As Wern212 this card is pretty nice in HB. Now I'm going to talk about how I can win some games with this beauty.

How to kill with this card with Jinteki: Personal Evolution: A review

Jinteki PE does some work for you. It gives you 1 of the x net damage you need to kill. But what else do you need? clicks to play the operation.

If you install, for example House of Knives or Sting! and leave it there in the open (classic old jinteki technique since you can make it look like a Snare! or now a Urtica Cipher) next turn you go "advance, advance, advance: score" and Neurospike looks at you with a disapproving glance.

So the technique has to be another one. Thats where other cards come to help. One of those tools is a HB advancing tool: Seamless Launch. You will have more money and time to play, at least one Neurospike. But that usually doesn't get the kill. That's the HB approach. Not the Jinteki approach.

Here in the Startup format you can relay on La Costa Grid a card that allows you to bake stuff. Usually when there is a La Costa server the runner only contests when there is no advances in the server. Since an advanced Urtica Cipher or Cerebral Overwriter or Snare! -you can advance them- is pretty scary. And usually they are waitin that if it's a trap, that you over install on it to decide go there or not.

If you can sneak there an agenda while they go to RD or HQ and bake some advancements you will save the money and the clics. And then "oh, it was a Sting, 2 damage because the runner stole 1 and the Jinteki PE damage. Then neurospike. And neurospike and neurospike you have the clicks and probably the money. Easier if it's a 2 pointer or 3 pointer agenda. Vulnerability Audit it's good for that in Startup format since you cannot go and use an Obokata Protocol

Have fun with it = )

<p>I think you meant <a href="/en/card/26099">Cerebral Overwriter</a> instead of <a href="/en/card/03001">Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers</a></p> —
<p>Totally! Thank you!</p> —

Long time since a review of this card and this is time to have one back. This card is powerful because it draws a lot of cards and make money. 3 creds, 4 cards.

The drawback is that you're not going to do anything with those cards until your next turn and maybe it's an agenda among them!

Also that the runner is going to trash it if they sees it because, well, 1 to trash is usually auto-trash.

Usually is for combo decks or for fast decks. And sometimes glacier decks with Jinja City Grid

In todays meta you can see it in Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home or Asa Group: Security Through Vigilance. In kind of decks that want their pieces fast so they can pull that Game Changer or maybe it's because they have a Jinja City Grid so they can make a pretty deep server in no time.

So it's in two kind of decks. The ones that they don't mind to overdraw (because gotta go fast usually) or because they have options to prevent that of being a problem.

Cybernetics Court is a card that exist for that porpuse and make any HB feel kind of Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers

Also I've seen it with Lakshmi Smartfabrics to protect the agenda flood in the hand.

And last but not least the agenda suit that you take can help you. Maybe because it's Hyperloop Extension that gives you money even if stolen or it's Project Vacheron, that is going to be 4 turns of 0 agenda points.

So that's why in this Uprising meta you can see this in several HB decks. Maybe can be also into a Weyland deck that wants to be fast but they lack the other pieces to make it work nicely. But, hey it can give you 1 more cred if you're Weyland Consortium: Building a Better World

This is for a Jinteki PE point of view:

Now that we have the 20.06 Banlist and they took out Breached Dome and Shock! has rotated, there are fewer options to spice the archives.

One of them is Cyberdex Virus Suite that it's kind of useful because Aumakua is a card that its widely played. But not all decks use virus to work

So maybe it's the time to this card to shine again and use it in combination with Kakurenbo to toss it to the archives.

As other reviews said, when the runner has the option to choose their punishement it's not optimal. But 2 tags are cool and a -1 agenda point it's also cool. Specially when you have Philotic Entanglement.

So maybe this card will have more use in these days.

<p>This is the new Archive protection. With News Team, the runner is always at risk of getting tags. Which can be prohibitive with ID like SYNC. Of course, there are tech for that, No One Home, Misdirection and Citadel Sanctuary. But News Team is a threat anywhere on the board, in any central or remote. And if the runner does not want to go for that remote where you placed it, trash it and let it protect Archive. This pair well with any tag punishment. Even if</p> —
<p>Even if the runner take the -1 agenda point, it will make the runner need 8 agenda points to win. That can save you a lot of trouble. And if the corp is running Game Changer, Stock Buy-Back or Fast Break, it mean more agendas in the score area, which is a huge advantage. In NBN and Weyland, this card shine. It is a very cheap way to get an advantage.</p> —

On of the topics that Nisei is covering (as fantasy flight did before) is doing retakes of key existing cards (always with a twist) so they can rotate at some point.

You had Account Siphon that were converted into Diversion of Funds. You have Cloak that became Mantle, Clone Chip that now you can say that's a Simulchip. (But Jackson Howard will live always in our hearts)

In this case the card that you this cards compares to it's a jinteki special one, Mushin No Shin. That card was ensuring that if you play that, you're using another game that's not you're tipycal glacier. And it went over of that jinteki those days could be very poor.

Nowadays there are several things that make our old friend Mushin No Shin. Mainly one of those cards that gived also much appeal to buff assets in servers: NGO Front. One of the reasonable drawbacks of Mushin No Shin it's that it prevented fast advance. You were not allowed to score that agenda for 0 credits without allowing the runner to go for that (with 0 or 1 ice in front) but you could not also rez if it's an NGO.

This card takes a different approach, so let's take the differences:

  • It puts 2 counters instead of 3
  • You hide all your archives.
  • You can trash your cards that spice your archives right up (with Breached Dome or News Team for example).
  • You can install from archives (or from your hand via trashing first).
  • You pay for those counters.
  • You can rez or score if you want to. (so it's NGO Front-friendly)
  • You can install in a existing remote with ICE

An the (important similarities)

In overall I think it's a good card with enough difference to live with Mushin no shin.

I like this ice because it's an illicit ice that hurts and stays in play pretty well. Having a 6 strength is something not trivial to pass through and the trace 6 is also something that you can't just avoid even with powertaps and nexus.

Nowadays there are ways to get off that badpub easily such us Roughneck Repair Squad or Increased Drop Rates so it's not a hard downside and also The Outfit: Family Owned and Operated can profit from it.

I guess that it doesn't see much competitive play right now because it's expensive and people, want faster cards than melange mining co v 2.0 to get cash, but it could work.

(I'm filling reviews in the cards that doesn't have one so if you want to support me put a heart in the review or a comment)

I really like how flavorful this card is, too! The trace ability lets the Runner access to get info (or hit an ambush) but they can't do anything about what they access. Also it doesn't stop successful run effects like Diversion of Funds, Stargate, or Apocalypse, which is thematic for a trebuchet that is defenseless at close range. Maybe that's why it isn't played as much. —