First, let all agree that the art is great and evocative. I don't know if a quote could be used here (although I always prefers when there is one).

Parasite is the better version of Trypano and Chisel. It give yet another ice destruction card to anarch. But the great thing about Parasite is the influence cost. Now, you can easily splash it in criminal and shaper to get some ice destruction.

Shaper are the winner in this. Using Simulchip, they can put #parasite and get rid of an ice, then bring it back again to get rid of another ice, using Simulchip. And with tools like Harmony AR Therapy, this would be a great card to bring back, along with Simulchip, to do the combo again. Now, the ice destruction archetype is not limited to anarch anymore, Shaper can use it too (and maybe better than anarch).

The only real counter to this is Macrophage and Magnet. Of the two, Macrophage would be the best.

It is nice to give Shaper, an underpowered faction, a tool to try a different archetype. Fun time ahead.


From the Salvaged Memories meta, the return of Medium changed thing the most, along with Indexing.

With Medium, ice destruction, using any anarch tools (including the return of Parasite), will allow the runner to get rid of R&D protection. After which the runner can run run run on R&D, seeing many cards. If Medium was unique, it would be an okay card, but since you can put 3 of them on the board, each run after the first will let the runner see 3 more cards.

Medium combine well with #toerh viruses tools, like Knobkierie and MemStrips. Contaminate suddently becomes a multiaccess card!

By mid-game, depending on the draw of the corp, the runner might be able to see most of R&D in one turn.

Of course, this can be mitigated with purging the viruses frequently, or make R&D a glacier. The other alternative are traps. Snare!, Archangel, Sapper, Chrysalis, News Team will deter the runner from seeing too much card in one go.

Funny part, Medium combined with Mwanza City Grid will make the corp rich in no time, if the corp does not lose on the spot.

The best mitigation for Medium is still Macrophage, which will destroy it or else, be very taxing to the runner.

The quote is great. The graphic is nice. A good card.


Aggressive Secretary is a form of rig shooting. Here is a small trick : put it on the board with a single advance, because runner are less afraid of single advance than double advance (especially if it is on the board without protection).

Aggresive Secretary pair well with Blacklist (program cannot be brought back) and Ark Lockdown (program are taken out of the game). If you like, you can also pair it with Hangeki, to pressure the runner into taken the trap, else they take a negative point agenda.

Simulchip (the descendant of Clone Chip) will protect the runner from Aggressive Secretary. Heap breakers will not care too much about it.

Where Project Junebug and Cerebral Overwriter aim to damage the runner and set them up for kill, Aggressive Secretary aim to disrupt the runner. Either it will cost credits (to reinstall program) and tempo (finding that program) or making runs more difficult (not having the breaker mean taking the penalties of the subs). In this, it can be compared to Neurostasis.

Of note, you can use Back Channel to get 3 creds per advancement token on Aggressive Secretary. So, if the runner does not run it, you can make a nice amount of creds. But it is inefficient (just slightly better than clicking for credits).

Every faction have disruption traps. Jinteki has Neurostasis, Weyland as False Flag and NBN as Ghost Branch. Aggressive Secretary is the weakess of all of them, since it is specialized. Early, when there is no program on the board, it does nothing. This is why there is not much reason to include this trap in deck from other factions.

Even for the rig shooter archetype, which aim to lock the runner from running by trashing their breakers (or at least, disrupt the runner), you will be better off using cards like Keegan Lane, Trojan Horse or Marcus Batty.

The art is nice and evocative, even if I would have prefered a Bioroid themed secretary. Suggested quote : "I'll be confiscating that, thank you".


This card has got to be among the top for its intuive art. You look at it, and you know what this card is about. Very good. If it could have a quote, it could be "nooooooooooo!"

At one influence, it can be use in any deck that intend to use tag as a part of its strategy. This pairs well with SEA Source. After a successful trace with SEA Source, the runner will have one tag and the corp a lot less credits. Close Accounts will make the runner dirt poor, hopefully below the corp.

Close Accounts is an easy tag punishment card, because of it low influence. If the corp might have tag but not a strategy attached to it (using Argus ID, Snare!, Prisec), it might be worth it to slot in Close Accounts, in case the runner float their tag. It will be a cheap tag punishment.

However, the lack of creds must mean something. Usually, the corp would be using ices moderately taxing for the runner. If the ice are easy to break (Bioroids, for example) or cheap (Pop-up Window), then Close Accounts will be wasted. It is also not very good against runners who can self generate creds (Multithreader, Rezeki, Data Folding, Cyberfeeder) or who has a lot of creds on the board (Rogue Trading, nearly full Liberated Account or Armitage Codebusting). Since those condition are common, Closed Accounts is not a game winning strategy, but more a delaying tactic. As such, Closed Account might be the best tag punishment possible. Credit differential must be important to the corp (for kill strategies), or ices must be taxing.

Close Account must be considered against other tag punishment : Exchange of Information, All-Seeing I, High Profile Target, Market Force, BOOM!, to name the most common one.

The Glacier archetype is where Closed Accounts will shine the most. Passing 3+ ices on a server is always taxing, with any rig. Having all the credits taken will delay the runner a lot. This should give the corp enough time to put their winning conditions in place.

1 cred, 1 influence, result in 0 creds, simple, effective = good card.

<p>Closed Account into Game Over really means Game Over.</p> —

Wraparound is a type of soft AI hate and Engolo hate. Runner using AI breaker (most popular are Eater and Aumakua) will have to put a lot of creds to pass this ice (6 creds for Eater). Runner using Engolo as their main breaker will have to pay a lot also (7 creds). At 2 creds to rez, this is a good deal. Also, if the runner does not have a breaker, it is still a hard End The Run (ETR).

However, as soon as the runner get any fracter (Gauss, Paperclip, Tycoon), the strenght of this barrier become zero. Making it a small speed bump at best.

In this case, why use such an ice? Which archetype is good with this ice? The answers : rig shooter and fast decks. Rig shooter deck will use multiple combination of cards to trash program and other card on the board of the runner. By trashing the fracter, Wraparound become again a powerful ice that cost only 2 creds to rez. Fast deck aim to put their plan in motion faster than the runner can setup. Runner using speedier deck often use an AI breaker or Engolo. Wraparound will be very good against those.

Note that like all ices (except Guard), Wraparound can be bypassed or broken easily by Boomerang. But at 2 creds and 1 influence, Wraparound will let you have a good ice for the early game (or short game), and it will not affect your credit balance very much.

Wraparound should not be used in every deck, but it has good use in certain archetype. It can be also just a somewhat cheap barrier that is good only in the early game. Certain gameplan are forgiving that way.

Nice quote, nice art, nice barrier, nice ability, nice card.