations.
  • Net Damage decks - This runner deck is a double edge sword. I find that I am winning the game if I am getting through my deck quickly. I find in most games I'm almost always through my entire deck by the end of the game and that is a good thing. However, against net damage decks your entire game plan of trashing your stuff for money slowly moves them closer to their end goal of killing you. Just play carefully and think really hard about using Patchwork's ability for 2 bucks. The question you need to ask is does losing a card to gain 2 credits feel more important than having that card as a single hit point. Often it isn't.

Recent Store Champs

I played this in the small Baltimore/DC store championships. It was small but a stacked field of excellent players. I was very happy with how this deck performed. I dropped only one game on both sides and placed 3rd on SOS behind the thebigunit3000 (undefeated) and osclate (dropping one game to my ASA).

Thanks to xerohour, thebigunit3000 and skry for talking about this deck with me. Your insights were very helpful.

Let me know if you make any improvements to this deck as I want to try them out.

30 Aug 2020 kevintame

The Kid was also playing something similar at the store champs but ran Security Nexus. Because of nexus he also ran Sports Hopper which is an interesting include. I was thinking maybe You could drop Street Peddlers for the Sports Hopper. Or maybe you could drop the deuces as well.

1 Sep 2020 ValkyriezGaming

I had this deck ready to go a few days ago for a SC, I actually scrapped it and swerved to a Bravado/Boomerang Hoshiko list 30 minutes before tournament start after doing all my testing on 95% of this list.

I'm not sure if I would have done better or worse on the Conspiracy Shop list, but I did only end up getting a single runner win all day so...... couldn't do any worse could I?

I really like the idea, and I'm interested to keep trying it and see how it goes.

2 Sep 2020 kevintame

@ValkyriezGaming Nice! I'm really enjoying this archetype. It's a lot of fun. Here is a link to me playing it on my channel.

4 Sep 2020 BizTheDad

I'm impressed with the simplicity of this deck.

4 Sep 2020 kevintame

Thanks @BizTheDad! I've really been enjoying it.

6 Sep 2020 MELLONE75

Hi mastertame! i want to try this deck next week at one storechamp in bologna. your list is very solid and i love the combo talut aesop and anark breakers . the only changes i 'll do are -2 peddler + 1 stargate and +1 odore! tell me what u think about this ! tu for doing streeming on utube always be runnig

6 Sep 2020 kevintame

@MELLONE75 Odore is very good for tour guide so I like that include.

My general rule for card quantity is 3x if I want to see early, 2x if I want it mid game, 1x if you want to see in the mid to late game. 2x Stargate might be right but usually I donโ€™t need it till the late game. The biggest problem for decks like this is that you want to get the mid to late game faster than your opponent can win. Cards like street peddler help you get there so I find it hard to get rid of them. Recently Iโ€™ve been messing with having 2x Sports Hopper instead of 2x Peddler.

6 Sep 2020 zmb

Love the deck! Have you considered a District 99 as it synergizes with what you are trying to do? It might even save you a Labor Rights slot.

7 Sep 2020 Minotower

I'm on Nexus Hoshiko myself, and having tons of fun with it. You really seem to like Patchwork, personally I'm not such a big fan of it. You need to draw it early enough, and can't be really used vs damage decks. I don't think hopper is good for the draw, but it can save your life. Seems OK as 1x, but not 2x. What do you think of mining rights? Sometimes it's very good, sometimes not at all, I'm really wondering if it's worth it overall. I do think casts is better than liberated, as it can be sold to aesop for an extra cred a turn earlier. I saw on your channel you didn't sell the last step of liberated to Aesop, but it's still good value (lose a cred but gain a click).

8 Sep 2020 kevintame

@zmb District 99 is an interesting idea. I just don't love that is cost 3. I'm going to give it a try.

@Minotower Nexus is really neat and I saw that The Kid was on it in our Store Championship. My main concern is the lack of link in this deck and the cost of Nexus. I love Patchwork the money is very good. I might be biased but I love it. I'm actually on 1x Sports Hopper. I'm assuming you are talking about Labor Rights... currently I'm on 2x it could be something else but I like it and sometimes just use it as a draw card to get my breakers faster. Also sometimes I trash cards with patchwork that I don't need at the time and getting them back with labor rights is good.

8 Sep 2020 Minotower

I thought in your channel you said you swapped 2x peddler for 2x hopper, but probably I'm mistaken. To use Nexus well, you need to sit on a big pile of creds, so the corp can't really boost the trace to lock you out, so more econ is needed. But once it's down, it's like a tank, so hard to stop. The archivist is good to boost link, the ability fires surprisingly often. The setup struggles with Weyland rush, the other corps are decent matchups.

8 Sep 2020 kevintame

@Minotower You are correct I was on 2x on my channel. I've gone back and forth between 0x, 1x, 2x. Yeah the Nexus deck seems awesome and the late game is incredible. Once again my only fear is that corps are so fast right now and the goal of this deck is to get to the late game as quickly as possible. Cards that get me there (Draw) are what I like to prioritize. I was trying Daily Casts last night and it felt very good.

8 Sep 2020 Minotower

I find Moshing to be very good to speed things up, but it's not really compatible with Patchwork. Also I'm more a Stargate fan (when MU is available) than a The Turning Wheel fan, so I'm surprised you do the reverse (I have 2 gate, 1 wheel, but could even drop the wheel) What's your reasoning here? Quite often I win by Stargating the last agenda out, most corps really struggle to defend R&D and have a scoring remote. Even with 2x I sometimes find it too late for my liking. Would you have a link to your friend's Nexus deck by any chance?

8 Sep 2020 kevintame

@Minotower I'm not 100% sure this is correct but here is what I remember it looking like.

9 Sep 2020 Minotower

Thanks for that Kevin

9 Sep 2020 @Bookkeeper

Great deck and great streaming session w/ thebigunit3000 when you guys discussed Hoshiko :)

10 Sep 2020 NetDad

Try Earthrise Hotel over Peddler, the extra draw helps power through the midgame

14 Sep 2020 BizTheDad

OK, I've now played against this deck numerous times. I can't believe how much money it makes so quickly. It's beaten me way more than I've beaten it. Well done.

14 Sep 2020 kevintame

@NetDad Interesting idea! I'll give it a try.

@BizTheDad Thanks. Yeah once it is going it is very strong.

14 Sep 2020 BizTheDad

Earthrise Hotel is an interesting idea. However, Street Peddler is essentially draw. Have you had problems with draw? I would assume your ID gives you that draw.