бороҥ тыл - 1st and undefeated at Reading CO

cableCarnage 1588

My take on greytongue

Card choices

Botulus for early pressure and handle ICEs problematic for heap breakers. Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga could work but slots are tight and would introduce fragility to tags. I prefer Bravado to Creative Commission. Diesel could be Dr. Nuka Vrolyck. Time Bomb could be nice but again slot issues. And now my favourite card.


Light the Fire! is a fun inclusion. The power floor is forcing premature Spin Doctor triggers from the corp and the ceiling is clearing a remote full of upgrades which is often game winning.

How to play

Aggression. You should constantly put pressure on the corp. Facecheck ICE without fear. Most cards in the deck can be played as soon as they are drawn. Mulligan for econ and the hardwares. Playing Labor Rights early to find key cards and put breakers in the heap is good. Value Running Hot is good. Keep your options for winning open: remote with Botulus and ltf, HQ with Chastushka and Legwork, R&D with Finality.

Tournament report

I would like to thank everyone who attended Reading CO and ExtraC for making it a fun event. I would also like to give a shout out to Grey for coming up with the origin of this deck.

The deck name is "grey tongue" in Sakha.
2 May 2023 TugtetguT

What is this "running Archives" and how does it work?

2 May 2023 Jinsei

I'm always amazed by your knowledge of various languages.

Congrats on the win, and nice to see Esa taking a W.

3 May 2023 meitrix87

If one thinks of it, two Dr. Nukas offer same draw as three Diesels, and release one card and two infl. That can be used for one Simulchip, to add even more flexibility to the three Botuli.