Tax Agency - inspired by whompwhomp and PiCat

Diogene 2424

Keep the runner very poor then pull the classic HHN + BOOM!

Thanks to whompwhomp and PiCat for discussing about Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach with me.

Mulligan plan : Maximum one agenda OR no assets (or upgrades) in hand.

How to win : Flatline the runner with BOOM! or score behind Tollbooth.

Special trick : Around turn 10 (mid game), you can use Ad Blitz to put back assets and ices in the deck. While the ID will only trigger once from this, when you put back 9 cards on the board (like putting back all your Tiered Subscription), it will create a credit differential in your favor pretty quickly.

With Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach, Special Offer create a credit differential of 5.

This deck is close to a prison deck, because it actively prevent the runner from playing the game. The worst matchup, in my opinion, is against Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist, who can trash at least one card per turn at no cost, with mininal board setup.

If you suspect a Stargate, it might be better to put the first Tollbooth on R&D.


16 Feb 2022 Telos

Wow... Take it easy guy, not sure what the anger is about.

@DiogeneI really enjoy your decklists and have a lot of fun playing them with my friends and on Jnet. Thanks so much for contributing to the community and look forward to reading more of your decks!

16 Feb 2022 koga

Starred for amazing copypasta potential. Also, cool list :)

16 Feb 2022 Diogene

@Telos, @koga Thanks mates, it is appreciated. Cheers!

16 Feb 2022 ShinMuteki

Why the anger? That's uncalled for...

16 Feb 2022 Ätsch


Your new l33t list got pushed off because someone else had the ""audacity"" to post theirs in a game and community that they enjoy? Tough luck.

I for one enjoy the new twists and takes that @Diogene brings to the database. And it's not competitively viable? Well what is? Since when is that a reason to play and enjoy netrunner? You're free to post the millionth PD or Maxx list, be my guest.

16 Feb 2022 sirivanhoe2

Interesting Decklist. Only Spark can make the runner start on 3 credits, a serious tempo hit. You're right it can give that prison deck feel, if it gets rolling.

Have you tried adding Rebranding Team? Possibly 2 of them instead of a 5/3 and 3/1. Keep up the decklists. In a game that's no longer supported by ffg, it needs all the community based imput it can get:) As someone who can only play so often, it helps to have these decks as a starting point for similar ideas.

16 Feb 2022 Diogene

@sirivanhoe2 I tried it (Advanced Assembly Lines + Rebranding Team+ Ad Blitz). It does double the credits you currently have in hand.

While it is a neat trick, the combo is not easy to pull off and makes for a slower game (you have to do it manually... which is a lot of manipulation when you go from 11 credits to 22 credits), because Ad Blitz is not really implemented on jnet. It could be explained and then you can wave the manipulation.

While it is not easy to combo off, it does allow you to surge forward at midgame. By then, do we really need all those credits? It is worth it only if you have 8+ credits, otherwise there are other cards that provide credits which are easier to use.

Another combo that could be done, for about the same number of credit, it Ad Blitz + Liquidation. Around mid game, you can put back about 9 or 10 cards on the board, the rez cost is about 5. The you trash them the following turn for 30.

Thanks for your comments.

16 Feb 2022 Diogene

@Ätsch Thanks mate!

16 Feb 2022 x3r0h0ur

@Schlinge! they finna drag you.

16 Feb 2022 branimated

Cool list, thanks for sharing!

@Schlinge!, go get some fresh air or something.

16 Feb 2022 Daine

Love it. Though I’m sure I can make it much worse by leaning into the Ad Blitz shenanigans. Thanks for the inspiration.

16 Feb 2022 Diogene

@branimated, @x3r0h0ur Thanks mates!

@Daine I also tried the Liquidation + Ad Blitz trick. Getting a net 12 to 25 is cool. It makes rezzing Tollbooth and Endless EULA easy.

In my opinion, Ad Blitz is great with Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach because it brings back cheap assets.

With Rebranding Team, in NBN: Controlling the Message, you could bring back cards like Rashida Jaheem, NGO Front, Reversed Accounts, Amani Senai, Daily Business Show and Daily Quest to great profit!

