This card embody the opportunistic and efficient aspect of criminals. For a , you bypass the first ice. Early, it mean that no asset or agenda is protected if it is behing a single ice.

If the corp has two ice, it must rez both of them for the runner to facecheck the second one. That is a lot of credits for a single ice to break on a single run. In this aspect, it compete with Tread Lightly for economic warfare (in a certain way). But really, it allow the runner to make a subtancial economy, especially if the biggest ice is on the outside.

At 3 influences, it is much better to splash Boomerang out of faction.

Like all event, this card will combo well with Prepaid VoicePAD and Mystic Maemi. It is near unbeatable for efficient running. If you are a criminal and you want to remote lock the corp (the state in which you can run any remote at any time to steal an agenda), then this is the best card for that purpose.

It is a versatile card and can help you tremedously to put to good use those token from The Turning Wheel.

The art is great, as is the quote. I'm kind of sad that this is now the only way to see Gabriel Santiago (a rotated identity). It has been in the meta since the beginning, maybe because it represent criminals so well. Good card.


Great card for criminals. At the minimum, it will give you an information on a ice in place, since it will be rezzed. Best if it but the corp in a bad position economically. Otherwise, you just trashed an ice, making your runs easier. Good things all around.

To enhance its effect, you can combine Forged Activation Orders with Hernando Cortez or Xanadu. It also combine well with Reina Roja: Freedom Fighter and Los: Data Hijacker identities, since it will trigger their ID.

But this will not combo with Aumakua to get virus tokens or with Zamba, since it is not a reveal effect.

Tāo Salonga: Telepresence Magician benefit greatly from this card, because knowing the ice will allow the runner to use Tāo Salonga: Telepresence Magician ability to switch ice in a more effective manner.

While it is a fun card to use, it often does not put the corp in a bad situation, depending on the ice you force it to rez (like forcing the corp to rez Pop-up Window). At least, it will give you information, which is always valuable, but might not change the board state.

Good art, good quote. Glad to see it come back in the meta.


After Diversion of Funds, this is an iconic card to wage economic warfare on the corp. It combo best with Sneakdoor Beta and it become useful from the midgame to the late game. At an early stage of the game, there is usually few ices that are rezzed, which probably would not give you good targets to unrez.

This card can be compared best with Tranquilizer and "Baklan" Bochkin.

The advantage over Tranquilizer is that Emergency Shutdown does not require any , cannot be trashed by getting tagged and cost 0 to play. But it need a run specifically on HQ to get enabled. While you can play Tranquilizer on the first click on any ice.

The advantage over "Baklan" Bochkin is that it does not give you a tag and does not require multiple runs to accumulate enough value to be used. Also, unlike "Baklan" Bochkin, it cannot be used mid-run to derez an ice that is encountered.

Finally, at 2 influences, it is easier to splash in another faction the its two counterparts (both of which cost 3 influences).

You should use this if you want to do economic warfare on the corp. Because forcing the corp to rez a second time an expensive ice is usually not worth it. Any ice that cost 5 and more is a great target for this event. But I would play Diversion of Funds before Emergency Shutdown for economic warfare, if a choice had to be made, unless you have Sneakdoor Beta in your deck (and then again, I would think hard before I favor it over Diversion of Funds).

You should look at Tread Lightly to combo with Emergency Shutdown for greater effect.

Nice art, funny quote, still good after so many years being in the card pool.


A classic card for Criminal and any other factions planning to use ressources. On face value, it seems to be worth 1 less than Sure Gamble. But that is not the case.

Let me explain : if you want to use the credits to install a ressource, with Sure Gamble you'll need to play it first, costing you 1. And then play the ressource (costing you 1). All this would have cost you 2, gained 4 and spent XX amount of credits on the ressource.

If you use Career Fair, you would play Career Fair (costing you 1) and this would install the ressource, saving 1 compared to the scenario of using Sure Gamble. On the basis that 1 = 1 (a click is worth slightly more in fact), you get the same value as Sure Gamble.

Not only that, but since it cost 0, you can play it even if you have very few (even none) credits in hand, compared to Sure Gamble which need you to have 5 in hand.

The most efficient use is when you want to install ressources that have a cost of 3 and more. But for tempo value, you can use it even on a 2 ressource, depending on the situation, to get to use that ressource immediately (like running an unrez ice with a newly installed Hernando Cortez).

In my opinion, if you can consider slotting this card if you have at least 6 ressources cards in your deck. The more ressource cards you have, the easier it is to use. Because, contrary to Sure Gamble, it has no value if you do not have any ressource in hand to play.

The other comparable card is of course, Modded. But there are more ressources to play that have a cost of 3 and more. The most common ressource cards used with Career Fair are probably : Earthrise Hotel, Daily Casts, The Class Act, DreamNet, Xanadu and Liberated Account.

Evocative art and quote. I would have prefered something that evoke more a criminal aspect. This feel like a corp card. Still, a good card that has been around for a long time.


If you cannot use Imp (which is strictly better) you could use Scrubber. Hopefully, you will trash multiple assets to make this card worth its cost. The first time you'll use it, it will have reimbursed its own cost. Using it more is like getting 2.

This card has two competitors that use to trash cards : 1. Fencer Fueno, which combo with Keiko and is free to put on the board. 2. Miss Bones, which gives you a whopping 12 in one go to trash cards. Letting you trash multiple SanSan City Grid or Jeeves Model Bioroids at only the cost of 2.

In my opinion, both options are better than Scrubber. Miss Bones is just more efficient (but will not work on card found in centrals). The drawback of Miss Bones is more than compensated by the fact that you could do multiple run in one turn to trash multiple assets. Which is amazingly useful against asset spam decks.

Fencer Fueno is free and can be used to pay for stealing an agenda like Bellona. Which will help a great deal. As such, it is usable in a wider variety of circonstances and against more corp archetypes. On top of this, it is the same influence cost.

Is Scrubber worth it? In certain cases yes. It allow you to trash card everywhere, as long as it has a cost. If you do not use Imp, it might be better for René "Loup" Arcemont: Party Animal to use Scrubber. Because René "Loup" Arcemont: Party Animal gain a lot from trashing everything that can be found.

Quote would fit in any destructive card, which is great here. The art is just so much fun. Putting this card on the board is inspiring. Enjoyable.