This is an great card, with a caveat. First, bringing back 5 different cards will allow runners to stay in the game. Also, there is no condition attached with this event, just pay 2 creds and get 5 cards back in the stack. Simple.

The caveat is this : it only bring cards back in the stack. No drawing of a card, no bringing card back in hand. Which mean it does not give any tempo AND cost you 2 creds (and a click to play).

In Anarch, the equivalent is Labor Right, which trash cards to bring back other cards. And comes with drawing a card. This is better used at the end of the game, when the stack is near or at zero.

In Criminal, there is Rip Deal, which bring cards back in hand, at the cost of a run on HQ. A run in which you will access no card in HQ but instead get cards back. A high price to pay, but getting cards straight into your grip can be a such a blessing.

But if you play lots of events, Harmony AR Therapy is the card for you. Even out of faction. It can even be compared to Trope (anarch), and while is cost one cred more, it does not take any MU and can be done instantly.

The other benefit of Harmony AR Therapy comes when you play against a grinder deck. In the grinder archetype, the corp does small damage over and over, making you lose cards until you can no longer do anything. Harmony AR Therapy will let you fight longer against those deck.

Even one copy of Harmony AR Therapy will allow you to salvage a situation where the corp was able to trash an essential card (like you main breaker or important resource). This will, at least, give you a fighting chance. This will give you some level of protection against rig shooter corp.

There is a lot of power to get events (and other) cards. This will mean survival, more econ and more option to leverage against the corp. At 3 influence, it will seldom be used out of faction. But it is a powerful event.

And the art is soothing, makes you think of your happy place.


This is a card that you'll see only in criminal. If you use cards like Shiv, Crowbar, Spike, Spy Camera, Grappling Hook, Flip and other trashable cards, it allow you to get those back. Of course, it is mainly played with Geist, because Geist ID is best used with trashable cards. Note that Az can make good use of this card also.

There is another card like this : Trope. So, lets compare.

If installed early, Trope will be able to bring back a massive number of cards. The drawback is that Trope take up 1 MU. Otherwise, you can have multiple instance of Trope installed. Trope can bring back any cards, even events cards. But outside of Anarch, Trope cost 3 influence, so it must become a core piece of the deck strategy.

The Back does not take MU, but has multiple requirements. First, you must make a run AND use a piece of HARDWARE. There are not that many piece of hardware that can be used. The most obvious are Boomerang, Spy Camera, Sports Hopper, Prognostic Q-Loop, Masterwork v37, Flip Switch and Simulchip. This is what make this card best used in criminal, because you need a lot of support from other criminal cards. The good part is, The Back will bring you double the amount of trashable cards, which let you use hardware outside of a run.

I will not compare with Labor Right and Harmony AR Therapy, but they could be used for a similar effect. Also, if you have the setup for it, Rip Deal could be used to bring back cards. But those events are for a different strategy.

This make The Back an essential card, if you use multiple trashable cards, allowing you to make the game viable with trashable cards. At 1 cred, you should absolutely use it if you play lots of trashable cards.

Kudos to the artist, it is perfectly done, even the quote, to encapsulate the meaning of the card.

<p>Have to add that Trope has a bit of an advantage in that it's a program and therefore can be tutored, while tutoring resources is a bit harder</p> —
<p>Fun fact: This card says up to, while Trope shuffles back EXACTLY X cards, which has bitten me in the back more often than I'd like to admit.</p> —
<p>@Krams, I had not caught on that part of Trope. This is a major thing. It means you have to keep in mind when to pop Trope. From the feel of it, I think you should not let Trope build to more than 9, for it will dilute the probability of getting the correct cards. But I might be wrong and there will be edge cases where you need the most cards possible. But that drawback is balanced by what @Shieldwall said, Trope can be tutored and The Back cannot.</p> —

If you use Afterimage, and you are Criminal, then Penumbral Toolkit should be included in your deck. You can even install it for free. At 2 influences, it is sometime use in Shaper deck instead of Trickster Taka. It is like a Cold Read, but without the trash effect on the program.

It is a good fit for Criminal. It will be even better if Criminal ever get other stealth breakers (which would fit the theme).

<p>This is so much better than Ghost runner. Too bad, criminal stealth isn't at the best spot right now.</p> —

This hardware is very good. And low price too. If you are playing Geist, this card is for you. It has other synergy also.

First, it allow you to install a program or hardware from hand. How can that be leveraged. With Boomerang obviouly. Especialy at late game, when you have a stack near zero, you can make runs and install a Boomerang mid-run.

Other synergy include Tech Trader and Grappling Hook, Shiv, Spike, Crowbar, allowing you to install such program while on the run, use it, and get credits from Tech Trader.

Same goes with Sports Hopper, with Tech Trader, allowing you to clicklessly install Sport Hopper, trash it (and regain the creds spent) to draw 3, while on the run. Allowing you to steal City Work Project or Obotaka Protocol.

Even without those synergy, the ability to clicklessly install a program or an hardware, this saving you a click, is awesome. There are not many tools that get you click compression.

At 3 influences, you probably will not see it outside of criminals. But with criminals like Az or Geist, it is amazing and a must have.


If you ever want to break a Tour Guide in an asset spam meta, this is the card for you. Is it good for anything else : by itself, not really. Assuming you have 3 virtual resources, breaking Anansi, Data Raven, Ichi 1.0 or Trebuchet will cost you 6 creds. Better than MKUltra, but without the benefit of being a bin breaker.

But if you have way to boost it, it become absolutely amazing. Here a few way.

From Anarch, Datasucker is the obvious choice, allowing you to pay 3 creds to break most sentry. Add a Trickster Taka and its even better. Devil Charm will let you break for free.

From Shaper, there are many option. The best, in my opinion, is Dedicated Processor. With it, you will be break most sentry for 2 or 4 credits. Takobi could also be used, but for the same influence, Dedicated Processor will get you further. It require some setup, thought.

If the meta does not favor asset spam, or if you do not have a good way to boost the strenght of a breaker, you should look elsewhere. Sometime, having one copy of Odore is enough, just to have the tech for low strenght sentry with lots of subs. And the virtual resources requirement push your deck building in a precise direction.

This is a good exemple of a card designed to solve a specific problem. It is not bad, but it is niche.

The art on it is top notch and you can almost hear ABBA while playing this breaker.

<p>Important synergy: Adams ability is literally to start the game with 3 virtual resources pre-installed.</p> —
<p>@krams That's a good shoutout. It's also only 2 influence so it fits nicely in Adam as a killer and can be tutored with <a href="/en/card/21028">Emergent Creativity</a>. Adam also uses engolo which can be more efficient with stronger sentries and use the Odore for low strength sentries like <a href="/en/card/26101">Drafter</a>.</p> —