Man, this ID is gorgeous. Both sides of Earth Station are absolutely incredible with their art. I almost wish we had a space elevator in real life.

So, first off and most glaring, is the limit of one remote server. That may seem extremely crippling until you realize instead of stacking your ice horizontally, you have the perfect excuse to replicate the Ice Age with a glacier. The tradeoff for the remote limit is worth it when you consider three things. First, this taxes the Runner for running on HQ, with a bank-breaking 6 tax on the remote when you decide to launch the elevator. Second, we have a Weyland flip ID; I'd say that alone is worth it (although the flip side will incentivize runs on HQ, so keep that in mind and a few nasty traps in reserve). Third, Wall to Wall is a thing and in Uprising. See my review for why that is a must-have in this ID.

This is the first Corp ID I've commented on, and I don't really play "green" (I'll take your words for it, I'm colorblind). So, instead of one of logo IDs Weyland has, or any of the remaining Weyland IDs not rotated or MWL'd, why Earth Station? Let's start with BABW. 1 more for every transaction? Nice, but again, see Wall to Wall. BWBI? Bested by Cayambe Grid and Wall to Wall. BON? Unless you're running a kill the runner deck, you'll get plenty of punishment by forcing them to run through every single ice on a server. Looking at the rest (because I don't want to compare this ID to every single Weyland ID in the game), each Weyland ID caters to a specific playstyle. Earth Station plays the long game, daring the Runner to be foolish enough to charge headlong into your glacier and smack into a Surveyor in front of a Rime-boosted Seidr Adaptive Barrier. Honestly, half the fun of this ID is just building around the remote limit.

<p>Worlds Plaza + Commercial Bankers / Bio-Ethics and Prisec + other defensive things. It's fun.</p> —
<p>Small note, BWB is also rotated.</p> —

I've said this before, but I'm not the best at Netrunner. Now that that's out of the way...

Transport Monopoly honestly feels like a weaker version of Crisium Grid for two major reasons. First, it's an Agenda. Whereas Crisium would set the runner back 5 to dispose of it, the second they see it, they take it out of your hand and place it in their score area (unless they're running Film Critic as their restricted card). Furthermore, you can't spend influence to splash it elsewhere. Second, it has counters attached to it. Sure, Mark Yale lets you reap benefits from it, but unless you're placing it in Titan, it's a blank agenda after its second use.

That isn't to say this is a bad agenda; I just wanted to point out the glaring weaknesses before explaining why this agenda is good. Sure, it's not a hard end the run like Nisei MK II or Border Control. However, it does block some annoying card effects for the Corp. Khusyuk? Guess what, you're looking at the top card only. Dirty Laundry? Nope, you just wasted two credits for a run. The Maker's Eye becomes much weaker with one of these scored, and you can forget about fetching your killer lady with a Retrieval Run. Furthermore, this can be used in conjunction with Crisium Grid. You put a Crisium in the wrong server and the Runner's about to get those needed 9 credits from Hot Pursuit? Nope! Shut down with the Monopoly! And this Monopoly won't end friendships! Probably.

Final thoughts: Although a bit weaker than Crisium Grid, Transport Monopoly can be quite useful in a Weyland deck. It shuts down Runner cards that rely on successful runs, and can be fired on any server. Furthermore, although it's a once-per-turn ability, you can act like a classic thousand-cuts Jinteki and fire three off in a turn provided I'm not misreading that. If you need an extra two or four points in a Titan deck, this should benefit you greatly.

<p>Great points. The only Weyland I'd be sure to run this in is Earth Station. Otherwise it's got tough competition from other green agendas.</p> —
<p>I mostly agree with your assessment. I think what sets this apart from Crisium is that 1: it can't be turned off, except by Turntable. If the runner is rich, they can go into the server, trash your Crisium, and then go ham. This will always work against that. 2: this is essentially two Crisiums in one. But as you stated,as an agenda, this needs to be scored first, making it quite a but weaker. And it is a 4/2 on top of that,in a faction that struggles with 4/2's. So yeah, good but not great</p> —
<p>Another special mention is how good this is at hosing Apocalypse. You can use it during their third run, meaning that they will always have to pay through all your ice. Crisum has to go on a specific server, so the runner can just run there first and trash it, and Apocalypse on the next turn, which costs them less.</p> —
<p>You know, I keep forgetting Apocalypse is a thing...</p> —

