Like the previous review state : Deus X will save you from Jinteki corp decks.

But there are other uses.

First, it pairs well with deck who use a lot of recursions tools. Geist, with The Back is one such identity. Geist favor trashable assets, because Geist ID trigger when using a trash effect. Thus, it pair also well with Harmony AR Therapy.

Second, Deus X will allow you to BYPASS ANY OF THE NASTIEST ICES in the game. Chiyashi, Anansi, Brainstorm, Fairchild, Tyr, Hydra to name a few. This is very useful and will save you a lot of cred. Cheap for a 3 credits install.

Third, and this is a jank, you can put Adjusted Matrix on it to make a very credit friendly AI breaker. Allowing you to click through ANY ices. It only cost you clicks.

At 1 influence, it can be used anywhere. Having one on the board can save you a lot of grief.

The only problem is that it can be completely useless against many corps archetype. Corp that favor taxing the credits of the runner for exemple. So, it is like an insurance. An insurance that will save you from being flatlined. The good kind of insurance.

The quote is so much better than the art. And the art is very good.


Dinosaurus is expensive. That will remain true no matter what. The question is, can you justify it to make it you console?

What are the use cases.

First, it negate the MU on the breaker. Engolo, at 2 MU, become zero MU while hosted on Dinosaurus. This is one of the best use. It is the equivalent of having a console granting you 2 MU and giving a free PERMANENT boost (+2) to the breaker. There are 110 ices with strenght of 4 and less. And 51 ices with a strenght of 5 or more. That is 2/3 of the ices in the game than can be broken by Engolo without boosting. If you use Datasucker or Net-Ready Eyes, it can do even more.

You could do the same with Mass-Driver and Battering Ram, sparing the 2 MU they cost and boosting their strenght. Saving MU is nice, it allow you to use those MU for something else. This is why you see Chaos with Dinosaurus. The +1 MU of Chaos, with Dinosaurus, will allow Chaos to install 2 other breaker and still have 3 MU to spare (for 3 Rezeki, usually).

But saving MU is nice. The real thing is the boost. With a +2 boost, this can mean a great many things. First, for some breaker, you might not need to boost them ever again. Amina, Battering Ram and Blackstone will all get to have a permanent strenght of 5! For Mimic, it make it the most efficient sentry breaker in the game. At 5 strenght, Anansi (a very popular sentry) will be broken for 3 creds.

And at 2 influences, it could be used elsewhere. Anarch could use it with their inefficent Black Orchestra or MKUltra. Using it with Musaazi would go a long way into making that breaker more efficient. Yusuf would benefit also. Criminal could use it with Amina.

But the main problem stay : 5 creds is really expensive. That is a significant hit for tempo. In the long run, it will save the runner a lot of creds. If you are unsure of which type of ice you'll face, Rejig will allow you to move a breaker (you will still lose a breaker, but that can be arranged with Simulchip) on Dinosaurus.

This mean Dinosaurus is not for runner that play fast and furious. But by midgame, the creds saved will go a long way toward your victory. Do you play the long game?

Finally, it is among the cutest art in Shaper. It just need a quote.


Tinkering is a trickster among shaper cards. In essence, it is like using Pelangi, but that last the full turn. What this mean is up for all the janky deck you can pull while being Shaper (at 4 influences, it will not be used outside Shaper).

1- If you use Pelangi in your deck, Tinkering can be an extra Pelangi token for you.

2- Like Pelangi, it will allow any breaker to matter for any ice. Inversificator will be able to move the ice. Ankusa will be able to return the ice to hand.

3- Since it last the full turn. If you need to make multiple runs on the same server (usually HQ, sometime R&D), you can do so with only one breaker. Bonus points if you are using Gebrselassie, allowing you to keep the strenght all turn.

4- Some breaker need the ice to be a specific type. Nfr can be boosted easily if you run multiple time on a weak ice (which must be a barrier). Persephone can do its effect only if the ice is a sentry. Surfer can be used to continue the run always on the same ice (making it a barrier).

Not the best card, not the best art (I do not get the abstraction), but the quote is as amazing as the jank you'll pull just because of this card.


Kit is second in the title of strongest shaper, after Hayley. Kit used less often probably just because 10 influences is really low. But her ability make her second to none when it come to breaking ices.

Why? Because with only one breaker, Kit can facecheck any ice on the board. And Shapers have the best breakers in the game. It all depend of your game plan.

Want to go for the best and most popular breaker : use Engolo. It will ensure you can pass the first TWO ices of any servers.

Want to throw a wrench in the corp plans : use Inversificator. Changing ice placement will ensure easy runs where you want it to be easy.

Want to go for a stealth deck : use Houdini or Penrose.

It is worth mentionning that Kit is an amazing target for Rebirth for any Shaper. Thus allowing you to have 15 influences to spend and switching to Kit will make passing ice much easier.

In every iteration of the art related to Kit, I find Kit to be the most zen of all the runner. After all, she is... the one.


Usually, trashing agenda for 9 credits is more a desperate move than a winning strategy.

This all change if you pair Data Dealer with Fan Site. With Fan Site, you will get up to 3x 0 point agendas in your score area. Which you can trash for 9 credit each. All for 1 click for 9 credits. Even taking into account installing the Data Dealer and the 3 Fan Site, it is a pretty sweet deal and well worth the include in the deck.

It also allow you to trash negative agendas (Meridian, Shi.Kyu, News Team, Hangeki) and 0 point agendas (Standoff, Project Kusanagi). Remember to thank the corp for that include in their deck, when you shutdown that part of their gameplan with a single Data Dealer.

Anarch will seldom use Data Dealer, because it will cost them too much influences to make sure it is not a dead card in hand. But for Criminal and Shaper, this is good. Especially Hayley, who can install 2 ressources in a click.

In the Netrunner World 2020 (organized successfully by NISEI) the corp that won was a near iceless archetype. That corp used Game Changer to great effect, making that strategy very tough to beat. Data Dealer will completely shutdown that strategy.