JuniperTheory 333

I knew that for the Halloween tournament, I needed to bring something spooky. Something scary. Something frightening beyond belief.

And what could be scarier then CAPITALISM?


That's right, it's PURPLE SPARK, created for Austin's 3rd annual Hackolantern tournament! The format was as such:

  1. Make a deck with normal startup rules
  2. Switch your identity with any identity in all of netrunner's history (minus a short banlist)
  3. Change that identity's faction to a new one
  4. No Endurance

So I decided to run Purple Spark! The deck unfortunately has to be published under mirrormorph because you can't publish illegal decks , but the identity here is SPARK but shifted to PURPLE. The gameplan is to just install tons and tons of advertisements and win by out-econ-ing the runner, whether that means ending with a big deal score or a punitive kill.

I lost 2 games; one really close game against Criminal Adam where I just couldn't find my tools (might want to run 3 of them, both archived memories and big deal), lost my second game to intense flooding, and won my third game by throwing two send a messages into archives and murdering the runner.

I recommend playing this deck if you somehow come up with a format that supports it, and I'm going to try and see if i can make a version that works in startup/standard that isn't identity shifted; it's a ton of fun.

My runner was much goofier but did even better, somehow, even though i built a meme deck late at night. Decklist here, if you want to check out The Angry Professor