Was ready for @Limes! 3-4 at Worlds 2020

is44ru 271


During playtests, my main concerns were in order:

  1. Tablet Asa
  2. Titan that scores behind vanilla
  3. Beat iceless Sportsmetal
  4. Doing ok vs Jinteki glacier
  5. Not dying to CTM

So, I took @thebigunit3000's list, tweaked it to "beat" my targets as much as possible.

Card choices

  • Let's start with the Dealer in the room, this one is to get the 40-60% iceless Sports matchup to something close to 100%, I used it twice during the event, more details below.
  • Turntable -> 100% for Titan, could be cute in other matchups also helps with memory
  • 1x Pawnshop, I never missed the second one.
  • Kati Jones -> Jinteki Glacier. Actually Jinteki scores much faster than what Kati can output, so she'll have to go in future versions.
  • 2x Polop I really like this one as it is a counter to the best corp card: Rashida Jaheem. Against every corp, if you can trash 2-3 of them before they triggers, the game will be more in your favor! It's also great against RecoCo, La Costa, Crisium, Jeeves and Team Sponsorship. I didn't used them as often as I should have.
  • Odore -> Tour Guide
  • 1x Extra breaker -> to not being gear-checked to death as it often happen to me
  • 2x Imp -> One of the best runner card
  • Deuces Wild: very good against CTM, help with draw for other matchups, I often used it to expose ice to know which breaker I need to find for Apocalypse
  • I almost forgot Apocalypse which is the best way to deal with most corps, especially Asa


Round 1 - @PowerBunz's Earth Station

  • I found my breakers early
  • PowerBunz struggled with econ
  • I stole an agenda from the remote
  • Trashed Crisium twice
  • Then proceeded with Apocalypse
  • Stargate the win

Round 2 - @wynalazca's CTM

Round 3 - @analyzechris's Asa

Round 4 - @doomrat's Pālanā

  • Got laser focus into Apoc which made me lose precious resources at the price of keeping the Apoc plan "hidden"
  • Got in the remote too late
  • Took the wrong line of ignoring the 2x adv remote to ensure enough econ for the Apoc that never came because that was the winning agenda

Round 5 - @enkoder's Asa

Round 6 - @Gunslinger's Asa

Round 7 - @branimated's Argus

Things to change

  • Remove Kati
  • I didn't expect RecoCo Asa, find a way to handle that, maybe another polop? Against them you can let 1x dedication go, but you have to kill it before they play the second one, Vitruvius with 0 agenda counters is fine! Maybe just practice and 2x polop is enough.
  • Adding Hippo back? They would really come handy against AgInfusion. The Apoc is barely possible otherwise.


Thanks to all my opponents, Nisei Team, Commentators and to everyone that keeps playing this game! You all make it live so we can still play it together!