StimHack Draft Cube CORP: Data and Destiny

sneakysly 731

There is a new test agenda suite that you can test out instead of using 5 Priority Requisitions.

Test out the starting agenda package below and let us know if you like it better or less:

1 Priority Requisition 1 Eden Fragment 1 Hades Fragment 1 Utopia Fragment 1 Rebranding Team

As always, to see the full details on cube drafting, please take a look at:

29 Dec 2017 ktfod

Thank you for the great set of cube lists! I can't imagine trying to build these on my own, so just having to tweak these is fantastic. Do you have any suggestions for replacements for any cards that a single core set will not cover? (e.g. or Neural EMP, or Medium, Grimoire, Bank Job for