Last review was 5 years ago. Let's revisit this.

Ice Carver is important. Mainly for the use of MKUltra and Black Orchestra, which are the most popular breaker for Anarch. The problem of those two is the cost to boost their strenght. An ice with strenght 5 and on sub will require two boost (for a total of 6 creds). With Ice Carver, it require only one boost, saving you 3 creds. There are a lot of popular ices with a strenght of 5, like Engram Flush, Slot Machine and Mausolus.

Ice carver will save you creds on the long run, by making every ice cheaper to break. It is especially good with breaker that boost 1 cred for +1 strength.

It pair well with Aumakua, allowing it to be useful earlier.

It goes very well with Gachapon, since it is virtual. Allowing it to be a target for Gachapon, thus installing it for 1 cred.

Finally, it is one of the rare ressource usable by Apex.

Well worth the investment. But at 3 influences, it will seldom be used out of faction, except for Apex.

While the art is nice, it is a bit too litteral (ice come from IC, as in Intrusion Countermeasure, not sub zero water). But the quote is perfect and fully give the flavor of the lore behind such a card.


Datasucker is good. If you are Freedom Khumalo, it is very good. And if you use Aumakua, it is amazing.

The goods points of Datasucker is : it build up fairly quickly, it is super cheap and it is always useful. The only disadvantages are : it is a virus, thus prone to purge, and it take 1 MU.

It pair really well with the following.

Freedom Khumalo, to use the ID ability to trash anything.

MKUltra and Black Orchestra, because they are expensive to push the strenght (not, this apply for any inefficient breaker).

Musaazi and Yusuf, to have more virus counters to use them.

Acacia, since it accumulate token easily and fast, a purge will net you a lot of creds.

Aumakua, which allow you to use it earlier on an ice, by lowering the strength of the ice and breaking it with Aumakua. This make breaking ANY ice cheap. Best of all, if you have 2 or 3 Datasucker, you get token so fast, you will be able to break most ice after one successful run and any ice after two successful runs (on centrals).

At one influence, it can be splashed anywhere. At its base, it make boosting the strenght of a breaker free, you just pay for breaking the subs. Always useful, if youhave the MU for it.

Now, all it need is a quote to make this nice card even better.

<p>Datasucker won't work with Chisel unfortunately</p> —
<p>for reference, check the Chisel rulings (Null would work with Chisel, Datasucker won't)</p> —
<p>Note that this cheap to splash tool boosts all inflexible breakers, not just the common heap breakers. Sunny breakers, Engolo, nearly all criminal breakers, all stealth breakers (though MU is an issue here), the list of breakers without a 1:1 boost is long.</p> —
<p>@theoneakaneo Thanks, I'll edit it to correct that mistake.</p> —

Lets add some newer comment to the (old and excellent) reviews. First ; Quetzal is very peculiar.

Not just her appearance. Her ability is downright amazing. But, unlike Kit, it can sometime be competely useless. Quetzal ability let you run through a lot of barrier without inconvenience. If you use criminal tools with Quetzal, like Boomerang, Barrier will never be a problem.

The thing is, with Paperclip, barrier are seldom a problem. With Quetzal, it is probably better to use Corroder (2 cred cheaper) and save a cred on breaking barrier by using Quetzal ability. For certain ices, like Sandstone, Vanilla, Static Wall, Rainbow and other, Quetzal will let you pass the ice for free! Major saves.

But certain corps use more sentry and code gate. There, Quetzal become useless.

Which is why Quetzal is often hosted on DJ Fenris, to get a cheap breaker for barrier, that work once a turn.

Finally, Quetzal is most colorful ID out there. In all variation, she has this quality that fascinate the eye.


Since the excellent review of chris_walker is now 5 years old, I will revisit this ID.

Reina Roja is a mid tier ID. The link and the ability will always be of use. You will not have to do anything special to get it to fire. Reina will allow the runner to put early pressure on the corp. After the corp rez the first ice, it will be unlikely that the corp can rez the second ice.

The reason to use Reina is to do some econ warfare. With Anarch tools, it generally involve using ice trashing tools, like Run Amok and Hippo. The corp will rez, paying +1 cred and then get their ice trashed, making it matter only once. If you wish to make matter worse, go for Xanadu and make the corp pay +2 creds.

There are 3 additional tools for econ pressure in Anarch : Lamprey, Hijacked Router and Mining Accident.

Reina synergize well with Criminal tools. Diversion of Fund put a great pressure on the econ of the corp. Hernando Cortez will make the cost of rezzing an ice even worse. For example, it would cost 8 creds to rez Spiderweb, instead of 4!

If you play criminal, it will be worth it to use Reina on DJ Fenris, to get a link and to make the corp pay +1 cred to rez an ice.

Another tool that pairs well with Reina is Flip Switch. Letting you facecheck, costing the corp an additional cred and not facing any consequences.

Only Edward Kim, in Anarch, has 1 link. That link can be used for many many things. It is very good to have that link. Making trace less hurtful and letting you use trace tools in a more efficient way.

And finally, let face it, in every variation of the art for Reina Roja, she is always the most iconic runner of Netrunner.


Since the last review date from 2015-2016, let check how this card does in the meta of late 2020.

Street Peddler is comparable to Gachapon. Like Gachapon, Street Peddler (SP) allow you to mill your deck, install out of turn and save a credit in the process. Gachapon "look" at 6 cards while Street Peddler "look" at 3 cards.

SP has the advantage to trashing the 2 cards that are not selected, instead of removing 2 cards from the game. This can let you use this to put your bin breakers in the heap, while installing something else for cheaper. If you use recursion tools (Rip Deal, Harmony AR Therapy, The Back, Labor Right), you can get those cards back when needed.

In 50 cards decks (Valencia, Alice, Sunny), SP allow you to virtually "reduce" you deck.

And if you use the Apartment, you get to draw a card at the same time as you look through the deck. This push the click compression even further.

One thing to note : SP is not good if you have a lot of events (if around half you deck are Events). In those cases, there is a good chance that SP "draw" 3 Events, making it useless and a loss of Events.

SP is a pretty good card, giving click compression, deck reduction and saving some econ. At one influence, it is worth the include out of faction (Geist and Hayley are good exemple of gain you can make with their ID).

Who can result that face, of course you'll buy something.