Cache Refresh Adam

Sanjay 3547

This is probably the most representative variant of the lists I played in the excellent online Cache Refresh tournament @FightingWalloon put on.

I really enjoyed #tinkering with my co-conspirator @conphas. I don't know how much he's planning on typing up about Adam in Cache Refresh, but I for one am pretty interested to hear his thoughts on it.

This particular list starts without Safety First and hopes to find it mid game. Always Be Running is really important for your breaker suite in Cache Refresh because your breakers are expensive. This list gives you the chance to hit the corp hard early.

The list was okay. I think I won about 2 or 3 games out of five. A lot of the wins were just early Adam rushes where you snag some agendas with Neutralize All Threats and/or Find the Truth + Mad Dash. I don't know if I can say the ideal Mammon + Dean Lister + Multithreader + Lovegood rig ever actually came together.

P.S. 2-3 and 3-2 only add up to five and there were six rounds of Cache Refresh. In one of the rounds I was paired against @conphas and I tried to ruse him with an Apocalypse list. I lost the game and I don't think I even Apocalypsed him. I did have Endless Hunger in that list which worked out surprisingly well.

10 Jul 2017 Yukon

This version is basically what we played for most of the event. I did similarly as @Sanjay. Really struggles against SYNC BOOM. But so does everyone?

ABR and early pressure wins games. But against NBN ABR is a liability and against HB it isn't necessary.

The primary reason I wanted to try Adam in CR is I felt it would give me a taste of what he'd be like post rotation. I honestly think the answer is bleak. Mammon is great once you know what is up, but you need e3 to be able to pressure early. You need public sympathy to get your card drawing. Post rotation LLDS Memory Diamond is only reliable hand booster. That does help Overmind losing e3, but it is expensive. Realistically you need Modded to support it, but that is a lot of influence. This is all a different discussion though.

Hunting Grounds because it laughs at a lot of the NBN ice. Mobius because run econ. Would rather it be a dirty laundry but CR limitations :)

We briefly thought about negating ICE with Sifr and Parasite recursion. All influence spent on killing ice or jumping it.

My last version dropped the Mobius/Stimhack/Deuces for 1x Inside Job/Spear Phishing. I think those would have been the right call originally but I just didnt think about it.

Oh. And I had the 'Ideal' rig one game. Pretty sure I won that game. I went 3-3 with the list. losses were to SYNC BOOM x2 and Siedr.

10 Jul 2017 FightingWalloon

If you want to find Safety First mid-game, 3 seems like a lot of copies.

10 Jul 2017 Yukon

We never quite found the balance of directives. It changed every round based on the corp we played. But this was the start point.

Also, extra directives = draw more cards with Independent thinking. If I could afford it I'd leave 2 credits on an Armitage so I could draw more.

10 Jul 2017 Sanjay

I've been peeking at other tech that other Adam players have been experimenting with.

There are definitely cool rad things we could be doing and weren't... Independent Thinking is a heck of a card, and so are Severnius Stim Implant and Deep Data Mining.

I don't know how Adam is getting into servers post-rotation, but once he gets there, I really like some of the lists I've seen that allow him to hit extremely hard.

So it's possible that things aren't SO bleak? But if this is the face of Adam post rotation, things are bleak as heck.

19 Jul 2017 Gaff

I've enjoyed a post-rotation Adam: Compulsive Hacker deck that uses Brain Cage instead of Public Support in order to get early draw and increased hand size. To grab the first agenda, in uses Overmind without e3 Feedback Implants. I feel that E3 is kind of a waste with Overmind, because the advantage of Overmind is that you are not paying money to break subs. The main breaker breaker suite is Multithreader, 2 Self-modifying Code, and 3 breakers of your choice. On the Lam provides tag and damage protection, and can it can be hosted on one of the directives starting turn 1. You can also recur On the Lam from the heap using Same Old Thing. It's been fun, although this was before Skorpios Defense Systems: Persuasive Power Hunter Seeker came along.