Attack of the Birbs! Peck those sysops' eyes out!

I think that if a deck built around the Birds' derez abilities crops up (which from some of the Red Sands Cycle spoilers, looks like it might... assuming that people care about ice again at that point) then this would be a rather reasonable splash to make; as you can de-rez and trash a piece of ice with this, without giving them the opportunity to rez it again.

But to be honest, it's probably going to see more play with things like Blackmail and DDoS instead.

Pairs nicely with run amok as a loose loose situation before the corp. —
If only it worked with surfer. —

Dedicated Response Team as an NBN upgrade, so how does it compare?


  • Upgrade rather than an Asset, meaning it can be protected easily.
  • Damage is unpreventable.
  • Is in NBN, where getting the runner tagged is more feasible.
  • Slightly better rez and trash costs.
  • Works before the runner can trash it when running it.


  • Only effects one server.
  • Damage is trace dependant.
  • Only 1 damage per Drone Screen.
  • Must be rezzed before the run, removing surprise factor (DRT can be rezzed after the runner chooses not to jack out)
  • Doesn't work with mid-run tags, such as Data Raven, Snare and Prisec.
  • Extremely powerful tag-punishment operations already exist in faction.

... And I was really scraping the bottom of the barrel with some of those pros; so it should be painfully clear that Drone Screen is nigh undeniably worse than Dedicated Response Team, which wasn't a great card to begin with. At least DRT enabled some funny surprise flatlines, whereas Drone Screen will be quite unsurprisingly useless.


Seems kind of hard to make good use of.

The two main reasons are that it:

  • Is secretly very expensive; The cost to break the ice is most likely more than 2-4, which could easily pay for a The Maker's Eye or an R&D Interface instead.

  • Does not provide additional accesses; Unless the top card(s) of R&D are removed somehow, then you will only be accessing the same card(s).

So, clearly this needs to be combined with some other cards to make it worthwhile, here are a few candidates:

  • Tem├╝jin Contract can deal with the additional break cost.

  • Parasite and Cutlery will lower the break cost (providing the "open season" the card refers to)

  • Vamp can also remove this break cost by removing their credits for rezzing ice.

  • DDoS + False Echo can also stop them rezzing any ice.

  • Medium gains counters, providing extra accesses with each run.

  • Deep Thought and Chakana gain counters I guess?

So I see two scenarios I would bother using this in:

  • A Dyper deck, (a deck that uses DDoS/False Echo, Hyperdrivers, Medium and Keyhole to make 10+ runs on R&D for a silly number of accesses.) wherein this is a bad All-nighter for several reasons. (and that's rarely used anyway)

  • An Ice-Destruction Anarch deck, where this could allow them to get another run with medium when peeling away ice. wherein this is probably not worth the influence, since you could spend it on Clone Chips instead.

Overall, I don't think this will ever see any real play, unless a crazy card that goes with it appears.

Maybe also Maya, since you have more options to cycle the cards, in that case this gives you an extra clic. But still, very niche. —
In aditiona to Maya, Imp assures you you can trash the top card if you don't like it. Together you can access 2 cards on a Medium (for example) and then see 3 more cards on the same click. —
Deep Thought also shows you the top card of R& if it's already charged, you can see if you can get rid of the top card when you run it. That at least means this will never be outright dead with a Deep Thought sitting around. —
There's also top hat —
That awkward moment when the Criminals got themselves a better version of this card. —

I'll just direct you to tiedyedvortex's review of Algo Trading to let you know how monumentally bad this card is.

The only redeeming feature of this is that if the runner runs to trash this, you can get back the money that you basically wasted on setting this bad card rolling.

Edit: With Tapwrm being the new hotness at the time of this edit, I can see this being a plausible include for CTM if you want to keep your total credit pool low for Tapwrm, but get rich enough to hit the runner with SEA Source into Exchange of Information.

Almost certainly not actually worth doing, but I thought it an interesting interaction that ought to be highlighted, particularly as you can cruelly put it on a Mumbad Virtual Tour if you can spare one to protect this hot garbage.

... of course, Sealed Vault will do about as well here, just be sure that you don't lose everything to a cheeky Polop

Honestly this is arguably worse than Algo Trading. Out of all the amazing/interesting cards in Blood Money this is the true dud. Maybe it will get some support in the future; an agenda that can place credits on cards when scored? Regardless its going to have to be a strong play to justify the combo. —
On the start of the 2nd turn after you rez this, do you or do you not already move 2c from the bank to it? — choosing the order of the triggers? If you do, this becomes "not so bad" I think, and perhaps usable in Gagarian / IG / CtM. There would be a single turn of opportunity where it had cost you 3c; on the next turn, it would already break even, even click-wise since the Runner also has to spend a click to run it. Gagarin for example makes the Runner's trash cost == to the 3c you "risk" on that single turn, making it, at worst, a matched cost with what the Runner has to cover. Thoughts? —

When I first saw this card, I saw potential, I saw a deck, one that I wanted to build and I wanted to play.

I'd tried to make a Mumbad City Grid Grail Ice Deck before it was even released, I've been trying until I started writing this. Sure there have been plenty of games where this has turned a server with little more than a Galahad and two junk ice into a 15 subroutine unbreakable monstrosity, and given a Komainu more subroutines than the runner had cards left in their deck.

But it was too slow, Parasites and Cutlery were running rampant. The ice I needed for that beautiful remote server was needed to seal the holes that kept forming over R&D, achieving the installation of the 3+ ice needed to make the remote was nigh on impossible.

Just as I was starting to feel that the deck was tuned well enough to be able to cope with it, and as Dumblefork took a huge hit from the new most wanted list...

A card that is far easier to satisfy, has a much more potent effect, renders parasites little more than a tickle, and costs nothing to rez was released.


Sandburg essentially does everything this ever wanted to do, only far more easily, and far more effectively.

My deck has run faster and more effective since I tore out it's still beating heart, and replaced it with cold, hard, unloving cash.

But it's not the deck I wanted to build...

It's not the deck I wanted to play...

It's not my deck anymore...

Mumbad City Grid was never quite fast enough to properly reach it's potential, and now... it probably never will be.

Rumor Mill gets Sandburg but not this card. Rumor mill will prob be pretty popular. Your card's time will come. —
You are correct, though it still does not solve the problem of how slow it is to set up, since the meta-game has been full of fast decks, and hasn't shown any sign of slowing down since before I started playing properly nearly two years ago, and Rumour Mill looks like it will destroy most glacier decks for the forseeable future, Jinteki especially, with their reliance on Caprice and Batty. I will admit that this review is a major overreaction, but regardless the truth is that it was consistently too slow to set up, and Hayley and Geist decks have significantly more inevitability than this provides. —