Who Needs A Butcher....... Australian Nationals 2015 Winner

Dazm0 614

Who needs a butcher when you have mind games?

This deck went 5-1 in swiss & 1-1 in Eliminations with the decks only losses going to the the top seed/2nd place Alex with the following deck .


I don't really think theres anything super special happening in this deck. It's pretty standard PE shell game/Cambridge-ish style deck.

Key building decisions in this deck would be having only 2 Ronin in the deck, its very rare you ever get a double Ronin kill so having only 2 means that even after they trash both there is still a need to respect and possibly check 3-4 advanced card that is and will be installed over the game.

The amount of times I've won after Someone hits a snare and decides to remove the 'Ronin' when both are already gone is crazy!

Cerebral Cast also does wonders, most runners think as long as they don't hit a snare that they're safe......... No. A lot of the time I'll play it without Scorched Earth in hand just to land a Brain damage or hopefully remove those Same Old Things & kill the chance for a Levy. Either way it gives you another Kill option.

Also Shattered Remains is a must, after removing it for Regionals, I added it straight back in, its another advance threat and also helps kill recursion, Stealth, Plascretes!

Its weakest match ups are against Shaper recursion & Siphon recursion so I made some changes to try and improve its chances.

I decided that House of Knives weren't doing enough work so I switched out to 2x Chronos Project & 1x Profiteering to deal with recursion & help with Econ.

I was a little concerned at first about the Bad Pub but after testing I think it just gave the runner the confidence to run more (Which secretly..... is what I want the runner to do)

The 2x Medical Research Fundraiser means a can recover from after a Siphon quicker than what I could with Hedge Fund and as above, giving the runner extra credits to help them run more sound like a good idea to me :) .

The 3x Gila Hands Arcology is a must, you really want to score one of these early, so getting it in your starting hand really helps & pretty much removes the fear of Siphon.

A last minute addition was Chairman Hiro which I think I'd still keep as punishment for not checking remotes. He makes a 5 card hand into a death with a Ronin & Neural EMP. Worse case if the runner is being aggressive enough I can trash it before they get a chance and if they do get the 2 points... Oh well.

Changes I'd definitely make is removing the Blacklist, it's a great card and at the right time & in the right circumstance it can win you the game. However thats rarely the case I think I'll change it to a Ghost Branch for yet another advancable card & the ability to land 2-4 tags is awesome.

I'm also not 100% sold on Lockdown but I'm willing to keep it in for now.

I'm keen for any feedback or questions anyone has!

Lastly thanks to Good Games for hosting the event and Everyone who was involved it was an awesome 2 days that I will never forget!

19 Aug 2015 firesa

Excellent deck, great pilot, and two chronos project is pretty scary. It's a joy to watch and exhilarating to play against. Congrats again on your win!

19 Aug 2015 SolitaryBee

What are your reasons for playing Medical Research Fundraiser over Celebrity Gift? I imagine the reveal would only really undermine the Scorched Earth threat.

I have found that the extra credit boost is totally worth the reveal, which quite often will not alter a runner's behaviour when they already expect a mix of traps and agendas in hand. But I have not played at the level you are.

Congrats on the win!!

19 Aug 2015 Dazm0

Hey @SolitaryBee I did have them originally but between showing which traps were about to hit the table and it being a double I figured the 2 credit difference wasn't really worth it.

19 Aug 2015 Dydra

Great PE list, love a lot of your card choices. I probably would go up to 3 Neurals, but the rest seems pretty solid. If Old Hollywoodis legal, I think Enforcer 1.0 would have been amazing. :)


19 Aug 2015 Zail

A tend that I am seeing with decks that a reaching the top that arn't RP or NEH has been the include of 2x Chronos Project.

19 Aug 2015 Chuftbot

Always happy to see PE do well in the current meta. How much work did the Blacklist do for you? I'd imagine it was an insta-trash for every runner you played it against.

19 Aug 2015 hi_impact

No Back Channels

Why even live?

19 Aug 2015 Dazm0

@hi_impact lol! Old Hollywood was not legal for the event plus the deck never has any major issues with econ.

Also 3 advanced cards are always Ronin until they're not in my opinion. :)

31 Aug 2015 SgtoSunshine

Any changes you'd make with Film Critic out or with the amount of tagging in the deck do you think it's not a huge issue?

1 Sep 2015 Dazm0

@Chuftbot Overall Blacklist didn't really do anything, Since I'm rarely protecting remotes its always trashed as soon as its rezzed.

@SgtoSunshine I've never had any major issues with landing tags since adding a second Cerebral Cast though as I wrote above I'm now testing with Ghost Branch replacing Blacklist.

I'm looking into adding 1-2 Snatch and Grab to deal with Film Critic though I think it would only save the runner possible a max of 6 damage across a game, I'm more concerned about grabbing my The Future Perfect. I'm interested to see how it goes as Film Critic doesn't help you against Snare!, Project Junebug & Psychic Field & the other traps the deck is running.

1 Sep 2015 SgtoSunshine

`@Dazm0' Good points all around. My concern would be whether or not I'd have enough money to snatch and grab. I do think it helps fall into your idea of facilitating the runner to run and hit traps.

5 Sep 2015 arcticninja

Hey @Dazm0 was wondering if you had any suggestions for updating this list. I was looking at the new set and was thinking of replacing Chairman Hiro with Genetics Pavilion. The Future is Now also seems like it would be decent but I'm not sure what to cut.

6 Sep 2015 Dazm0

Hey @arcticninja Genetics Pavilion is a great replacement for Chairman Hiro! The only issue I see is that as it will more than likely be an unprotected remote, It will generally get trashed pretty quickly.

6 Sep 2015 Ver

Pretty impressive box of evil tricks.

Is one Scorched Earth enough? How many flatlines did You acquire with it? Or did You use it to soft the runner and destroy some cards to scare them. ;)

And what will You include in the place of Blacklistist.

7 Sep 2015 firesa

@ver in my limited experience one scorched earth is plenty, as it fires off the tags from snares, tags from cerebral casts if people are greedy and don't understand what is happening, and tags from siphons/vamps when people think they can just start floating tags v Jinteki (which is often a fair call but the scorched punishes you hard). Only one copy of it also means it doesn't take up too much space in your deck/hand when you can't use it because it's often obviously dead. Also means not overinvesting in influence that could be better used elsewhere

7 Sep 2015 Dazm0

@Ver prretty much what @firesa said lol.

I've been testing Ghost Branch. But have also considered to drop it all together and upgrade Ichi 1.0 to Ichi 2.0 to increase the chances of it firing and to get around Atman at 4.

12 Sep 2015 EnderA

Ichi 2.0 even ups the strength of the trace by 2, which in some cases offsets the increased cost. But the most important part is that it's no longer atman-4'able alongside Eli 1.0 and Cortex Lock.

If you don't want to use Snatch and Grab to deal with Film Critic (because of its limited scope and reliance on the trace) you can add another Cerebral Cast. If they take the tag, you can trash Film Critic. If they take the brain damage, well, they just took a brain damage.

23 Sep 2015 argaille

This deck makes me crazy! I dropped Ghost Branch for the 3rd Medical Research Fundraiser and the Markus 1.0 for the 3rd Eli 1.0. It rocks.