Mommy's got Ressources

Krams 938

I've been testing this deck a lot on and had a lot of fun with it. I've gotten a lot of feedback from other players during my test matches and I made a lot of tweaks, testing different concepts and this is my current, relatively stable, iteration.

Any comments are welcome :)



  • Usually you should be able to win all traces, probably even get a plus from it with Power Tap
  • Usually you shouldn't get tagged much, but it can happen, so be sure to clear tags before end of turn. Worst case: Security Nexus + John Masanori backfire combo. You loose the trace you forced with your console, end the rund and take 2 Tags. Fun fact: I once did this on purpose. Clearing the two Tags afterwards was waaay cheaper than what the corp payed to beat the trace!
  • Using the console alone without support from Rabbit Hole is perfectly fine. It's still just 2 (plus what the corp payed to buff the trace) to bypass an ICE and that's usually cheaper than breaking it. Especially if you rush that console out before having any programs installed.
  • Using the console ability with 3 Rabbit Holes and 2 Power Taps installed roughly translates as "Once per turn, bypass any ICE and get paid for doing so.", this combo can create massive eco swings.
  • Once you can threaten to cut through R&D without real trouble, install Medium and leave the corp with two bad choices: Purging every other turn slows them down hard. Not purging let's you deep dig and wreak havoc. Just don't use Medium against a Jinteki trap deck that deals 6 net damage for accessing 5 random cards out of R&D.

Card Choices

  • Data Folding and Underworld Contact are kind of an auto 3-of in Sunny. You don't really need that when running a full cloud breaker suite so the condition of both cards stays always fulfilled, through the course of the whole game. These cards will pay for themselves very fast, especially if you manage to bring them on the table for a discount.
  • Armitage Codebusting. Ahh, this card! I use it when I play Core Set only and I never really bothered adding it in any deck when I have access to a wider card pool. But then I tested it in my Sunny deck and it really surprised me! Give it a try, it's better than it looks.
  • Career Fair and Modded really help to make the deck slightly less slow. I wish I could free up influence for a 2nd Modded, but maybe I don't need it anymore, now that I've ditched Multithreader out of the deck.
  • This deck worked well, even without a multi access tool. But there were games where I was in the weird spot of having an advantage and not being able to use it. I could cut through a scoring remote with ease and still break into HQ and R&D at the same turn, but still I couldn't find agendas from single random accesses. Enter Medium. I am so glad I included a multi access tool in this deck and Medium feels like the right choice for that spot. Even if it's a 1-of in a 50 card deck that I can't tutor. That doesn't really matter. This is my late game winning condition.
  • Power Tap. Sigh, I wish I could include 3 of these! During my test plays, I once had 3 of these installed, 6 and ran into a Viper. And ran into that Viper again and again. It was hilarious. But in most games I only got to use Power Tap once per turn and only because I forced the Corp to start a trace once per turn. So it is mostly reduced to a 1 per turn drip economy card that needs Security Nexus as setup, while Data Folding and Underworld Contact don't need setup. So I ditched one copy to free up influence that was needed elsewhere. But it's still tempting to replace one of the Career Fairs with a Power Tap. Even if all it does aside from being a 1 drip is making sure the Corp never ever plays anything with a trace.
