Runner Cube Draft Revised Core Set to Kitara Cycle v1.2

brightknight216 20

Inspired by Beyoken video on how to build a cube draft deck which you can watch here - , this is my latest iteration of my cube up until Council of the Crest but excluding cards that are rotated out. This runner cube can provide varieties for the Runner to build their breaker suite as well as a fair number of card that can support the stealth breaker (e.g. Ghost Runner, Net Mercur, Cloak, and Cold Read).

There are some combos which i like to see players execute with the potential of certain cards that can provide multiple clicks such as using Three Step Ahead to attack a particular server multiple times to gain a fair amount of cred, to aggressively attack the R&D using Equivocation, to make build virus token on Aumakua then in order to prep it to attack a specific server, or to accumulate tokens on The Turning Wheels before hitting the R&D.

For information about my Corp cube, you can click here - . If you have any further suggestions on how to construct my cube, do write down comments underneath. Thanks.