Investigative Anime Girl (4 - 0, 7 people GNK 2nd)

5N00P1 818

This deck went 4 - 0 together with my Mirror in your Face deck at a 7 people GNK in Berlin. After playing my Spooned Hoshiko 2 weeks ago I wanted to something more good stuff and I can tell you, Spooned would have been good against Azmari and Blue Sun.

Deck Design

I knew I like to go the Keiko - Rezeki root, it's just to good with Paladin Poemu to not do it and you need to do something with your MU. Otherwise I would call it good stuff, bin breakers, some companions and important for me Trickster Taka as it allows you to trigger Keiko in the late game, so it's basically another drip of 1 credit per turn.
Initially I was running this with Street Peddler instead of I've Had Worse but due to some Scarcity expected and as a kill protection I went with IHW. I was also running 3 Bravado which is an amazing card! But based on feedback from MiRi I decided to swap one against Beth Kilrain-Chang. When you find her early it better then Bravado otherwise it might get Bravado range.
I wanted to have some legs against Hard-Hitting News so I included Networking should have tried Citadel Sanctuary as it is better against the False Lead + Hard-Hitting News combo decks, which I faced once out of Blue Sun: Powering the Future.


Game 1: against Maze on Titan

He was kind of flooded so I could steal a Hostile Takeover while he scored one. When he was going for the next agenda I could force an Archer rez without any program. The bad pub helped me a lot. Rebirthed into Omar Keung: Conspiracy Theorist to force more ICE and rezzed and the pressured his centrals with Stargate. Was forced to Hippo an Ice Wall as with Wall to Wall it can become a horrible ice.
Won (1 - 0)

Game 2: against Watzlav on Asa

As Watzlav loves the Spombo deck I know I have to steal a Project Vacheron early to win. So I installed Keiko & Paladin run on R&D and found it and another Agenda. I found another agenda and was on 5 points. The turn before he could combo out (he was on 5 points) I was able to dig deep with The Turning Wheel for the win.
Won (2 - 0)

Game 3: against Blanket on Azmari

Norman Runs crazy stuff, so what to expect? It was a more or less classic 6 agenda Azmari with Punitive. He got Scarcity of Resources up turn 2, which was bad. I was able to get Keiko & Paladin down to fight the Scarcity and install through it while 3 Rezekis where running. My 1st Gachapon whiffed with a lot of programs & Ressources left, I thought that was my game, but was able to keep up. I was able to steal a Bellona without dying and getting rid of Scarcity and installed my Liberated Accounts. Hippoed his Slot Machine on HQ, which be brought back with Archived Memories. Rebirth into Kim when I was low on my stack to trash Operations, which never happened but I used my link. at least. Tried to lock his R&D which worked found an SSL, needed to break 2 Surveyor on Archives, which was bad! And got Punitive Counterstrike 3x which I survived due to I've Had Worse, and my drip, good call! Finally I was able to Stargate another SSL into Archives for the win, it was just 12 credits to break the 2 Surveyors.
Won 3 - 0

Game 4: against Saan on Blue Sun

He mulliganed and was flooded, but I did not realize it early enough, to bad ;-) he was playing False Lead + Hard-Hitting News which works well in Blue Sun. I found one False Lead in Archives and run a Server with Orion + Border Control with Paperclip to steal an SSL. 4 points. Needed to survive this hoped for Beth Kilrain-Chang + Networking but he told me, he would have gone low enough to not give me a click... ok. I loaded my TTW and rebirthed into Omar, while he was not finding ICE. When I tried to deep dig, he popped his Border Control, should have just Hippod it.... lesson learned. He was drawing like crazy to find Consulting Visit or BOOM! while I have trashed one. When I run Archives there was an SSL hidden, so no idea how he was planning to win, maybe hoping I would use my 2 clicks only on HQ & R&D.
Won 4 - 0


Would play this again 10/10 maybe with the following changes:

24 Feb 2020 tantale

You cannot use the Paladin to install Beth!

24 Feb 2020 5N00P1

@tantaleThank You for this comment! This is correct, not sure if I did this mistake! Corrected the deck description.

24 Feb 2020 boreira

looks legit

24 Feb 2020 boreira

maybe -1x beth - 1x networking + 2x boomerang, slots are short

24 Feb 2020 5N00P1

@boreiraThank you for your comments! I think it's a good idea to try this change! As Boomerang can deal with the problematic ICE, where your breakers are not efficient enough, like Surveyor, Slot Machine and the like and it allows you in the late game to trigger Keiko reliable for drip econ and might as well allow you to have 2x Breaker, 2x Rezeki & 1x Stargate.

24 Feb 2020 boreira

@5N00P1yes I see it same way let me know how it works (and how to fit citadel.. :)

24 Feb 2020 5N00P1

@boreira maybe get rid of Trickster Taka as you don't need it so much anymore?

24 Feb 2020 boreira

@5N00P1migt be, lets call him a meta slot that could become citadel