Get Rich or Die Tryin'

Facecheck 118

What it does

I think how the deck works is fairly obvious. If they rez any problem ice make it go back to sleep and get paid for the privilege. If you can make them broke and you keep on top of your money then their only option is to fast advance but Keyhole should mean that you keep them away from their combo pieces.

How the deck came together

Let's talk through the pieces.


But why two breakers?

You need 2 of each breaker minimum. Rig shooting and zero recursion is a massive problem. Whether that's PE, PU, other Jinteki, Uncorrodable, Blue Sun rig shooter or HB Ark Lockdowns; there's never been a more dangerous time to run single breakers.

Run 2 of each. No exceptions.

You may want to swap Corroder for an in faction breaker, Aurora probably over Breach.

Special Order is primarily for Ankusa but if you see it early it can complete your rig quickly.


It's silly expensive. It's a lot of influence. It's strength 0. It's 2c to break. Can't be any reason to play this, right?

Let's look at what it wrecks easily:

Ice Wall
NEXT Silver (early game)

All pretty common.

It's less useful against things that are multi sub, so cards like:

Curtain Wall Ashigaru
Hadrian's Wall
Heimdall 1.0/2.0

and a few others are expensive to break.

However, Corps are not too happy about spending 14 on a Curtain Wall for you to break for 16 and then they have to rez again to have any effect.

When the last of the Bird Suite comes out it may free up influence depending on how useful it is, though Crim is supposed to be bad at breaking barriers, so could be even more expensive than this.

No card makes Blue Sun unhappier than Ankusa, not that they really need the hate.

Peregrine and Golden

Only worth making high cost cards go back to sleep in the mid-game. In the late game when you know if they can or can't rez a piece of ICE it might be worth making some cheaper cards derez.

DON'T bounce them when you don't know what's behind the ice you're de-rezzing.

If the Corp has not been rezzing ice it's likely because they have a double stacked Code Gate or Sentry. Either de-rez it, jack out and reinstall before going again or just leave it rezzed.

Support Cards


To get the most value out of these breakers you need to be making money.

Temüjin Contract - Everybody knows that this card can get you money quickly. In the mid-late game put it on a server you're going to be running anyway (R&D for Keyhole's or HQ for Siphons).

Your early game economy is vital. Sure Gamble in to Temüjin Contract on archives in to Desperado in to Dirty Laundry is great and really what you want.

If you fail to get money early you will likely lose. As soon as all the remotes are closed to Temüjin Contract you need to look to other ways to build up.

Kati Jones Great card, spend 1 click a turn building it up and then when you're ready to make a run or two you have all the money you need for the derezzes.

Daily Casts, passive economy is good too.

Earlier version of the deck rank High-Stakes Job and late in the game this is great. However this game needs money early and you just couldn't guarantee getting through a low ice server until your rig was set up. Maybe worth going back to but requires more testing.

Compromised Employee and Ice Analyzer are great. Ice Analyzer gives you the credits to reinstall your bird breakers for just a click and Compromised Employee gives you the money to get through when low on credits and the recurring credits for a trace give you pretty much 4 Link.

Earlier versions of this deck ran Hostage to find them, however the 3c and 2 clics to install this way made the deck really slow in testing. May be a way to fit them in.

Other money comes from Desperado and Security Testing, no more information needed about that combo I don't think.

Data Dealer is great against CtM to sell GFIs (as much as it hurts to do so) and any other score area cards you need to get rid of. Against Jinteki make sure you can survive a Philotic. Jinteki can't keep you out, so you could sell them all so they can't win in order to survive.

Account Siphon doesn't need much more said about it.


Emergency Shutdown should be used usually before assaulting a remote and there's a card you don't want to deal with on there. Obviously great against a Tollbooth or similar but there's lots of targets for this.

Forged Activation Orders is great when you've got the corp low on credits and want to take that ice out entirely while building up. Don't be afraid to use Same Old Thing on this if appropriate.

Inside Job does double work here once you're set up as they have to rez 2 bits of ice giving you potentially 12c worth of value from it.

"Freedom Through Equality" I think people know how to use now but combos really well with Keyhole

Feedback Filter Had to include this as you otherwise get totally wrecked by Jinteki, especially PU. It was good enough in the old Andy builds and it's still good now.

The Bad

This deck has no draw and it misses it greatly. There's really no more room for anything else, already being at 46 cards.

John Masanori and/or Earthrise Hotel would be great but good luck fitting them in. Sports Hopper is multi functional but quite expensive early when you need draw and money the most.

