[Startup] Full House | 5-0 @ Spanish Nats | 2nd Overall

Gaxeco 219

Pravdivost has all the tricks

This was the Corp deck that carried me through the swiss side event we hosted in the Spanish Nationals. I ended up winning all games with Corp and dropped 2 games with my Runner. Won agaisnt Sable, Padma, Ken, Az and Loup

I've been playing Pravdivost since release pretty much all weeks in j.net, tinkered a lot of lists and this was the "final" result, to me, the most consistent one, but not the most fun one.

This deck has A LOT of tricks the Runner must be aware of, otherwise the matchup is a nightmare.

You can fast advance Drago with ToL or Remastered counter.

Bellona + NAPD Cordon is NASTY.

The Runner "is forced" to contest [Install - Adv - NAPD] otherwise you may be bluffing a 4/2 or 4/3 (which will cost +8c to steal anyway)...

Checkboys protects your remote.

Extra card decisions:

  • 3x Mestnichestvo -> Answer to Cezve.
  • 1x F2P and 1x Vasilisa -> I really like Vasilisa on the remote where you slam your NAPD Cordon turn, F2P is here to tax the non-Bukhalter lists.
  • No Machinations -> I tried to play with this card and ended up discarding it a lot.

Final note: This deck loses hard to Hoshiko, she will Chisel your Gold Farmers and pay almost nothing for your Akhets, thankfully I didnt face any.