Paragon is the best generic console of the game. The +1 MU is nice, and pretty cheap at 3 creds. It will gain you a cred for the first successful run, making that run cheaper. And finally, it allow you to choose not to have the next card, if that card is not useful for you current gameplan.

And, at 2 influences, you can use it with any faction. It always matter, it is always good. And it pay for itself rather fast. Especially if there is an unprotected server.

It pair very well with Oracle May, by knowing the next card, it is allowing you to draw safely and make 2 creds with the draw.

If you are unsure of which console would be good with your deck, Paragon will never disappoint. Probably half of the criminal decks use this console.

Art is nice and fully in sync with the concept of a console. But why is there no quote?

<p>Goes really well with dreamnet and class act of ridiculous filtering. One run gets you a credit and a card out of the top 3 cards.</p> —

The last review (from 2015) is good, but it is time to make an update (we're in late 2020), it will be very similar to the analysis of R&D Interface, since it does exactly the same effect, only on HQ instead of R&D.

To summarize it, HQ Interface (HQI) is good if you have the economy and you can make run cheaply.


Does not need for the run to be declared successful to work. Cards like Legwork can be foiled by Crisium Grid.

The more you run, the cheaper it get. For exemple, The Legwork let you see 3 cards for 2 credits, for one run Optimally, you'll be able to see 9 cards in 3 runs. For the same effect, you need 2 HQI (8 credits). After 4 runs on HQ, it is cheaper to have used HQI. With one HQI, you'll need to run 5 times, but you'll have spend 2 credits less than using Legwork.

It stay on the board, so you cannot lose that advantage with damage, making it more reliable. Losing the run to an Nisei MK II or Border Control does not lose you the card. You can run again and apply the pressure.

It synergize well with alternative ways to have multiaccess, because it add to it.

It synergize also well with tools to make run cheaply, because it makes those run more powerful. Bypass tools are great here, allowing the runner to access more than one card, while using their limited resources of bypass tools.


It is more expensive than any event card.

It is a tempo hit, because the card cost you a click to install and 4 creds, while an event card (Legwork for exemple) cost you creds and makes you run.

You need to be able to make run cheaply. If you can only do a couple of "big" runs, you'll be better off with alternatives.

Alternatives for Multiaccess.

  1. The Turning Wheel. You can access an additional card every third run. Usually, you'll stack your counter to make a 5 cards multiaccess run.

  2. Climactic Showdown. Can be foiled if the corp trash an ice.

  3. Information Sifting, give the choice to the corp for which card goes in which pile. Successful run needed.

  4. Wanton Destruction, cost you the full turn usually. Successful run needed.

  5. The Gaunlet need you to break completely each ices and it is a console (you can only have one console).

  6. Severnius Stim Implant. It cost you cards.

  7. Mu Safecracker. You need stealth creds. Successful run needed.

  8. Legwork. The main competition. Successful run needed.

  9. Divide and Conquer. Access to all centrals at the same time. You need to access Archive first, which could be dangerous. Successful run needed.

  10. The Black Hat. You need links and a credit lead to make it work, but otherwise top tier.

  11. Bhagat. Indirect multiaccess of R&D when running HQ. Successful run needed.

At 2 influence, HQI can be splashed in any deck that can make runs cheap. Just putting it on the board will make the corp ice HQ more, freeing other place for you to run. If you have ways to install HQI for a lesser cost (with cards like Modded), it is even better.

The text if flavorful and on point. It explain the art of the card. That how things should be.


Xanadu makes the corp poorer for all ices rezzed. This, in turn create a credit differential in your favor. This can mean an ice which cannot be rezzed, an agenda not advanced, or making traces more difficult to pull off by the corp. Econ warfare is a real thing.

This pair well with Reina Roja (first ice cost 2 more), Hernando Cortez (ice cost way more to rez) and Los (gain 2 creds when the ice rez, creating a credit differential of 3). Used with Diversion of Funds (best runner econ warfare), it will hurt the corp a lot.

Since it is virtual, it can be used by Apex and can be a target for Gachapon.

But, if you do not gear your deck for econ warfare, at 3 creds to install, it is a price a bit steep for what it does. Ideally, you would like to use it early. But early, you will be a bit poor and struggling for cred to install your breakers and be able to run. Making it difficult to install early.

At 2 influences, this card can (and should) be used most often with Criminals, who have very good econ warfare tools. It will be seen most often with Reina Roja with Anarch, enhancing the ID ability further.

Art and text are great! I love the poem. Now, what is the relation with the card effect?


Last review was 5 years ago. Let's revisit this.

Ice Carver is important. Mainly for the use of MKUltra and Black Orchestra, which are the most popular breaker for Anarch. The problem of those two is the cost to boost their strenght. An ice with strenght 5 and on sub will require two boost (for a total of 6 creds). With Ice Carver, it require only one boost, saving you 3 creds. There are a lot of popular ices with a strenght of 5, like Engram Flush, Slot Machine and Mausolus.

Ice carver will save you creds on the long run, by making every ice cheaper to break. It is especially good with breaker that boost 1 cred for +1 strength.

It pair well with Aumakua, allowing it to be useful earlier.

It goes very well with Gachapon, since it is virtual. Allowing it to be a target for Gachapon, thus installing it for 1 cred.

Finally, it is one of the rare ressource usable by Apex.

Well worth the investment. But at 3 influences, it will seldom be used out of faction, except for Apex.

While the art is nice, it is a bit too litteral (ice come from IC, as in Intrusion Countermeasure, not sub zero water). But the quote is perfect and fully give the flavor of the lore behind such a card.


Datasucker is good. If you are Freedom Khumalo, it is very good. And if you use Aumakua, it is amazing.

The goods points of Datasucker is : it build up fairly quickly, it is super cheap and it is always useful. The only disadvantages are : it is a virus, thus prone to purge, and it take 1 MU.

It pair really well with the following.

Freedom Khumalo, to use the ID ability to trash anything.

MKUltra and Black Orchestra, because they are expensive to push the strenght (not, this apply for any inefficient breaker).

Musaazi and Yusuf, to have more virus counters to use them.

Acacia, since it accumulate token easily and fast, a purge will net you a lot of creds.

Aumakua, which allow you to use it earlier on an ice, by lowering the strength of the ice and breaking it with Aumakua. This make breaking ANY ice cheap. Best of all, if you have 2 or 3 Datasucker, you get token so fast, you will be able to break most ice after one successful run and any ice after two successful runs (on centrals).

At one influence, it can be splashed anywhere. At its base, it make boosting the strenght of a breaker free, you just pay for breaking the subs. Always useful, if youhave the MU for it.

Now, all it need is a quote to make this nice card even better.

<p>Datasucker won't work with Chisel unfortunately</p> —
<p>for reference, check the Chisel rulings (Null would work with Chisel, Datasucker won't)</p> —
<p>Note that this cheap to splash tool boosts all inflexible breakers, not just the common heap breakers. Sunny breakers, Engolo, nearly all criminal breakers, all stealth breakers (though MU is an issue here), the list of breakers without a 1:1 boost is long.</p> —
<p>@theoneakaneo Thanks, I'll edit it to correct that mistake.</p> —