The previous review are all super good, so instead, I will add some synergies that are fun to play with.

First is with Tāo Salonga: Telepresence Magician. Most corp won't put an ice on archive against Tāo Salonga: Telepresence Magician, because their most potent ice will be sure to move to archive. Once Tāo Salonga: Telepresence Magician put Sneakdoor Beta on the board, there will be many run possible using it, until the corp put an ice on archive. Then, just play as normal knowing you just forked the corp and got to see HQ a bunch of time. This is a game winning strategy.

Second is with Rejig. Early or late, once you put Sneakdoor Beta, you will get a few run out of it before the corp ice up archive. At which point, you can use Rejig to uninstall Sneakdoor Beta and install SOMETHING ELSE for 4 less (and freeing ). On top of it, you will still have Sneakdoor Beta in hand if it could come in handy.

Otherwise, the mere fact of forcing the corp to ice up archive (especially if you have a Docklands Pass installed). You can for the corp to rez its archive ices. Then stop using Sneakdoor Beta and hammer anything else (which is now less iced). But you already understood that.

This card is one of the few game changing non breaker program of the game. It is well worth the investment. Nice graphic and quote too!

<p>Did you mean <a href="/en/card/30013">Docklands Pass</a>? Docklands Crackdown is a Corp card (that doesn't seem to fit the sentence).</p> —
<p>Haha! You're right. I'm making the correction now</p> —

Along with Bukhgalter, Femme Fatale is the second iconic sentry breaker of the game.

Yes, it is the MOST expensive breaker in the game also. Upon installation, it will make an ice trivial to pass. Some ice can remain expensive to pass (Mausolus and Ansel 1.0 would cost 3 and Masvingo can be made way too expensive). But it make some ice worthless (Tollbooth and Funhouse for example).

The best support card for Femme Fatale is Rejig. Allowing you to change its ice placement (or to reinstall it after the corp trashed the ice it was on).

Other good support for its sentry breaking ability are Takobi and Leech. Each point of strength that you lower is essentialy 2 saved, that is good value.

But the fact remain that for the install cost, it is seldom worth it to play (aside from the fact that it cost 1 influence).

Of note, Tāo Salonga: Telepresence Magician can create immense value out of this card, since the ice on which it has been installed can be placed in the most advantageous position.

Don't despair, there are plenty of support for that part.

For shaper, Compile and Test Run will let you use it for cheap. Compile is especially good here, since you need only a single copy of Femme Fatale to be able to bypass for cheap any ice and still be able to break a sentry. This give you something like Inside Job but without the influence cost.

For anarch (and other runner), Retrieval Run will allow you to install it for free. The value here is tremendous!

Fro criminal, there is Credit Kiting, allowing you to get great value out of it also.

As can be seen, using Femme Fatale require you to think more about your deckbuilding decision, since the card need support. But anytime it comes on the board, you'll see the corp eyes pop open and sweat start to drip.

Iconic art, iconic quote, just iconic to the game.

<p>I don't think Compile/Femme Fatale works. Compile triggers when you encounter the ice, installing FF. FF's bypass would trigger on encounter, but it's too late by the time it comes into play.</p> —
<p>Compile/Femme only works on a server with multiple ICE; you Compile the Femme on the inside ICE when you encounter the outside ICE. So the combo's like a really bad <a href="/en/card/25029">Spear Phishing</a>.</p> —

A slightly inefficient code gate breaker with a great last ditch ability.

If you are facing an even strength ice, Abagnale is just as good as Gordian Blade (and cost just as much). But against a odd strength ice, Abagnale will cost you 1 more to break than Gordian Blade. Here, Leech would help a great deal to manage the strength of ices and save you a sweet 2.

If you are playing in the startup format, Unity might be better, if you have the influence for it. Otherwise, this is not the worse, but you will suffer more against glacier. This can be remedied with all the tools that criminals have (Boomerang and Inside Job for example).

But where Abagnale shine is at the end game. This will void the calculation of the corp in your ability to breakthrough to the server. In a last ditch attempt, you can use the ability to bypass the ice and thus save you a great cost. When the corp is trying to hide behind a strong (or annoying) code gate, this can be clutch.

Hence, if you select this breaker, you should have a second copy of it in the deck (and hopefully in hand). This would allow you to pull the trick a second time, in that last ditch Legwork run for example.

Kudos to slobad31 to give us the story behind the name. It gives a nice explanation for the art (which would otherwise be hard to understand). The quote is jsut perfect. Average breaker, good card.


Chosing this card is all about reading the meta. Using Networking will save you 1 (or 2 if against SYNC: Everything, Everywhere).

If you are worried about tags, On the Lam and No One Home are just better, in faction. Even out of faction, you could go for No One Home or Deuces Wild, each cost 1 inf.

Thus, I see no real reason why you would slot Networking instead of any cards that would give you creds. Unless you are sure to face a lot of tag giving corp (usually NBN). In which case, it is a card that will save you 4 if you are hit by Hard-Hitting News. This is why it is all about reading the current meta.

If you are unsure of the current favorite corp or the current meta, just avoir Networking and slot 3 cards that will give you credits (or anything else that is useful).

The quote and graphic is great. The usefulness of this card is not. This should have been a neutral card.


This card embody the opportunistic and efficient aspect of criminals. For a , you bypass the first ice. Early, it mean that no asset or agenda is protected if it is behing a single ice.

If the corp has two ice, it must rez both of them for the runner to facecheck the second one. That is a lot of credits for a single ice to break on a single run. In this aspect, it compete with Tread Lightly for economic warfare (in a certain way). But really, it allow the runner to make a subtancial economy, especially if the biggest ice is on the outside.

At 3 influences, it is much better to splash Boomerang out of faction.

Like all event, this card will combo well with Prepaid VoicePAD and Mystic Maemi. It is near unbeatable for efficient running. If you are a criminal and you want to remote lock the corp (the state in which you can run any remote at any time to steal an agenda), then this is the best card for that purpose.

It is a versatile card and can help you tremedously to put to good use those token from The Turning Wheel.

The art is great, as is the quote. I'm kind of sad that this is now the only way to see Gabriel Santiago (a rotated identity). It has been in the meta since the beginning, maybe because it represent criminals so well. Good card.