Drug Dealer is no good as you need all the money you have early on and even later when you've no way to get rid of them.

Andromeda does her best to even out your bad starts but only so far she can take a deck.


Cards that could be awesome in this if they could be worked in.

Running Interference, no corp wants to rez an Ichi for 10 to have it go back to sleep immediately. Also messes with the math on many glacier builds.

Chatterjee University still a terrible card, but being able to drop your breakers repeatedly might be handy in a particularly long game. Not got much hope for this being good.

Crescentus You don't have the MU for this really with all 5 taken up by the time you're set up.

Ice Carver Your breakers are silly expensive to use. Ice dropping a strength is really beneficial in a lot of cases.

Xanadu More of a 'in an ideal situation' card than a serious contender for testing but again hurts the corp.

Anything to stop FA. The Black File can give you the couple of extra turns you need to win.

Anything to not die. Sports Hopper both helps with draw and damage and will be the card I'm most looking to fit in. Extra link doesn't hurt either.

Rebirth Andy's a good start but then mostly blank.

Rumor Mill You can kill their ice but what about their upgrades. Way too much influence to fit a couple in though.

So, gimme some help below on where I should take this deck next. I went 3-1 with it in a recent tournament, only losing to a Biotic Labor + Philotic when I was on 6 points when my very next card was Feedback Filter. I did get lucky and faced 2 Blue Suns but also trounced CtM by being way too rich and switching to tag me near the end.

26 Oct 2016 killj0y

I was looking at that Feedback filter and thinking since you only have one then Rebirth to Kahn or Gabriel would be worthwhile. Maybe even leela since the bounce/derez combo is kind of her thing.

You say you don't have the memory for something like crescentus but I think if you drop keyhole you're in a much better spot and it frees up some influence as well.

This may sound like heresy but maybe drop desperado? Or at least pull back to 1x.

Another possible addition London Library? Click heavy but since you're likely going to bounce your hunting birds back to your hand anyway it's a free install.

26 Oct 2016 oasis

I'm suspicious of the deck's ability to get rich, but sec testing is probably well positioned. The draw is key, it's required. But, I like the ankusa :)

26 Oct 2016 killj0y

@oasis If you have your rig built you're looking at 7 credits to start on a successful run (temujin + security + desperado). plus 2 for each ice they rez (Ice carver + compromised employee) and you can do that on an account siphon which could get you an extra 10. If they're already broke then you can dirty laundry instead for 5 and if there's an agenda at the end you could forgo the security testing steal and sell for 9. That's a good chunk of potential, the question is how much does it cost you to get in on most ice. That's a Net Vs Gross problem.

26 Oct 2016 Facecheck

@killj0yOnly problem with dropping Keyhole is that you're then ineffectually poking at R&D and HQ. Need Keyhole to put some pressure on when the Corp is poor.

A good start is vital, so 3x Desperado is really needed, even with 9 cards.

@oasis With a good start you should be rolling in it. As I said, the draw piece of the puzzle is missing currently but would be more than useful, just not sure how to fit it in.

26 Oct 2016 doldol161

The only card need to add in this deck is John Masanori, a good draw engine. I would drop 1x Emergency Shutdown or 1x Sure Gamble for him, and a Crash Space is worth it to play with siphon, i'll drop 1x Kati Jones for it.

Otherwise i'll trade 1x Kati Jones, 1x Emergency Shutdown for 2x John Masanori.

btw i still looking for the third copy of Same Old Thing too.

27 Oct 2016 Cliquil

Love this deck.

If you were in a meta where you felt happy to ditch the Feedback Filter what would you put in its place?

27 Oct 2016 Cliquil

And sorry to double post but have you considered Fisk Investment Seminar as a possible solution to the draw puzzle?

28 Oct 2016 Facecheck

@CliquilI'd have to get another current in there because Scarcity of Resources is a Debbie Downer. Either Employee Strike or Corporate Scandal

Rebirth is also an influence well spent.

28 Oct 2016 Facecheck

And @Cliquil since you double posted I will too. Fisk Investment Seminar is risky in most cases and I feel in this deck it's too much of an advantage for the corp.

Regardless of what you want to put in for draw you still have to find the space which is the harder part :)

28 Oct 2016 michaeln

What about Datasuckers and a Turning Wheel instead of Keyhole? I don't know what cards you drop for the suckers, but the consolation is that 3 breakers + 2 suckers is an awesome rig.