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Classic glacier with a few ETR supports. I need to improve this deck though, as I had a lot of trouble steering it properly on German nationals.

16 Jan 2020 Bl4nk3t

soo... there are 5 juicy unspent influence since the plan seems to be to have a nice jinja remote - why not spend it to "upgrade" the scoring remote protection by including a Letheia Nisei or an Ash 2X3ZB9CY or 2 (or both) over Red Herrings ?

Also since loosing a Jinja City Grid might really hurt, there could be recusion in the form of Archived Memories - or if you're willing to change the agenda suite go: +License Acquisition (and + 15 Minutes ) -Cyberdex Sandbox

For Bonus Jinja Grid Synergy (TM) I always liked Daily Business Show - I guess I like to see it acutally pulled off here :). Did the Tiered Subscription pay off during the course of the event?

another question is in regards to the ICE suite: there is surprisingly little ICE which actually ends the run - Endless EULA. Tollbooth and Hydra - all fairly expensive - and 2 tag centric Ice (Turnpike and Thoth) without any tag punishment in the deck - is it just for deterrence by bluff? Also 15 Ice is actually not that much - especially with the advent of Chisel/ Devil Charm Anarchs like Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist

PS: care to explain the MechWarrior reference (i.e. what's the ComStar connection to the deck)? [

16 Jan 2020 5N00P1

License Acquisition has rotated ;-)

20 Jan 2020 DL7RRK

Hey Bl4k3t,

These Influence are not spent, since I wanted to test this deck to some extent and neede some... impressions. F2P got removed on my v2 on this, and surveyors got added.

I practised this deck by now a lot more, and yes, Daily Business Show is awesome together with Jinjia City Grid. Teaches a lot of people new mechanics. However, I sometimes found me not installing the drawn ICE since I wanted to keep/draw the other card.

Tiered subscription is an interesting card, it makes the runner spend a click and trash costs to remove it. Almost all of them were very keen in removing it. I kept it, however I removed one of them from the deck. When they did not trash it as soon as possible, it turned out to be a really nice card.

The Degree Mills and Cyberdex got replaced by... Vanity Project by now. You have to see the Runners faces when you slowly advance your agenda over 3 turns and take credits, because they suddenly come to know they will have to steal the next Bellona they see. Degree Mill did not really affect runners that much, at least that's the way I felt it.

The Red Herrings do not require a trace or a Psi game, and I caught several runners off guard when trying to acess an agenda. Additional costs, for 1 Rez costs. This is the surprise, if they know all ICE, know they can pay through there, and get access once.

The ICE-Suite is actually just meant to be taxing - I have seen several runners having to pay 15-20 Creds for one run, just to see it end to a Bio Vault or not being able to pay for Bellona. Turnpike is in there almost only for the cred-loss-tax and for the Trace. As a lot of people play Resources, they are not really interested in taking tags, so that's what I am just building on. Gold Farmer is not exactly an ETR-Ice, but so is Endless EULA as well. But both of them do their job for taxing quite OK'ish. Also I came to love Hydra against Conspiracy-Breakers. 9 Creds and a tag or 12 Creds for fully breaking... Yeah, that is definitely worth it. Due to the NGO, i found runners also made to run that server more than once and waste their Stimhack.

The Reference is just for the Tax. You got no Choice. Pay the bill. No Payment, No Service. And ComStar-Services are expensive!