Thank you for your comments.

17 Feb 2022 Lttlefoot

How are you getting the blame for spamming the feed? Also, sorry for spamming the feed lol

17 Feb 2022 Diogene

@Lttlefoot haha! Thanks mate!

19 Feb 2022 pouchsurfer

I'm so glad to see this made decklist of the week! So sorry about the first comment you got. As a new player, I am always excited to see your decklists and writeups. Keep it up!

Was picking Launch Campaign over e.g. Nico an influence-related choice or is it actually good to have a low credit rez in Spark?

19 Feb 2022 Diogene

@pouchsurfer Welcome to the community and the game! The comment you are refering is a very rare occurence in the netrunner community. I would be hard pressed to find another one even remotely like this in all the decks posted in the past two years (at least).

I chose Launch Campaign for influence purpose mainly. Also, rezzing it or not, when the runner comes to trash it, usually create a credit differential of 2. It is also much easier to rez back if you use Ad Blitz.

Nico Campaign is an amazing asset to use, for the low cost of 2 influences. But unlike the rest of the assets, it is preferable to protect it, because it is a "trash on sight" for runners, since it is so good, and this deck generally lack the means to protects assets. But, you might say it is a matter of preference, because you could easily swap some influence for Nico Campaign and you would not be wrong.

Thanks for your comments!

19 Feb 2022 Diogene

Note to all, I just realized that @Schlinge! deleted his comment, so the my reference to the first comment is now void, since it does not exist anymore. Thanks to everyone for your support and comments. It is very much appreciated!

20 Feb 2022 Greasythumb

As someone who's played Spark on and off almost since it came out, there's a couple of cards here I'd pretty much written off - most notably CPC Generator, but Special Offer too. I also wonder how often Mumbad Virtual Tour fires compared to how often the runner can play around it (obviously if they're forced to trash it you're laughing). Thoughts?

21 Feb 2022 Diogene

@Greasythumb from the games I've played, CPC Generator was useful because this deck pack a lot of tools to make the runners quite poor, thus forcing them to click for credits. While easy to trash, they allow us to minimally take a credit from the runner. It is at the cost of a click, but it cost a click for the runner to trash it.

Special Offer is a bit different, as it relace Hedge Fund for the deck, while possibly to robbing a credit.

Those cards could be replaced by PAD Campaign and CSR Campaign, it is a matter of preference for me not to use them (those cards also make Ad Blitz more costly).

Mumbad Virtual Tour is an amazing card (unless the runner is using Imp). If the runner is playing around it, it means they are staying below 5. In that circumstance, it is pretty easy to use Hard-Hitting News. Which is why it is such a great card for this deck archetype.

Note that unless you score AR-Enhanced Security, there are no passive ways to tag in this deck.

For this deck, other cards could also be considered : News Team is good and gets even better if you use Global Food Initiative. Nico Campaign is a good econ card.

I wish I had a found a way to make Congratulations! work. Also, Rebranding Team could be fun, as there are a tons of shenanigans you can do with it and Ad Blitz.

Finally, Endless EULA and Turnpike would seems to be good ices for what the deck wants to achieve (tag and bag, making it easier by keeping the runner poor).

I feel that 16 advertisement is rather on the low side, if we want to trigger Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach reliably.

I am interested in your thoughts on how to make the deck better, using the ID. I'm sure there is a lot of room for improvement.

Thank you for your comments.

21 Feb 2022 Greasythumb

I had enough thoughts that I thought I would put them in decklist/write-up form

21 Feb 2022 Diogene

@Greasythumb I went and commented it. Amazing write-up. I recommend it to everyone who is interested in building a Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach deck. Thanks for sharing.

24 Feb 2022 PreNic

I am not a huge NBN fan in general but this looks really interesting! :) Thanks for sharing.

26 Feb 2022 CooK_eD

Quick note of thanks for your continual creation of interesting lists with comprehensive write-ups :) Keep it up!

26 Feb 2022 Oddball

I also wanna say thank you for posting fun and unique decks. We appreciate you!

27 Feb 2022 Diogene

@PreNic, @CooK_eD, @Oddball thanks mates! It is very much appreciated.