[Startup] SAD Asset (Asset Spam Deadly Hybrid test)

Y0BA 1

Version adapted from the standard Widowmaker and made as an Hybrid Asset spam deck.

Economy should be better with some popup windows spam servers. Asset Spam should hit a bit more the runner economy and give him something else to do out of your main server. Operations contains some more click options to trigger your corp, in replacement for less operations. Clearinghouse should arrive later and this gives you time to prepare your main server, but Punitive counterstrike and/or Cerebral overwriter should make it also kill at the end.

And With good bluff, and fear effect (if one of your Cerebral works triggers) you can still expect to win on agendas, if needed. If not, you can bait your 5/3 agenda to reveal Tyr for clearhousing and/or to trigger Punitive.

Not tester yet, and still have a bit of work to reducte to 49 cards :p suggestions are Welcome :)