  • Jak Sinclair is great for a number of things and can be worth a 5th !
    • Make a free run on any unprotected server in a horizontal corp setup that doesn't protect all remotes.
    • Make a free run with Security Nexus on a server with 1 ICE (or only 1 ICE you care of).
    • Make a free run on underprotected archieves to get some cheap Datasucker tokens. (Or force the corp to spend ressources to protect archieves just to prevent you from doing that.)
    • Simply piss of Jinteki: Replicating Perfection by running a central server at the start of your turn and after that running a remote with Sundew installed as your first .
  • John Masanori is great. Just don't install him too early, First you have to make sure that your runs are going to be successful and you need at least your console to do that.
  • The Supplier is great. Theoretically, you could use him more than 15 times in a single game with this deck, but even if you just use him to save you a total of 10 , he's still a cornerstone of your drip economy.
  • Professional Contacts is my draw engine of choice. I've tried Symmetrical Visage, Drug Dealer, Off-Campus Apartment, Earthrise Hotel and other stuff, but this is the one that worked best for me in this deck. I know, I know, the upfront cost slows you down. But there were a lot of games where I used him 15+ times and I've never regret pulling him out with a Hostage.
  • Hostage. Well, what to say? There are 4 1-ofs of connections in this deck (and a 3-of). That's enough reason to run this card. In most matches my first priority is Professional Contacts followed by The Supplier. I think in 20 games I never tutored up a single Underworld Contact. Usually, if I get a Hostage when I have only 20 cards left on my heap, it's jsut a dead draw. This happens a lot, but I'm still keeping this a 3-of, just to make sure I get my 1-of connections out when I need them. It's less dead draws and less influence this way than if I'd make the connections 3-ofs.
  • This deck started with 3 Multithreaders as the only thing that uses . After a while I replaced one of them with a Medium, which has proved to be a very good addition to the deck. I'm still testing Datasucker vs. Multithreader as a support for Sunny's cloud breaker suite, but for now 2 Datasuckers are in and the Multithreaders are out. Obviously, I can't use both for influence and reasons. I'm neither going to add hardware that provides nor stop using Data Folding.
  • Daily Casts, Sure Gamble and Dirty Laundry seems a bit over-the-top considering I have so many other eco cards, but this deck needs money fast and these cards help. With 50 cards you need to make sure your eco is consistent, so you need a lot of eco cards. Plus, to get a 50 cards deck filled with only 25 influence you need a lot of influence neutral cards.
  • Rabbit Hole is expensive, but it can ensure that your console ability always works. It's an "I need a crapload of link and I need it now" one.trick-pony that does it's job. I like it. Though of course any other 3-of +1 card might work well in a Sunny deck. One more thing to mention here: Usually you want to draw only one of these and install the rest on-install of the first. But if you draw into the second one before installing the first that's not really a problem thanks to The Supplier. Make the best out of it by getting a discount not only on the first, but on two or all three Rabbit Holes. This basically saves you 2 for spending a , which isn't bad.
  • Traffic Jam seems like an odd choice, but I needed some more cards to get to 50 and I didn't have Influence left and they somehow help to tackle this deck's greatest enemy: Fast advancement. As soon as a 3/2 get's fast advanced, use Traffic Jam to make it a lot harder to pull that off again.