Rime is almost a staple in every one of my corp decks now because of how painful it can be. The only times I can't use it are when I get DDoS'd. First, it's a tax: unless an AI is on the field (like my favorite turtle) or a transhumanist, the Runner is always losing money on a Rime server run. Not just from Rime, mind you. All of a sudden, any ice in that server becomes far more dangerous. Archer goes to a strength 7, Fairchild is expensive as all hell to break, Hydra gains an additional head (so to speak), and even Kakugo becomes that much more painful. Furthermore, ice with abilities relying on other ice (like Seidr Adaptive Barrier and Surveyor) benefit from the +1 strength.

One last detail to mention... RIME IS NOT UNIQUE. You can have all three out at once and rezzed, making each of your servers a bit harder to get through, or stack three on top of a particularly painful piece of ice to make it even more spectacularly painful. Did I mention it costs absolutely no influence? Why are you not running Rime? The only reason I can think you wouldn't run it is because you're playing Runner at the moment.

<p>Well, the only problem it's that it's a porous Ice and you may want to keep pace, so maybe for that a vanilla could be better. Or maybe you don't rely on towers of ice.</p> —

This card is scary, and for good reason. Notice whose branding is at the bottom left corner? Yeah, this belongs in Jinteki for a major reason: Jinteki specializes in dealing massive amounts of net damage to underprepared/unsuspecting Runners. If you're running a Jinteki deck of any sort that focuses on net damage punishment, this is probably a good card to pack. Essentially, you're saving a net damage for later use. That huge line of blue applies here: if the Runner is unfortunate to hit your guard dog or its baby without a killer or credits, you can stack each net damage subroutine onto Prāna Condenser and, if I'm reading this right, gain 3 for each net damage. In other words, hitting a Komainu with a full grip will net the Corp 15.

As for the Runner side, this should be a high-priority target for you. Yes, it's expensive to trash, but 4 instead of a lethal amount of net damage is something you shouldn't spend too much time weighing in on. Unless you have a reliable way to prevent net damage (sorry, the only ones that come to mind for me are Feedback Filter and Guru Davinder), this thing needs to go ASAP. Freedom shouldn't have too much trouble, as well as Imp with a few spare virus counters, but odds are if this thing's hitting the table, you're going to have a very bad time until you get rid of it.

Finally, the flavor text really hits home. If your mind is its own echo chamber, the psychic agony can become unbearable...

I'm not sure if there are other cards that are basically a must-include in a particular Corp deck, but Wall to Wall is built for Earth Station. Note that it only activates three abilities if you only have one asset rezzed. Earth Station, no matter the side, only allows for one remote server. In fact, aside from Rashida, this was the only Asset I had in my "not-quite-GNK" Earth Station deck at my LGS.

So why is this built specifically for Earth Station? As I said, this only kicks in if there's no other rezzed Asset. Apart from Rashida, this was part of my Earth Station glacier (which was devastated by an Alice running Apocalypse round 1). That's beside the point. If there's only one server, you can fire off three abilities, so it's perfect for Earth Station. You can get a credit, draw a card, advance that Colossus so the poor Runner has to trash their Progenitor hosting Aumakua when they face-check it at 4 strength. Or, if you have an agenda you want to slap down, simply bounce it back with the fourth ability. This is a powerful Asset that becomes weaker in Asset Spam decks, but in single server decks, it is a terrifying thing to go against. Why? It gives you three clicks worth of things to do before you even do your mandatory draw. This is precisely why I feel it was made specifically for Earth Station: it benefits most from the limit of one remote server. Wall to Wall is unique, so you can't spam it; you're stuck with the one. Otherwise, it would be far too powerful.

Unless you're playing a single-server deck, find a better drip econ card, like PAD Campaign or Rashida. If you want advancements, play Tennin or run Cayambe Grid. This fits best in one-remote glacier decks, especially with its bounce ability allowing you to return it before you draw and then slapping down something else.