The Largest Corp Deck Ever (R&R Edition)

internet 680

529 cards - the largest possible legal Netrunner deck ever built.

If you spend enough time shuffling, you never have to finish playing Netrunner.

28 Jun 2018 girbicfluzz

Is it weird that i want to play it?

28 Jun 2018 Wern212

As long as I'm shuffling, Netrunner won't die!

This is hilarious, thank you.

28 Jun 2018 FREDPI

I'm suprised you don't run Tech Startup, you're missing out on some more shuffling.

28 Jun 2018 internet

Feel free to make cuts/swaps as appropriate for maximal shuffling. While running Mumbad City Hall will remove 9 points from the deck, the ability to click to shuffle may be worth the sacrifice in size.

Note that using MCH to play Consulting Visit for Fast Track gives the rare opportunity to shuffle 3 times for 2 clicks. Victory is assured when your opponent concedes halfway through the second set of shuffles.

30 Jun 2018 em-crabtree

Some back-of-the-napkin math suggests this deck will be 6.6 inches / over half-a-foot tall. Is there a runner complement?

30 Jun 2018 em-crabtree

I made one.

2 Jul 2018 postinternetsyndrome

I did a search for decks with Lady Liberty.

This was the only result.

4 Aug 2018 sekoku

A weapon to surpass Metal Gear Titan-499.

Good lord, I thought that deck was insane enough. Now I'm kinda wanting to run this at one of the last Regionals just to have the look on the other person's face when trying to shuffle this.