Post-Netrunner: Runner revived cards

Am 68

Since there's no longer any reason to keep the design space of Netrunner fresh, myself and others have considered a community-mandated version of the game that re-adds a number of rotated cards back into the card pool. There's been some debate on whether a whitelist or blacklist would be healthier for the game, but I've followed the ideology that any card that isn't OP with the current legal card pool (including a significant number of frankly useless cards) should be allowed.

Note: I am not a professional player, and I am not standing by this list as someone with any authority in any Netrunner community. Feel free to argue against any of my decisions.

Some notable choices:

e3 Feedplant Impacts - I have a personal history with this card, but it's too good when we have pirate decks running around everywhere (damn you, Gbahali and Kongtomato).

Hostage - I wasn't sure about this one. There's a decent number of non-criminal connections you might want to include as one-ofs. Feel free to debate me on this one.

Caissa - I like Caissa; they're neat.

The Toolbox - The only really non-broken console from old core (Grimoire with this many viruses would be insane). On that note...

IDs - There is no runner ID I would bring back: Noise is bad for the game; Whizzard is maybe too good in general; Kate is the ETF of Shaper; Andromeda is like Valencia (too easy to default to with a Rebirth include)

Muresh Bodysuit - It seemed like too much of a silver bullet against Builder of Nations. Then I remembered I haven't seen Builder of Nations in quite a while.

Net Shield - Again, I'm mixed on this one. This counters many more decks than Muresh Bodysuit, so I'm happy to take it out.

Wyldside - Without Faust, this might be okay. "Might"

Lemuria Codecracker - It's garbage and always will be. I have no other point to make here.

Sharpshooter/Deus X - These are some nice cards I'd like to see again.

Medium - There's no need any more.

Djinn - There's too many good viruses right now.

Déjà Vu - The runner doesn't need this kind of recursion, especially now.

Yog.0 - Nah.

Kati Jones (and other economy cards) - These might need some balancing.

Data Dealer - The Shadow Net isn't strictly better, but only in the case that you don't have Sure Gamble in your heap.

Replicator - This was a nice combo with Bazaar.

Plascrete Carapace - I'm not bringing Scorched back, so this can stay dead.

Account Siphon - Even if Diversion of Funds didn't exist, I would never consider this.

9 Jun 2018 Skeletons

I like a lot of this, nice work. The only ones I'm at all hesitant about are Wyldside and Prepaid VoicePAD (as much as I love that card).

Also, Singularity never left us :)

9 Jun 2018 Am

Whoops, thanks for pointing that out.

I'm also not sure about those two cards, but I haven't properly tested this yet, and when Reign and Reverie comes out I'll need to review this again.

9 Jun 2018 Crazimir

Djinn is too slow to be a risk.