Ampere: QED (optimized according to Trash-or-Busto)

duk 105

This list contains 1x of the top 49 standard legal cards that can be put into a single deck from the ranking website trash-or-busto. In a way I didn't make this deck, the algorithm did. But I've spent enough time on that website to have surely made some kind of mark, so I definitely did make this deck.

Played 1 game on jnet and I can confirm this is perfected netrunner. Scored an early Atlas with a counter and didn't use it until the final turn to no great effect.

The 1st card slotted was Rashida Jaheem (Rank #6) duh; the final card: DNA Tracker (Rank #132) huh?

Clearly this is the pinnacle of Corp Deckbuilding. No it's not lacking econ you just can't stomach spending your whole turn for 3c. 10/10 would play again.

Trash-or-Busto Rankings (Standard Corp, as of 1/23/2023):

Rashida Jaheem Rank 6; Global Food Initiative Rank 7; Border Control Rank 10; Spin Doctor Rank 13; Project Atlas Rank 20; Biotic Labor Rank 21; BOOM! Rank 24; NGO Front Rank 25; Obokata Protocol Rank 26; SanSan City Grid Rank 28; Anoetic Void Rank 29; Nisei MK II Rank 32; Bellona Rank 33; Fairchild 3.0 Rank 35; Anansi Rank 38; Seamless Launch Rank 41; Hard-Hitting News Rank 42; Hostile Takeover Rank 44; Project Vitruvius Rank 45; Hedge Fund Rank 48; Luminal Transubstantiation Rank 60; Mausolus Rank 62; Project Beale Rank 64; Offworld Office Rank 65 (not included, already at 20 points); Audacity Rank 68; End of the Line Rank 69; Tollbooth Rank 70; MCA Austerity Policy Rank 75; Fully Operational Rank 77; Reconstruction Contract Rank 78; Crisium Grid Rank 82; Manegarm Skunkworks Rank 86; Economic Warfare Rank 88; Eli 1.0 Rank 89; Snare! Rank 92; Marilyn Campaign Rank 94; Drago Ivanov Rank 95; Punitive Counterstrike Rank 96; Amani Senai Rank 103; Daily Business Show Rank 106; Surveyor Rank 109; IP Block Rank 112; Gatekeeper Rank 113; ZATO City Grid Rank 115; Wraparound Rank 118; Enigma Rank 125; Ansel 1.0 Rank 127; Drafter Rank 129; Archer Rank 130; DNA Tracker Rank 132;

Ampere: QED

24 Jan 2023 duk

Overall I'm quite pleased with how this turned out. Nearly every card in this list is some amount of 'good' in a vacuum. Even the tag punishment cards can work if you believe (BOOM! is tough but there's MCA Austerity Policy and Drago Ivanov so idk you figure it out).

I'm shocked at how 'balanced' the list turned out to be, no card type or ice subtype is over-represented here. Punitive Counterstrike is probably the worst card here, but that's largely because it's 1x and doesn't follow up well.

More econ, and another shuffle effect would go a long ways to smoothing out the wrinkles here. Next time you're on trash-or-busto, give some love to Regolith Mining License or Simulation Reset

1 Feb 2023 neuropantser

canonically correct ampere

2 Feb 2023 YsengrinSC

This is super neat. I’ll have to talk about/play this sometime soon. Thanks for putting this together and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed Trash or Busto!

18 Feb 2023 duk

@neuropantser Thanks for checking this out! I'm a huge fan of your work; IMO Slumscast is canonically the best NR Podcast! I can also confirm that listening has not made me any better at playing Netrunner!

@YsengrinSC Awesome, I'm glad you enjoy this! I really enjoy your content as well, and I would be delighted to see you playing this perfected list any day :)