Cards I didn't include

Special mention: Globalsec Security Clearance. The only in-faction card I did not include. To be honest, I didn't even try. The only way I can imagine to make this work is with Adjusted Chronotype, but it feels like trying too much. I kinda feel like having to add Gene Conditioning Shoppe and Wyldside as well, for further synergy with the Pancakes. But then I'd have to add other Genetices to make use of the Shoppe. And if I do that, I'm out of influence and all I've got is a draw engine and the answer to the question if it's worth to run R&D. Well, I guess I could just run and look for myself.

This deck started as a connection deck and was based on synergy effects with connection cards. This gave me an increadible draw power and unmatched eco that allowed accessing a Weyland Glacier scoring remote with 5 ICE (2 of them Archers!) once every turn for 5 consecutive turns. It was a beast! A very, very slow beast that took ages to unfold. And with every improvement of my early game it became less and less of a connections deck until I eventually renamed it from "Mommy's got Connections" to "Mommy's got Ressources".

  • Calling in Favors was giving me 20 at a point in the game where I didn't need them anymore.
  • Off-Campus Apartment as a 3-of provided a lot of drawing power back when I had 20 connections, but I don't have 20 connections anymore.
  • Kati Jones was too slow.
  • Tri-maf Contact just wasn't as good as Armitage Codebusting. It's only advantage is being a connection.
  • Drug Dealer is nice, but influence is very tight and he's just "nice" and nothing more.
  • Human First performed great! The card was a beast! But only when I tutored it up early. And even then it's a lot of influence. I can get the same amount of drip eco for less influence.
  • Dr. Lovegood had great synergy with Donut Taganes, New Angeles City Hall, Drug Dealer, The Source and other cards I don't run anymore. Most of them for influence reasons. And because installing this huge arsenal of 1-of Ressources slowed me down to a point where I lost games 7:0 against corp decks that didn't even try to be fast. Seriously, take a look at the previous public release of this deck.
  • I just mentioned Donut Taganes above, but he deserves a special mention. The first iteration of this deck used it's first Hostage to rush out the Donut guy. As a synergy, the deck had nearly no events. Sadly, test plays showed that rushing out the Donut guy still slowed me down harder than the corp, even if the corp was completely relying on operations as economy engine. I was really shooting myself in the foot with this card!
  • Rachel Beckman is expensive to install and needs protection from things like Dorm Computer, Fall Guy, Decoy or New Angeles City Hall. So you only get to use her in the late game where you don't really need her anymore. And most of the times I didn't really make use of the 5th other than using it for economy. Yeah, I know, now that I added Medium that kinda makes Rachel better, but I still feel she's not really worth the trouble.
  • Compromised Employee seems like a fit choice at first glance, but proved to be better than for traces and a drip eco with a condition that lies in the hand of the corp? I got better alternatives.
  • Scrubber did well. Against asset heavy opponents he's extremely helpful. He can be tutored up early if you find yyourself trashing a lot early. Actually, I'm thinking of putting him back in. Maybe instead of the third Career Fair. Then again, if the corp deck is not asset heavy he's of no use and I could have had a Power Tap in his place!
11 Oct 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Nice deck! I definitely think you can get rid of the Modded; with Professional Contacts as your "draw" engine (it's not, it's a smaller, albeit awesome econ engine, but it's activated by draw so... yeah) cards like Modded and Career Fair can end up clogging your hand if you see too many at once. You have a lot of targets for Career Fair so I can see keeping it around but Modded is two influence that could be a lot of useful things. Possibly a Special Order or another Supplier? A Legwork?

English is a terribly annoying language, but resource is spelled with only one "s" (unless this is some joke that I am too dense to get, in which case I apologize).

12 Oct 2015 sruman

How is the NEH/NBN FA matchup? Was having general success with Sunny but had a very difficult time against Fast Advance.

12 Oct 2015 Krams

@FarCryFromHuman Whoops, you're right. Resources was misspelled by mistake, because it's written with ss in my mother language and Professional Contacts is not really a "draw engine" in that sense. Special Order instead of Modded is an interesting idea, because I'm kinda screwed if I can't get the breakers I need.

@sruman To be honest, the matchup against HB FA is kinda bad-ish and agaisnt NEH it's utterly terrible. Traffic Jam made it a little bit less terrible, but not enough. The Source didn't really help either, because it requires support from Dr. Lovegood or Fall Guys. And it's no real use to include Clot, because I can neither tutor it, nor install it on demand, nor recurse it once it's trashed. I have no idea what to do against NEH.

12 Oct 2015 FarCryFromHuman

The Source really wants Film Critic more than Fall Guy or Dr. Lovegood, and at least FC is a more universally useful card. It's still a 2-card combo to deal with a matchup that's specifically designed to move fast so... not great. Employee Strike can help with momentum as well.

@Krams: I had the suspicion it was a non-American spelling. Is that the French spelling? I wish my country put more focus on bilingual/multilingual education, it's an unfortunate gap in my knowledge.

12 Oct 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Oh, uh... Chakana? Same problems as Clot I guess, but multiples stack. Way too expensive on memory and influence though.

13 Oct 2015 Krams

@FarCryFromHuman The word origins from french, where it's spelled ressource. I am german and in german it's also spelled Ressource (with a capital R though, as any noun starts with a capital letter in german). I learned British English in school, so I guess I use a lot of non-american spelling :D

I was thinking about Employee Strike vs. Traffic Jam, but TJ more specifically hits fast advance and is influence free.

Chakana sounds interesting, but on top of having the same problems as clot it also needs some setup. Though having Medium and Chakana out and running R&D 3 times more or less forces a purge, which could be a huge tempo hit if you pull it off multiple times. But I guess it's still too slow.

But I have another idea... Most fast advance decks I encountered so far relied on asset economy. Maybe some more trashing power could help to slow them down. My current test version is +1 Special Order +2 Scrubber −1 Modded −1 Power Tap −1 Career Fair